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Unread post ANBU
This was just a little one-shot I cooked up randomly. It's kind of insulting to see the supposedly "elite" ANBU get slaughtered like Red Shirts in an episode of Star Trek, so I decided to point out something obvious:

The man who had once been Obito Uchiha admired his handiwork. All around him lay the dead and dying bodies of a squad of ANBU Black Ops. Elite even among that feared group, they were incredibly deadly and skilled shinobi who had earned their ranks through the completion of dozens upon dozens of missions. Missions the likes of which an ordinary ninja would fear to attempt. That was why they were the ones who guarded the Hokage. And now… they were nothing but failures. In what was possibly the most vital mission they would ever be called upon, they had failed. The Nine Tails would rain down the wrath of kami upon Konoha.

He felt a mild irritation as the last of the squad drew blood, futilely scratching at the arm that strangled him. Finally, the ANBU's strength left him and the arms dropped to his sides. With a self-satisfied smirk, he felt the life leave his foe. Rising back to his full height, strode towards the cliffside and activated his jutsu that would see him safely through whatever wards had been put in place. But as he reached the rock, a paralyzing weakness overcame him. He stumbled back wheezing, unable to breath.

A hacking cough caught his attention as the last, dying ANBU shifted in her death throes. "Fool," the kunochi spat. "We are the ANBU. We protect the village with our lives. We accomplish the darkest deeds that can be performed. Did you believe that we wouldn't make the ultimate sacrifice if necessary? Did you believe not one of us knew a mutual death jutsu? We may have lost our lives, but you just lost."

The world spun around him. The masked man groped blindly to steady himself. He knew what came next. Darkness.


As he gathered himself from the task of helping Kushina restrain the Nine Tails, Minato realized he felt nothing from the ANBU stationed outside.

"I'll be right back," he promised his exhausted wife.

Confident that the seal would restrain the Nine Tails now that Naruto had been born, Minato transported himself out of the cave. The sight that greeted him tore at his heart. The entire squad lay dead. He went to each body and prayed for a response, but received none. He also took note of the masked body that was near the mountain wall. He noted that the mask was typical of the Hagoromo clan of Kumo. He sighed wearily, hoping that it was an imposter taking advantage of the bad blood between the two hidden villages.

He lifted the grey mask and stumbled back in shock. Though half of it was warped and twisted like a melted candle, he recognized the face of his, presumed dead, student. Obito Uchiha had attempted to destroy the village he had once sought to defend. His mind reeled with possibilities as he scanned for traces of any jutsu that could have been inflicted on the younger man. But as the minutes ticked away, he came to the grim conclusion that Obito, of his own free will had wanted to destroy that which he once held dear.

He felt a terrible gloom settle over him as he thought of the consequences of this night. Some would insist that the Uchiha should be watched, this was now the second of their number that had attempted to destroy the village with the Nine Tails. Others would conclude the possibility that Iwa or Kumo had attempted to attack them. It would have to be an S-class secret, there was no doubt of that. He shuddered in grim horror at what his last student's reaction would be to the boy he was looking towards as an idol being found out as a traitor, betraying the very ideology he had professed to Kakashi.

Gathering himself, he walked back towards the sealed rooms where his wife and son were protected. He would allow himself a few minutes with his family and then begin the terrible task that lay before him.

Well, what do you think?

May 8th, 2016, 10:10 am
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