Student Files

Student Files

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Okay student files

First choose a name

Then choose your stats.
As a student you have 4 central statistics

Form=How physically adept you are. strength, reflexes, speed, coordination all of it falls under this statistic. Primary statistic for physical combat.

Endurance= How much damage you can take physically. If this drops to zero game over.

Essence= How strong and mentally agile you are. Primary statistic for astral and mental combat

Will= How much damage your mind can take. If this drops to zero then the Headmaster decides your fate

You automatically start with one point in each of these statistics. You then get 5 more points to spend on any one of these statistics. The human limit for any of these statistics is 5 after that you can't put anymore points into the stat. However magic and tools can improve your stats beyond human limits. After you are finished spending your points. Multiply your Endurance and Will stats by three.

Magic:The entire point of going to School is to learn how to wield magic. Surviving is of course a major concern but so is magic. As a first year you start with nine mana points. As long as you have mana you can do magic. If you run out. No magic and then well your easy pickings.

Mastery=Every odd number year after your first year you get a Mastery in one area of magic. This means that you can cast magic in that area easier and more reliably. You also get a mastery point in your first year.
So in 1,3,5,7, 9 years you get a mastery point. You can place your mastery points all in one skill. Granting even greater skill with that mastery.

The areas to choose are:
Sorcery: Energy manipulation

Alchemy: Matter manipulation

Enchantment: Mental/Spiritual manipulation

Conjuration: Dimensional manipulation. Summoning/Teleporting and the like

After settling your stats then you have to come up with a back story. It should end with your character ending up at the school. Be aware if you have magic you will attend school whether you want to or not.

So overall a Student File should look roughly like this






Mana Pool



As a sample (Spoilered for length)
Spoiler: show
Name: Shawn Lyons

Form: 3

Endurance: 6 (2x3)

Essence: 2

Will: 6 (2x3)

Mana Pool: 9

Mastery: Enchantment

Background: My name is Shawn Lyons and I have come to the conclusion that my life is cursed. Growing up in the middle of gang war and being orphaned will do that to a guy. Dad is...somewhere. Don't think he's dead but I've never met him. Mom died when I was like four. Got involved with bad things.
I grew up on the streets and various foster homes. People have proven that they can be monsters or saints as the spirit moves them. Usually monsters. But just when you start thinking no one cares some idiot will do something completely good and ruin your little world view.

I've always been good at making sure people didn't notice me as I went about my life. Never knew why until they came. Mr. L the talker called himself. Said they had tracked a magic user to his area. Said I was the magic user. Now while I admit the idea...was freaking crazy. I was polite enough to nod and make the nice comments.

Then Mr. L said I had to come with him to go to school. School and I don't get on well at the best of times. And frankly any black coated man coming up to me and talking about magic sets off my 'Run the F--- away' meter. Stranger Danger not just a catch phrase from the 80's but a way of life for me.

So I ran. Mr. L found me in five minutes. I tried again. They still found me. No matter what I did or how well I hid they kept finding me. Finally I gave up. But I will find a way to get my freedom back. As I stand in front of the school. I realize something. If they're willing to force me in just because I have magic. Then they'll force anyone in.

Yeah my life is definitely cursed. Being forced to a school with a bunch of other psycho's with the power to bend reality?
Only one thing for it. The rule of the street.
"Stay quiet until you knife the bastard in the back"
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Re: Student Files

Unread postby bookworm702 » May 27th, 2011, 11:10 pm

Name: Ancell MacNeil

Form: 1

Endurance: 3

Essence: 4

Will: 9

Mana Pool: 9

Mastery: Conjuration

Spoiler: show
I sat in my hospital bed, one hand absentmindedly coming up to stroke the stitches on my cheek. I could tell it would scar, even if the doctors weren't brave enough to tell me. I clenched my eyes shut, but I couldn't hold back the tears of pain and humiliation.
*What do I do?*

I'd always tried to keep to myself. I was poor, I wore glasses, I wasn't that strong, and I was really good at math. I was perfect bully material, so I always worked on flying beneath everyone's radar, and it served me well. Except for one boy. Brendan Blair would always pick on me. It was usually cruel teasing or "accidental" roughhousing on the playground, so there wasn't anything I could do about it. But one day he went too far. Brendan stole my notebook of mathematics equations and tore it to pieces. When the teacher came to investigate, he had the gall to act like it was an accident. It was too much. I leapt upon him and tore into him in a berserk frenzy. I should have known that I would be the one to be reprimanded, but I didn't really care at the moment.

If only I had known the extent of my reprimand.

I was walking home when I was pulled into an alley by someone. Before I could react they already had me gagged. I couldn't tell for sure with the poor lighting, but one of them looked a bit like an older Brendan. He and three others dragged me away as I tried to escape. They took there turns beating me, kicking and punching without end. By the time they stopped, I was a bruised, bleeding wreck on the filthy floor of the alley. The gag had fallen out sometime during, but the wind was knocked out of my lungs, and I could do nothing but try and gasp for air.
I saw the one that looked like Brendan start approaching in the corner of my vision. He lifted me up by the collar, a six inch hunting knife in his hands. "Now, you fucking piece of shit, time for you to learn a lesson." My eyes went wide with horror as he brought the knife up and put it in my mouth, still trying to fill my lungs. He laughed at my expression. "Aw. Scared? Here, let's put a smile on that face." The knife tore through my cheek, and I found my voice.
I screamed. I screamed for all I was worth, even as it ripped my mouth open further. The pain was unbearable, indescribable. But then, a small piece of luck fell my way.
"What the fuck's going on here!? HEY! YOU!!!"
"Shit, run!"

I fell to the ground, unable to move even as someone ran towards us. My vision went black, and all I could tell was the taste of my own blood in my mouth. Hot, salty, and...something else.

