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This forum is for picking apart tricky issues facing any authors in the community. Word choice, action scenes, dialoguing, or plot development. If something isn't working for you, put it up here and see what your fellow community members can make of it. Try to keep examples short and to the point as much as possible.

Message to Authorlord

Unread postby EllyYuki » September 23rd, 2019, 4:37 am

Dear Evil Authorlord (/or anyone willing to help),

I am actually being doubtful of my ability to write. I come up with so many plots, some stay and get stronger over time, others get discarded and forgotten, but sometimes some of them get resurrected and I pick them back up.

I do however want to exorcise one or two at least before I die; I have some OC's that I want to breathe fire into.

And I want to complete a NANOWRIMO without getting torn to shreds by demon (side-)plot bunnies; I get stuck at the 'planning'-part and never finish 'the writing out'-part.

Thinking up plots is easy enough when I have the inspiration, then I get to planning the story and reading up on background stuff that I need to complete the story. Normally I should have enough scenes written or thought out so the story has some body in the middle and then I can get to filling out the rest and writing the planning out. The 'writing out'-part is boring and tedious though. My main hobby is daydreaming; so I've 'seen' the story so often mentally that I get tired of my own plot halfway and ruin it before it gets written out. :TT_TT:

I do have some problems with beginnings; your document is blank, you have a notion of what you want to write about, but everyone says the beginning is the most crucial, fragile thing. You have to bait the reader and keep them on the hook until the end. Mostly I try not to let the beginning worry me until the story has enough body, but that doesn't always work because it keeps nagging in the back of my mind. :faill:

Besides that, making sure my OC's don't become Mary-Sues is troublesome. Like a disguise is a reflection of oneself, I think the same can be said about an OC, or at least partly. But how can I make sure I don't put too much of myself in an OC and keep them independent? That's why I think getting started with Fanfiction is easier because the characters are already clearly outlined. Though in some(/most) of my attempted fics I pulled them out of character. :faill:

I want my OCs to be healthy people with their own background and history, faults and quirks and personality contradictions, without them being a reflection of me.

Now I'm studying to become a mental healthcare experience expert. And I'm used to over-analysing myself and being overly familiar with my own faults and personality traits, turning that skill to fabricate a completely different written character is giving me a migraine. I'm also aware of how my feelings about things might be mirrored in a character's actions, but not sure how to negate that completely...

On that note, has anyone seen the movie 'Ruby Sparks'?

I'm sure these are things most people struggle with when starting to write, sometimes I'm thinking of just writing a fanfic and changing the characters' names to original ones. (/jking,jking :XD: )
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