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 Doc Wagon Squad 51 
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Unread post Doc Wagon Squad 51
This information is posted as a record of how our DocWagon Squad 51 Shadowrun game started out on April 6, 2013:

** DocWagon is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please report any instances of racial, gender, or phenotypical discrimination to your local HR Representative. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Have a nice day, and remember DocWagon for your urgent critical care needs! **
** They told me there weren't going to be any more post-hypnotic programming in the orientation videos, drat it! **

The DocWagon Kit:
Standard DocWagon gear includes the DocWagon uniform, hat and an Armor Jacket, plus a DocWagon Kit carried by all non-paramedics. The kit contains five slap patches of each type and rating, a medkit and a Narcoject pistol or rifle. The Narcoject guns use the Narcoject toxin. The player characters can choose which Narcoject weapon they want, and they will be given one clip of gel rounds. They can get more at the clinic, along with defensive accessories like flash and smoke grenades. Player characters who do not already have an internal commlink will receive a commlink. Those with internal commlinks will receive the encryption and comm protocols used by DocWagon.

Vector: Injection
Speed: Immediate
Penetration: 0
Power: 10
Effect: Stun Damage
A common knockout drug, narcoject is often used with dart guns. It has no side effects.

Doc Wagon Policy 101:

1. Protect the paramedics. If they can't work, clients die and DocWagon loses money. You are expendable. They are not.
2. Set up a perimeter around the doctors, using the Citymaster as the center point.
3. At least one Threat Response Personnel (TRP) must accompany each paramedic on his or her run to the patient/client.
4. Rescuing non-clients is not a priority, but is allowed as long as it does not place the life of the client or of your teammates in jeopardy.
5. Always use non-lethal force when dealing with opposition.
6. Don't fire unless fired upon.
7. Use real ammo only as a last resort, or in a life-and-death situation.
8. If you injure someone with real ammo, you must bring them to the clinic, whether they want to come or not.

There are three levels of DocWagon response:
Standard Response Teams: SRTs are the standard patrol vehicles of DocWagon. They follow a randomized path through the city, and have a team of four paramedics (one of whom has a datajack to pilot the vehicle). Most are ambulances, but a small percentage use a modified Hughes WK-2 Stallion helicopter. Standard Response Teams stabilize victims on-site, and if the going gets tough (too many victims, natural disasters, gang warfare, "hot zones"), they typically call for backup.

Crisis Response Teams - CRTs typically cover large-scale medical emergencies, such as chemical explosions, multi-vehicle pileups, gang wars, natural disasters, etc. CRTs consist of eight personnel and a larger vehicle (such as large vans or even a civilian Ares Citymaster), and typically are not on patrol, remaining at DocWagon dispatch centers until an SRT needs to "call in the cavalry". Some CRTs use tilt-rotor aircraft, such as a modified Federated Boeing Commuter.

High Threat Response - HTRs are the main public face of DocWagon, and consist of three medical personnel and four "threat support personnel", who basically function as security guards. They protect the team and the client from hostile action during the pickup. HTRs are fewer in number than SRTs, but also patrol the city in a randomized pattern. HTRs use armored Ares Citymasters with roof-top turreted machineguns loaded with gel-rounds. HTRs also use Osprey IIs or armed Hughes WK-2 Stallions to get to hard-to-reach areas and to airlift clients from dangerous areas.

Call Signs:

The Three Rules of Callsigns
1. If you don't already have one, you will be assigned one by your "buddies".
2. You probably won't like it.
3. If you complain and moan too much about 1. and 2., you'll get a new nickname you'll like even less!

So, how do you get a callsign?

Do something stupid or have it fit with your last name. Obvious examples, 'Crash' or LT 'Cheese' Kraft. Sometimes it's based on a physical appearance thing like 'Carrot'. After you've earned the respect of your buddies, you'll get a more 'heroic' callsign.

Qualities that come with DocWagon Employment:

The way this works with this list.. You have all of these qualities as an employee of DocWagon. You don't have to pay for the positive and you get points for the negative.

Day Job
Bonus: +15 BP
A Day Job burdens a character with responsibilities and time constraints. Perks: Stable income. Downsides: Hindrance to outside income opportunities.
Salary: 5,000 nuyen per month, 40 hours per week on call.

Licensed Pilot
Bonus: Free
The character has a legitimate license to pilot a category of aircraft e.g. Fixed Wing, Rotor etc. To qualify for this edge the character must have a relevant skill.