Something different.
I had nothing to do while I was hospitalized. Nothing to do but mull over what happened. Even as the horror of the incident made me shiver, I pondered over what felt so strange about my blood. When I was sure no one was around, I bit the inside of my other cheek. Immediately the feeling came back. ...Math?

Time after time I tasted my blood, until by the time I was released from the hospital, I no longer needed the blood; It was my natural thinking pattern. At times I thought I was crazy. Nothing I said to try to explain it made any sense to my parents. But it felt right. A multi folded Nth dimensional composition composed of 8 points of reference. Utilizing those reference points allowed travel through extra dimensional space of any object to the last 3 coordinates on a 'normal' 3 dimensional home plane.

I neglected all else, holing my self up in my room and burning through many notebooks and pencils. Finally, I reached the moment of truth. Recognizing the catalyst, I wrote out the reference points of a bird, with a little wiggle room, and my bed as the home coordinates, all in my blood. I felt a little like I was dying, but then, with a small shimmer, a large raven appeared on my bed, and cawed. I was stupefied. ...The possibilities. After a minute, however, the bird disappeared. My brow furrowed. This required more thorough looking into.

I continued my research and studying of the variables, but on the second day, a man came to our home. He looked like some kind of schoolmaster, with short brown hair and eyes like chips of ice. He asked to speak with my parents about my future academics.

"We've had our eyes on little Ancell for some time, Mr. and Mrs. MacNeil. His math skills are astounding. We thought about allowing some time before proposing an offer, but after...what happened, I'm sure you agree that a change of schools would be for the best. We at St. Aberforth's are prepared to offer Ancell a full ride 9 year scholarship, including tertiary education."

"Well, I think we should talk with him about this, but I think it's an excellent idea. Margaret?"
"Yes, me too."
"Actually, I would love to talk with him about it in private. Perhaps you could call him in from the corner he's hiding behind?"

I was a bit shamefaced about being found out, but when I came in and my parents left, my mind was quickly on other things.

His eyes quickly narrowed, and his entire countenance changed. "Ah, yes. I thought it was you that it came from. Now I'm sure."

"What, sir?"

"The magic! The magic, you fool!"


The middle aged man glared at me. "Are you a simpleton? Yes, magic! You have been identified as having potential, no matter how pathetically low. And now it is my job to bring you in. You are hereby 'invited' to the Scholomance, a prestigious school of magic. You may accept, in which case I take you. You may decline, in which case I take you anyway. Now choose."

I quickly looked over to my parents. They seemed fuzzy, distorted, and they weren't moving. "Foolish boy. I've removed us from their time stream. They cannot help you."
I had to make a decision. The man was clearly telling the truth, and he was far more powerful than me physically; obviously even more so with this 'magic'. After some deliberation, I came to a decision.

"I accept, on two conditions. You come back to pick me up in three days. And before you go, teach me the basics of magic."

He glared at me. I looked back, trying not to flinch. After several minutes of deadlock, he smirked. "Stubborn boy. Fine. You get the bare bones. What you need to understand, is mana, and mitigation..."

I walked down the alley, slowly falling into deeper and deeper shadows. As I thought, this place was where they gathered, 'hanging out'. They were all there, including *him*. They hadn't even noticed me yet.
I withdrew a small pen knife and cut my thumb, drawing a circle two feet in diameter on the side of a building. "From the expanse of the multiverse-"

They noticed me now. "Who the fuck is that?"
"Air calls spirit. 8.33938." I said, drawing from the top of the circle down to the bottom left. "Water calls mind. 19.09256." Bottom left to mid right.

"Hey, it's the dumb fuck who beat up your brother, Cormag."
"Fire calls heart. 2.49725." mid right to mid left. "Earth calls body! 4.82394!" mid left to lower right.
"Ha! Guess he didn't learn his lesson and came back for more. Get him, Cecil." The one on his right pulled a knife and started walking toward me.
"Aether is the conduit! 18.32903!" Lower right to top. "And my blood is the horn that calls you forth! 0, 0, 1! TENEBROUS!" I placed my thumb in the center of the pentacle.
With a shimmer, a man appeared, dressed in black plate armor. His platinum blonde hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and his green snake eyes shone from his pale skin. He saw the boy approaching with the knife, and almost contemptuously drew his sword and took off the offending hand. The boy backpedaled, holding his stump and screaming.

Tenebrous looked to me with a sneer. "What, this them? What do you want?"
I was gasping, having spent all my mana to summon him. Even as I was queasy from the loss of power and the sight of the gore, I strengthened my resolve with the memory of what happened. "Still...7...more hands."
The sneer turned into a sick grin. "Ah. Gotchya."
As I watched the carnage unfold, I couldn't help but smirk. The smirk on the right hand matched the sheen of the scar on the left.

No one would ever bully me again.
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Re: Student Files

Unread postby Aldraia Dragonsong » May 28th, 2011, 12:43 am

*pouts good-naturedly* Aww, I wanted to be first! Oh well, I will have to settle for second.

