Archived Topic: Halberstam the Boogeyman

Archived Topic: Halberstam the Boogeyman

Unread postby bibliophile20 » November 28th, 2008, 11:49 pm

Okay, who is this Halberstam slot? All you geriatric shadowrunners, especially the deckers, act like he's some sort of demon that eats babies brains, but every time I ask nicely, everyone clams up. So who the frag is this slot?

Be careful what you wish for.
Halberstam info: Dr. Ronald Thomas Halberstam - ruthless scientist obsessed with mind-matrix interface and biological computing. Obsession dates back to the early 2050's when he developed Project: Matrix Born, an illegal research program that involved raising children in an entirely virtual environment. When the project was exposed, he disappeared.
Halberstam's Babies: Whoah. Rumors floated around a few years back about this Dr. Halberstam scag. He was taking babies, putting them in tubes and raising them plugged into the matrix to create little god-decker-children that obeyed him and decked on his behalf. Rumor goes that one of the decker kids figured out that he wasn't just a matrix entity, and hired runners through the net to break him out. Since then, if the post is accurate, Halberstam is up to his old tricks again. Only, in order to keep history from repeating itself, he's been removing the brains from infants and keeping them alive in jars. Now there's nothing to escape, and his little god-decker-brains are running around the matrix, collecting whatever the doctor needs for his research.
Happy now?
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