Bonus: Free
The character has a legitimate license to practice medicine. To qualify for this edge the character must have the relevant skills (Biotech 5+ and other medicine skills).

Provided Life Style:
Bonus: Free
Some one pays for your up keep and lifestyle, but they usually want something in return…. The BP cost of this is equal to the lifestyle build point cost (Runner Companion). But remember your boss may well be inclined to kick you out or worse if you don’t do X, Y, and Z, and all by Wednesday!

Records on File
Bonus: +10 BP
DocWagon possesses an up-to-date record of your SIN, biometrics, personal and medical data. This quality provides agents of the corporation with a +6 dice pool modifier to any tests to identify you through your SIN, biometrics, facial or biometric recognition, or medical data. It also provides a +2 dice pool bonus to Legwork attempts to track you down. Fortunately, corporations cherish their intelligence and do not usually share this information willingly with competitors or even other organizations. However, this quality may also provide the corp with leverage or blackmail material against you in the future.

Restricted Gear (3x)
Cost: Free
You know just the right person to get that elusive piece of restricted gear or miltech weaponry you really need. You can take this quality a maximum of 3 times. You may exceptionally buy a piece of gear with an Availability of up to 20. You may also save the quality to buy one such item during play.

Bonus: +10 BP
You owe allegiance to DocWagon. When they say jump, you jump. If you fail to obey an instruction from DocWagon then this flaw can be converted to an extra enemy and the hunted quality.

State of the Art
Bonus: Free
You have access to high availability (16) gear from character generation in one particular area. This only applies in character generation and must be explaining in the characters background. State of the art can be taken for the following areas: Small Arms, Heavy Weapons, Ammunition, Armour, Electronics and Communications, Computers and Programs, Vehicles, Foci, Pharmaceuticals, Bioware, Cyberware, and any others the GM chooses.

Bonus: +10 BP
You were born with or somehow acquired a legal System Identification Number, or SIN. This means your real identity, personal history, biometric data, credit records, medical history, travel history, etc. are stored and accessible in numerous databanks. This does not mean you are required to use that SIN, merely that a legal record of him does exist (and may serve as a detriment some day).

Thaumaturgy License
Bonus: Free
The character has a legitimate license to practice thaumaturgy (magic) for purposes such as magical healing and security. To qualify for this edge the character must have a relevant skill.

Everyone will have a DocWagon Employee ID Card (and virtual version) like this: ... oncard.jpg

Ritual Sample
Bonus: +15 BP
DocWagon has a ritual sample from you, and if you cause them any problems they are going to use it.

Typical Gear for HTR Personnel / DocWagon Site Security:
Armor: 12/10
Skills: Athletics Skill Group 2 (4), Districts of Seattle 3, DocWagon Procedures 3, Dodge 4, Etiquette (Street or Corporate) 3, First Aid 3, Automatics or Longarms 3, Perception 3 (5), Pistols 3, Seattle Corporations 2, Unarmed Combat 4
Augmentations: Attention Coprocessor (Rating 2), Muscle Augmentation and Toner (Rating 2), Synaptic Booster (Rating 1), Synthacardium (Rating 2)
Gear: DocWagon Full Body Armor [w/ Fire Resistance (4), bio-monitor, autoinjector with Stim (Rating 5)] and helmet, [w/low light, image link], Medkit (Rating 3) Ballistic Shield (Optional), Erika Elite commlink w/ Iris Orb, flashpak
Weapons: Enfield AS7 [Shotgun, DV 9P, AP –1 (+1 against armor), SA/BF, RC 4, 24, w/ gas-vent 3, personalized grip, smartgun, gel rounds]. Colt Manhunter [Heavy Pistol, DV 6S, AP –1, SA, RC 0, 16, w/ personalized grip, smartgun, Stick-n-Shock ammo)

Skills Available for Training:
Athletics Skill Group
Biotech Skill Group
Districts of Seattle
DocWagon Procedures
Etiquette (Street or Corporate)
Firearms Skill Group
Seattle Corporations
Security Procedures
Seattle Corporations
Small Unit Tactics
Unarmed Combat

Free Newbie Training Skillset:
Biotech Skill Group 1
Pistols 1
DocWagon Procedures 1
+5 skill points from available list

Lindsey Schocke (aka Runsamok)

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May 15th, 2013, 11:08 pm
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