Name: Kirana
Form: 1
Endurance: 6 (2)
Essence: 3
Will: 9 (3)
Mana Pool: 9
Mastery: Alchemy 1
Spoiler: show
I learned to smile whether happy or sad, because that was the will of the world. That will I laid atop the will of my father, as I had laid his will atop the will of my mother.
“Alice, Thomas, George, Sarah, come, we must return!”
“Do we have to?” George asked. “Can’t we stay a little longer?”
“Come on, Kirana,” Sarah added her own pleas, “it’s fun here!”
“I know it is,” Kirana said with a fond smile, “but if we do not return soon, we will miss supper. Do you want supper?”
“Yes!” Alice yelped, scurrying back to Kirana. “Come on, you guys!”
Reluctantly, the other ten-year-olds followed Alice back to the older girl who had watched their playtime. Kirana then turned to lead them back to the orphanage.
Technically, Kirana was not an orphan. She did not intend to explain this technicality to anyone. The current state of affairs was preferable to many other possibilities.
It was as they turned the corner into the street where the orphanage was that Kirana felt it; a chill and a sudden sense of doom.
“You four go on ahead,” she said with a smile. “You are old enough to make it back yourselves. I thought I saw something, and I want to take a look. Tell Miss Tomlinson that I should be there soon, all right?”
Pleased by her trust in them, the four children went. Kirana turned around and went back around the corner.
She saw nothing there. Then a voice came from behind her.
“Kirana Riedesel.”
“Speak not the name of your mother. Speak not the name of your father. You are kin to none, and none are kin to you.”
Kirana turned around.
“Oh, I am sorry,” she said politely. “My name is Kirana, but you must be looking for someone else. I do not bear the name of Riedesel.”
She smiled at the stranger in the long coat. The stranger did not return her smile.
“Perhaps you no longer consider yourself a Riedesel, but that is your name nonetheless.”
“I am sorry. I am not-”
You are.”
Something in the stranger’s voice locked the words in Kirana’s throat. He sounded so very much like...
“I have been looking for you, Kirana Riedesel.”
“Why?” she asked softly, barely maintaining her smile in the face of this ominous presence.
“To take you to school.”
The stranger in the long coat held out one hand to Kirana.
“I must return to the orphanage,” Kirana said, still softly, and in a carefully polite tone. “I am truly flattered, but-”
You will come.”
Kirana could not repress a shiver. That tone further cemented the similarity. There was only one safe path with such a man.
“Very well, sir,” she said meekly, and laid her hand in the offered one.
A still moment passed, and then she stood before an extremely ornate set of double doors.
The stranger tapped once on the doors, and they silently swung open.
As she followed the stranger in the long coat, Kirana prayed that the orphanage matron would not worry too much about her.
Then again, by the feeling this place gave her, there might not be such a thing as too much worrying.
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Re: Student Files

Unread postby Tempest Kitsune » May 28th, 2011, 1:01 am

Name: Benjamin "Benny" DeTauro

Benny's got one rule above all else: Find a crew and stick together to cover each other's weaknesses. He's played enough D&D and Shadowrun to have that pounded into his head.

Form: 3
Endurance: 6
Essence: 2
Will: 6

Mana Pool: 9

Mastery: Alchemy

Spoiler: show
Benny looked over his collection of models and miniatures one more time, before hearing his dad calling for him. Probably to berate him yet again about wasting his time with his figures, or with the handful of people that he actually got along with in the gaming club. 'Those "losers" are the next crop of movers and shakers, and he's too stupid to see that,' the teen though to himself. "At ease," he muttered as he closed the door. Behind him, the rows of models saluted, and then assumed their normal positions.

"Yeah dad, what do you... want." There was a stranger in the living room with his mom and dad, dressed in a long red overcoat. His dad had on his "business smile" and his mom was chattering at the man like he was a long-lost friend. It was a nice cover for the usual cold silences that usually filled the house, broken only by heated accusations of infidelity. They didn't even try to hide the arguments from him anymore. 'And they wonder why I immersed myself in fantasy and sci-fi realms,' Benny though resignedly. He'd moved past being bitter years ago, which was rather sad considering that he was only 16.

"Son, this is Mr. Ziggaraut," Benny's father jovially introduced the man. One of Benny's brows twitched as he kept it from shooting up his forehead. his father continued on, not even realizing how strange the name really was. "Apparently you've attracted the attention of some very special people son. The scores on one of your tests got the attention of Mr. Ziggaraut's people, and he's come here with an offer."

"If I may interject..." The man's voice put Benny on alert. There was Power there, he could feel it. "I would like to speak with young Benjamin alone for a moment, to give him some of the details about the school." Benny's mother and father both nodded rapidly, before leaving the room without a word. The man's pleasant smile became a rather ugly smirk as soon as the door closed. "Now that the peons have been dealt with, let me tell you this boy. You have power. I have been sent to collect you in order for you to receive training. You will either come with me, or I will kill you and your parents. When your parents return, tell them you have accepted the offer, and pack your belongings. Do you understand?" As the man spoke, pale blue fire outlined him, and lightning was crackling from one hand to the other.

Dumbfounded, all Benny could do was squeak "Uh-huh," and nod. And in the back of his head, his subconscious began to make a checklist. The first item? "Find a crew to cover each other's backs"
"Doesn't matter what the press says. Doesn't matter what the politicians or the mobs say. Doesn't matter if the whole country decides that something wrong is something right. This nation was founded on one principle above all else: the requirement that we stand up for what we believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. When the mob and the press and the whole world tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole world — "No, you move."
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Re: Student Files

Unread postby Darkandus » May 28th, 2011, 7:39 pm

Not as grimdark as some of the others, but then again if he was a normal person he'd probably freak the hell out and have PTSD by his second year. Think Addams family but with less off the wall crazy and more Malevolent Evil.

Maximilian Sebastian Gabriel Alexander Stephanos. Nicknamed either Max conventionally or Garland, either as a sign of respect, or a teasing joke. Although few have the education in names to understand why calling him Garland would be respectful, or a joke.

Endurance:1 (3)
Will:2 (6)
Mana pool:9
Mastery: Conjuration 1. Much to his disappointment, but still workable.
Spoiler: show
Background: Sheathing his sword he bowed towards the arms master, a few short seconds passed before he stood out of the polite bow and exhaled heavily. Max drew a hand through his tangled, damp hair, heaving in deep lungfuls of air while the centuries old reanimated corpse criticized him.

“Thou hast no stomach for pain. It will be a fine downfall indeed. The combat and training of centuries, a reputation hard won. All for naught when the young master dies from a paltry flesh wound. When I still drew the base air of this foul earth I did combat with a hundred warriors of unrivalled skill. They did hew me limb from limb. Simply keel over and die? Bah! It took a hundred to kill me, but I slew thousands! And many of them were among that number.”

Tuning out the rest of the revenants speech which he already knew by heart. Maximilian turned right around and walked away, the arms master would simply make the next session harder, once they finally got around to it. Something he could appreciate. His footfalls were muffled by the thick carpet of his family home, sunlight streaming merrily through the stained glass windows. His Mother and Father had asked that he attend them once his swordsmanship was done for the day.

Pausing in front of the polished mahogany doors of his parents rooms, Max peered at himself, taking the few seconds it would take for his mother to get bored of waiting to rearrange his dark brown, almost black hair. As expected, The doors flew open and he was pulled inexorably into his mothers waiting arms.

“Prettying yourself up for your dear Mother? Why, you are quite the sweetheart.” She squeezed him tight, forcing him to exhale before her pale arms, paler even than his own skin, tightened again much like a constrictor.

“Hello Mother.” He gasped out, heaving in a deep lungful of air as she set him on the ground, cooing over him as she brushed out the wrinkles her firm hug had put into his clothes.

His Father strode forth, his delicate, almost feminine hand grasping Maximilian’s shoulder proudly

“Today is the day son.” He spoke, smiling that curious smile he had only for his children, indulgent, loving and above all, wholly malevolent. His Fathers quiet voice demanded his attention.

“I know Father. Everyone has seen fit to remind me at least three times a day for the past month.” Looking into his Fathers blue, almost purple eyes, so much like his own, Maximilian tried desperately to express how much he was going to miss him when he went to school.

“Well I want a letter once a week sweetheart, and I expect you to meet at least one nice girl, even if you are the same way as your uncle Rupert.”

He sighed heavily at his mothers insinuations. “I am not Homosexual mother.”

She grinned. “Rupert says much the same.”

“He has a wife and four children.” Maximilian replied, almost by rote. His mother dutifully finishing the topic as she always did.

“Exactly, and if a man so flamboyant as my brother can have a wife and children I expect the same of you.”

“Yes mother.” Maximilian sighed, unable to help his lips curling slightly at the familiar conversation, as frustrating as it was.

“And don’t be afraid to associate with the proles darling. No-one starts as a noble. And everyone has a part to play in society.”

Maximilian nodded in agreement.

“Your Mother is right Son. Just remember. Chin up, weapon close to hand, and someone close enough to your back to defend you but not far enough away to turn and stab you in the back.”

Maximilian nodded. Standing straight and putting on his game face, a slight sneer of disdain probably capable of arc welding sheet metal if it were weaponised.

His parents each put a hand on his shoulders, smiling at him.

“And just remember. If you die in a stupid way we’ll resurrect you and kill you slower.” They intoned as one. And with that he was banished backwards out of the room, the door slamming in his face.

Maximilian was going to miss them terribly. With a sigh, he went to wash up and change into more appropriate clothing. The Agent of the school would be here in but a few scant hours and it wouldn’t do to be sweaty and in disarray.
The hour came, and he stood in the foyer, dressed in his third finest clothes. There was little need of the convincing some experienced. For Maximilian, there was just a slight nod, and he was gone.
Spoiler: show
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Re: Student Files

Unread postby serbii » May 28th, 2011, 7:40 pm

Is a normal person, will probably freak the hell out and have PTSD by her second year

Shannon Robinson

Form: 3
Endurance: 6 (2)
Essence: 2
Will: 6 (2)
Magic: 9
Mastery: Alchemy
Spoiler: show
Shannon smiled sweetly at the man across the table.

“Oh, well I knew it was odd, but I just figured it was magic.” She said, as if it were the most normal thing in the world, “I’m kind of sad though, I thought if I were a magic girl I’d get a cute animal companion.”

The man nodded as he sipped his tea… weird tea, what the hell was in this anyway? He scanned the room surreptitiously; hand woven rug, bamboo furniture, herb garden, chickens in the yard, bread maker churning quietly in one corner. The girl sat in front of him, long reddish brown hair tied in pigtails with green hair baubles, resting on her chest, blue eyes, around average height and a little curvy, her school uniform immaculately clean and ironed as her parents sat either side of her wearing Thai fisherman’s pants and battered old t-shirts. He had to admit, flower child was an interesting change from the tweenage angst he normally had to put up with. Kids were getting brattier as he got older, he was certain.

“Do you remember when it first happened?”

“Yep,” she said cheerfully, “I was on a cross country run for school, and my hair tie broke so I felt around in my pocket for a new one, but I didn’t have one, then a couple of ribbons appeared in my hand, and then when I practised at doing it, making things I mean, it’s really useful.”

Her parents beamed at her and she blushed slightly.

‘Jesus Christ this one is happy,’ The man thought, “As I mentioned before you are now required to attend our school, as are all who share your unique ‘talents’.”

Shannon glanced at her parents then nodded slightly, “Oh, ok. I guess I need to learn how to use it and stuff, when do I need to go?”

“We can wait until tonight,” the man offered.

“Y-yeah, ok” the girl said, taking a deep breath as she contemplated leaving her home. She had planned to go away for university anyway, what did it matter if it was a little early? Several years early… She hoped she would have internet access there, though she probably shouldn’t count on it. Think of it as Harry Potter.

Her father put one arm around her, “Go pack love, we need to have a few words anyway,” he said glancing at the man. Shannon squeezed her father’s hand as her mother gently ruffled her hair, then hurried to her room to pack and contact her friends to say goodbye.


Shannon Sophie Robinson, 16, daughter of hippies, one younger sister, Holly, who's 14. Girly girl, very neat, quite sweet, touchy feely, a bit scatter brained, combine those last three and she's really nice and way too familiar to everyone, even the ones who want her to go the hell away. Being mean to her is like kicking a puppy. So sticking her in teh school of evilz should be fun .

Good at art and sport, decent at science and english, less than good at maths and history. Is the type to rely on hard work rather than natural talent. Uses her magic quite casually for small things. Her focus tends to work best around patterns, take one small unit and repeat it, she's still developing it but it will allow her to make large, but uncomplex things, so long as she can mentally picture it as a pattern. She tends to sketch designs all over her book (and hands sometimes).

From Byron Bay, Australia. The hippie capital of the country with a very nice beach. Likes magic girls, does not like violence. Arty; generally painting, drawing and making small things. Is telling her friends she got a scholarship to an arts school overseas; an opportunity a teenage student from a small town wouldn't be able to refuse.

Not so much brave as reasonably fearless thanks a combination of optimism, naiveity, thinking the best of people, openmindedness and the belief that deadly snakes and giant spider should be carried outside rather than killed. Of course this backfires when she's actually in danger and should be afraid.
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Re: Student Files

Unread postby Kirai » May 29th, 2011, 2:56 pm

Well, he's relatively normal. But, well, there are... family legends, legends he did enjoy quite a bit.

Name = Markus [Redacted]

Form = 2
Endurance = 1 * 3 = 3
Essence = 4
Will = 2 * 3 = 6

Mana = 9

Mastery = Conjuration
Spoiler: show
Markus ran, not that he enjoyed running especailly, but he would enjoy the
consequences, if he didn't run, even less. He hated bullies, and the fact that
they always came in groups. Damn whoever came up with that idea, damn him to

And his parents didn't do anything either. Not that he expected them to,
since they would need to know about this to do something. And he didn't exactly
tell them. Stupid pride. He scrambled around a corner and came face to face with
a wall.

"Damn it!" He cursed and frantically looked around. Near the end of the short
alley he saw a door. It looked as if a strong gust of wind could blow it in. It
certainly wouldn't protect him from his hunters.

On the other hand, it might just provide him with a way out.

"Stand still you bastard! Just because you are a bit smarter doesn't give you
the right to call us imbecibles that should just die!" The bullies shouted
behind him.

So maybe some people would blame him for this little hunt. But seriously,
these people didn't deserve to live. They were so incredibly stupid!

Of course, saying that to their faces kinda put him right with them, so maybe he
shouldn't talk. He dove for the door, ripped it open easily and slammed it shut
behind him.

He found himself in darkness, the door didn't let even a sliver of the midday
sun through. He stood there for several seconds, trying to listen for the
hunters, but he couldn't hear anything. Slowly his eyes got used to the darkness
and he could make out a faint shimmer of light from another door at the back of
the room.

He glanced at the door he came in through. Since he couldn't hear anybody they
probably moved on, giving him the opportunity to slip out unnoticed.

On the other hand, maybe they just waited outside, preparing an ambush. Unlikely
maybe, but risking it would be stupid. He made his way to the second door,
watching for anything in the way. But he didn't see a thing, the room looked
completly empty. Idly he wondered who lived here.

The second door opened without a sound and Markus found himself face to face
with a man in black. He blinked, and took a step back.

"Ah, you are here, good." The man said. "Just as predicted. I already talked to
your parents. They were more than happy to accept my supperiors generous offer."

Markus blinked again. "Uhh, what?"

"Come with me, we don't have much time. The school year is about to begin and
it would be better for you if can... orient yourself." A smile crept over the
man's face.

"What are you talking about? What school?" Markus nearly shouted, but he
remembered the others, just in time.

"Ahh, of course, forgive me. You do remember the stories don't you?" The man
said, without even a hint of irony. "The ones about your ancestorc? It appears,
that you have the talent, the first in a long time."

For a second Markus hesitated, then a smile crept onto his face. He remembered
the stories, sacrifices for power, carefully balanced on the edge of total
darkness, deals gone wrong, deals gone right, daring plots to recover from the
former. Desperate struggles to keep the later. His family seeing things nobody
else had ever seen before.

And he had a chance to live these stories. He glanced back at the door he came
from. It had been a good life, he supposed. A good life, with little hardship
and a bright future to look forward to.

Just not a very exiting life, he always wanted more. He always made things more
exciting.He looked at the man in black maybe he should make it really exciting
then. It might just keep him out of trouble for once. He smiled and nodded.

"Take me there."
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Re: Student Files

Unread postby gamebrain89 » May 29th, 2011, 6:20 pm

Name:Nikola Jacobson

Description: messy brown hair, average height and weight, hazel eyes and rimless eyeglasses.




Will: 6(2)

Mana Pool:9

Mastery:Sorcery 1
Spoiler: show
I’m a bookworm. Always have, always will be. I love to read. Science fiction, stories of powers beyond a normal human. Old myths and legends. Thor, Zeus. All manner of comic books. And that’s in addition to all the nonfiction I would read. Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Wired, you name it, and I had a subscription to it. Getting that subscription to Ljubljana was pricey, but my parents liked to encourage that kind of reading instead of the comics. And with Dad being from the US and English being pretty common around here, I was pretty much guaranteed to speak and read it. And what can I say? I like to learn. My books and school work took the place of large numbers of friends. I had a few, but not a lot, and we weren’t really all that close. My tinkering probably kept a large number of possible friends away from me. Oh well, their loss.

I’ve always been drawn to electricity. Well, science in general fascinates me, but electrical science in particular calls to me. There’s just something about the way it flows, pulses. It’s like a living thing. Hell, I’d even started prepping for school so I could become an engineer. And of course, my mom had to go and name me Nikola. Learning about my namesake only made the attraction even more powerful. Who wouldn’t want to be able to build some of the things Tesla did?

So of course, my interest drew me to some of his more outlandish items. The Tesla Coil to be precise. A bout 6 months ago, I started gathering what I would need to be able to build one. In hindsight, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. Oh sure, I’d read all about it, and had a basic idea as to how they worked. I was even well on my way to building a small scale static generator out of PVC pipe; a few fan belts, some silk clothing (Don’t ask what kind. I am not saying where I got it) and a light weight metal orb that I had spent six months worth of allowance getting built.

So I was sitting there, tinkering with the thing, my mind wandering as I messed with it. I don’t really remember a lot of what happened next. I was trying to get a decent sized charge built up, enough to stand my mom’s hair on end. My mind was wandering; thinking about the full size coils I’ve seen pictures of, bolts of lightning flashing off of them like the wrath of Thor himself. I had just started staring at the poster I have of the Eiffel Tower being struck by lightning, and I felt...something running through me, and I heard an earsplitting crack as a bolt of lightning blasted off of the generator and into me, and then everything went black.

I woke up to my mother kneeling over me, babbling in Slovenian about how it was a horrible idea to let me build that thing, even though dad and I both knew there was no way it should have had the power to zap me like that. My dad was trying to calm her down and call an ambulance at the same time. My whole body ached, like I’d shoved a knife into a light socket and held onto it for too long again (I was 5, give me a break). I could feel the little spasms running through my body. I couldn’t really even think straight, so I didn’t even notice a knock at the door of our apartment. The moment the door opened, my mother fell silent and still, and Dad just stood at the door like a statue. Then this woman waltzes in like she owns the place. I don’t even remember what she looked like. Just that she was a woman.

She walks over to me, and looks down at where I’m lying with a bored expression on her face.

“You are Nikola Jacobson?”

I just stared at her blankly for a moment, not sure what the hell was happening. But I eventually managed a weak nod, shifting my gaze to my mother, her face frozen in worry and fear.

“They’re fine kid. I just paused them for a while so we could talk.”

“W-wha... H-how?”

She gives a feral grin, making a chill run down my spine.

“Magic, brat. And you’re going to learn how.”

That was one of the strangest conversations I’ve ever had. The entire time she looked at me like I was a side of meat or something, telling me about how I was required to go to this weird school to learn how to control what I did. It took her grabbing a battery from the desk and creating a miniature ball of lightning in her hands for me to believe her. Needless to say, that caught my attention. After a while, she walked back to the door, unpaused my family and then told them the same thing.

She was back a week later to get me. As we appeared at the front door of the school, my bags filled with magazines and the parts for my projects (and several packs of various kinds of batteries and other odds and ends) in addition to my clothes, it was all I could do not to freak out. My life had changed. And judging by the woman who brought me here, I’m not entirely sure it changed for the better.
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Re: Student Files

Unread postby LifeOfGesture » May 29th, 2011, 8:51 pm

This seems like fun. Also long background is long. Oma means mother by the way.

Name: Elizabeth Kim

Form: 2

Endurance: 1 (3)

Essence: 2

Will: 4 (12)

Mana Pool: 9

Mastery: Enchantment

Spoiler: show
Elizabeth Kim's parents had come to America for better opportunities from South Korea and had fortunately found those better opportunities in the form of well paying jobs. They had only two children there and like all good Korean families, went to church every Sunday. The younger son was sleeping over at a friend's house and thus left Elizabeth Kim having the usual quiet, awkward dinner with her parents. Elizabeth was reaching for the kimchi when her mother spoke.

"Elizabeth, why haven't you spoken to Jessica lately? Her oma's told me that you've been ignoring her." Elizabeth retracted her chopsticks and carefully put them down onto her plate all the while refraining from looking at her mother.

“We haven’t been friends since middle school. Didn’t her oma tell you that?” Elizabeth said in an even tone.

“No and don’t make such an ugly face at me. You’ll chase all the boys away if you’re like that.” Her mother went back to eating as her father took over the conversation.

“Beth, you may not be friends, but you should be nice to her. Understand?” After her slight nod, he continued. “Now we have to talk about these art classes you’re taking. Art is a good hobby, but it won’t help you get a real job so you’re going to stop taking them after this-“

The buzzer rang for the apartment, interrupting her father. Elizabeth stood up and strode towards the intercom.


Elizabeth dragged her two large rolling bags with a duffel bag hanging off her shoulder towards the car while the supposed Miss Thomas watched with amusement. The university recruiter cut a striking striking figure with her dark red hair draped down her shoulders of the tailored black striped suit. It didn't help that her car was magnitudes more expensive than what would be expected in the neighborhood.

"That was one of the easiest conversations I had with parents." She remarked, wryly.

"You had them at free of charge. My parents don't really understand how the college system works." Elizabeth stopped short of crossing through the gate and stared at her with a look of cultivated neutrality. "But I'm not my parents. Universities don't give you a free ride ever and they certainly don't give ones to sixteen year olds. What do you want with me?"

" .. You have been cordially invited to the Scholomance University due to your latent magical talent." Elizabeth raised her eyebrows at the well memorized, bored tone. Then she stepped back giving the woman an intense look of loathing and disbelief.

"Is this another so called prank from Jessica? Were you supposed to drive me ten miles into the mountains and kick me out on the side of the road? Or-"

"I'm not here because of a schoolyard grudge. If you need proof .." Her face shimmered and revealed a face that had been horribly burned long ago. She smirked, contorting the scar tissue. To Miss Thomas's surprise, Elizabeth didn't flinch and even leaned forward in wonder. "You should see the other guy. But yes, it's true. Magic is real."

Elizabeth leaned back, suddenly self aware, and averted her eyes from her face. Her expression turned back to the mask of neutrality while she stared off into the distance.

" ... But nothing's ever happened." Elizabeth said. "Nothing."

"Well some are late bloomers and whoever does this find Waldo crap are never wrong. And don't get down if you never set any deserving bastard on fire when you wanted to. They told me you're the same natural mastery as me, which is enchantment. Endlessly useful, but you have to have the right mindset to make it harmful." She set her face back to normal with a flourish of her hand. Elizabeth noted a strange bracelet on her wrist that looked like it was a couple of wooden roots twisted together in a braid.

"If you choose to accept, you will receive the very best, well only really, education on magic anywhere. If you do not, I'll take my leave. Some recruiters though don't really care for that troublesome issue of permission. If they get a kid who turns out to be spectacular, well it puts a nice feather in their cap."

"If I didn't call you out on it, you were going to take me to there completely ignorant. Am I supposed to feel grateful?" Elizabeth retorted coldly, tilting her head forward and drawing her arms to her sides.

"Well, if you were that dumb, you weren't going to survive for long anyways there. Besides, I really was going to tell you during the car ride."

"When I can't escape?"

"You could see it that way. And don't kid yourself, if you weren't seriously considering it, you would have blown holes during my chat with your parents and you wouldn't have packed all of your shit. You running away from something?" Miss Thomas asked. Elizabeth's face turned blank. "Nothing to be ashamed of, I went to the school to run from my deadbeat uncle. But I have to tell you, your life is going to be dangerous, hard, and very irritating if you go to Scholomance. If you don't get the resolve for it quickly, you're going to be eaten alive and turned into a skeleton familiar. So what's your answer?"

Elizabeth looked down for a few seconds, while Miss Thomas held her breath. While she wasn't going to force the girl, it didn't really look good if she didn't come back with her since it'd look like she 'wasn't trying hard enough'.

"I'm not backing down." Elizabeth said harshly, lifting her head up. Miss Thomas smiled and brought her hands together in an approving clap.

"Great. And I promise you, if you can get through it, you can end up as successful as me." She said, leaning against the sleek car. "And even if you're not in it for the riches, it's a nice perk."

" ... Alright." Elizabeth took a step forward and then paused for a moment. "Oh. Thank you for the advice. No one's going to be as straightforward as you, are they?"

"Only the powerful and stupid." She replied, smirking as she walked forward to help her with the bags.
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Re: Student Files

Unread postby ewuvi » May 30th, 2011, 9:02 pm

Just so you know Dark, you owe me.

Rounding out the 'normal-evil-psychotic' trio:

Clara Bell

Form 2
Endurance 3 (9)
Essence 2
Will 2 (6)
Mana 9
Spoiler: show
Location: Glasgow, Scotland (UK)

Clara strained to hear the heated conversation between her parents and a strange door-to-door salesman- or possibly one of those door-to-door missionaries- as she cut the carrots for stew, being careful to make sure each was exactly the same, forming a pile of perfectly identical disks of orange.

She was just placing the covered stew pot in the oven when her mother called her in. She took off her apron and set it on its hook, tucking a stray lock of blonde hair back into its bun.

“Clara,’ll be going with this woman. To a university.”

Cara stared at her aging mother with concern, “I’m sixteen, it’s another two years before I go to college.”

“You have to go with this woman,” her father repeated sadly.

Clara watched them both with concern before turning to the woman, her brown eyes narrowed eyes. “Okay...When?”

“Now,” the woman responded coolly.

“Stew is in the oven, it’ll be done in a couple hours,” Clara told her parents as she turned to go to her room, looking back at them, “I guess I’ll go pack?”

“Yes,” her mother replied, tears in her voice.

Clara mechanically packed her clothes into her trunk, going through her mental checklist of toiletries and clothing for the seasons. She carefully wrapped her pickaxe and knife set in her pyjamas, and made sure she had properly closed the bottle of sharpening oil. With a sigh, she picked out some of her favorite books, and a few blocks of her best wood. Almost as an afterthought, she grabbed a stuffed animal penguin and shoved it in her bag. About an hour later she came back into the kitchen, where her mother and father were hugging and crying.

“Uh, mom, dad?” Clara said in a small voice, not really believing that they were sending her off like this. She stared at the wall, covered in framed pictures of her and her parents as she grew up. As the only child to a couple that had given up on ever having a baby of their own, Clara knew her parents had no desire to be rid of her. That left only one reason why they would let this woman take her away.

“Yes, honey?” her father replied gently. Clara decided she would make these people pay for separating them.

“I’ll come back. And tell my friends that I’ll write them. And you, of course. I’ll write you every day,” Clara stood on her tiptoes to hug them both and gave each a kiss on the cheek.

With that, Clara left with the woman.

“You probably have questions,” the woman asked after a few minutes of silence.

“Not really.” Clara deadpanned. She knew she should probably get more information, but she was upset and had no real desire to hear the woman’s dreadful voice.

“Well, er, you’re coming to the university because of your latent magical talent,” the woman began what seemed to be a well rehearsed speech.

“I don’t care. You made my parents cry. That’s all I need to know about you, or this so called ‘school’.”
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Re: Student Files

Unread postby Arganaut » May 31st, 2011, 12:32 am

The happiest person you'll ever meet. Unless driven utterly insane, absolutely unbreakable by gloom and doom.

Name: Othello Maria Tiddles The Eighteenth, Esquire (Mr. Tiddles The Eighteenth, Esquire (or just Mr. Tiddles))

Form: 1

Endurance: 2 (6)

Essence: 4

Will: 2 (6)

Mana Pool: 9

Mastery: Enchantment
Spoiler: show
The door crept open at a rather cautious pace, as one Mr. Tiddles (Sr.) peaked his head through the door. Laying on the bed, under a layer of sheets and comforters was what his wife and himself had poured the better part of sixteen years helping to blossom. It wasn’t always easy, being middle class in Wales with such a bright young boy who, everyday, brightened the rather dreary land with just a grin. Sometimes, he wished he could do better for his son.

Well, perhaps now he had the chance.

“Othello?” The lump on the bed didn’t shift at all, but still a voice came through, clear as day and as bright as it too.

“Yeah dad?”

“There’s some folks here to see you... it’s about your ‘talent’.” The elder man said, a small gasp from underneath the covers.

“Really? I mean, how-”

“Well, when you go parading about like you do and pulling all those stunts, it’s only natural for people to notice.” The elder Tiddles said, scratching the back of his head. “They want you to come with them, immediately. They’re going to take you to a real nice school son. Where you can learn more neat tricks and, well, maybe meet some nice kids like you.” Mr. Tiddles said softly, awaiting a reply from his only son.

“Yeah dad, I’ll get ready.” The younger Tiddles replied, his father sighing as he closed the door behind him. A minute later, the closet door opened up slowly, a red-headed young man sticking his head out from the closet. With a sigh and a snap of his fingers, the bed’s image flickered, replaced by a few fireworks, their fuses leading back to the closet.

“That was going to get so many laughs tonight.” Othello Tiddles remarked to himself, scratching the back of his head as he looked about his room.

“Well, I didn’t think I was going to be leaving so soon. Thought I’d bump about here for a few more years and then start goofing around all across Europe. The Brandenburg Gate would’ve looked lovely with in a shade of indigo I think.” Othello said wistfully, before slapping himself about the face.

“Ah, now get a grip man. Think about the possibilities. A whole school filled with magical folk and who knows what sorts of super neat things! Why, who knows how many super amazing things I could see! All the fantabulous illusions I could learn. All the super awesome, extra spectacular friends I could make!” Othello Tiddles said, a goofy, ear to ear smile stretching across his face.

“What am I waiting for, the invitation I already got?” Othello said to the air as he jumped back into the closet, rummaging around for a few clothes. Popping out a second later, the young Tiddles was wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt of a lavender color, a sun yellow jacket with an orange colored-patch covering a hole in the elbow, hot pink skinny jeans with green shoes, and a purple wide-brimmed hat to go along with it. Swinging a rainbow colored scarf around his neck, the illusionist looked at himself in the mirror, grinning again as he adjusted his hat, all of his clothes’ colors adjusted by his own illusionary magic.

“Perfect.” Othello said, pulling open a drawer filled with chocolate and stuffing them into a small bag at his side. “Just remember Othello Maria Tiddles The Eighteenth, Esquire. Just be yourself, all bright and sunshiny, and people will be bright and sunshiny right along with you.” Othello said, waving goodbye to himself in the mirror before packing up some other clothes and things to bring along.

As he ran down the stairs, earning barely contained laughter from his parents and very, very disturbed looks from the recruiters, Othello gave a goodbye hug to his mum and dad, and walked up to the recruiters with a wide grin.

“Errr... Othello Tiddles?”

“No, no. Strangers call me Othello Maria Tiddles The Eighteenth, Esquire. Only close acquaintances call me Othello Tiddles. Friends call me ‘Mr. Tiddles’.”

With that odd introduction, Othello was off to the new school.
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Re: Student Files

Unread postby spudman » June 1st, 2011, 1:14 am

Name: Greg Fisher

Form: 3

Endurance: 2 (6)

Essence: 2

Will: 2 (6)

Mana Pool: 9

Mastery: Sorcery

Spoiler: show

That was Greg's thought as he walked home from school. The administration had pulled a surprise inspection of certain lockers, they even brought a couple of the state of Maine's finest to help. Several students ended up going with those officers, but not Greg, his locker was searched but he knew better than to leave something illegal somewhere that can be searched without a warrant.

Some were surprised that he wasn't taken away too, because everyone apparently knows how much of a criminal he is. After all, everyone also knows what his parents do. Well, in that case most people are right. His parents do cook crystal meth, but that doesn't mean Greg's some hardened drug dealer or junkie. He just grows some pot. It's not a big #$*&ing deal.

What makes it even more messed up in his view is that he's had to take extra care to avoid trouble with the police or the idiots that call themselves gangs in these parts. Trouble that is completely disproportionate to anything he's actually done. He's had some close calls, but anytime someone's come after or chases him he manages to get away.

Anyway, the supposed crack down was called a success, Greg would disagree.

Not gonna stop everyone else, most of them swipe their folks' meds anyway.

Greg arrives home to find the house empty. He spends the next hour and a half cleaning up because he prefers to not live in a sty. The leftover pizza in the fridge is dinner and before he goes to bed Greg decides he ought to check on his field tomorrow.

The next day is Saturday. Greg gets up early and heads out. It's a bright day and a pleasant hike on one of the old abandoned trails until he veers off at a location familiar to him. He continues on until just about anyone else would be lost until he finally comes across his crop of cannabis.

Looks fine...

A snapping twig alerts Greg that there's something or someone else nearby. Greg moves back toward a tree for cover as quietly as he can, keeping low and out of sight. A bald man in a fancy business suit steps into view.

"I already know you're there. Don't try to run."

Screw that.

Greg slowly backs away and then turns to bolt, only to find another suit in front of him.

"What the hell?" is all he can say in surprise.

"Hello, Greg. I have a proposal for you."

"...what? You mean you want to buy-?" Greg nods back to his field.

The man cuts him off. "No, not that. Well, maybe later." The well dressed man goes on to explain that he represents a school for people with certain talents. Magic, he says, and they're offering him a full-ride scholarship. Now Greg knows this guy is nuts. He tries deflecting the issue and gently turning the guy down, but the man is insistent and threatens force.

Greg flips open his knife and stabs the @$$hole in the shoulder when he tries to grab him. He shoves the man down and runs but to his surprise both men suddenly appear in front of Greg, the one he stabbed looking especially put off and then the young man knows no more.
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Re: Student Files

Unread postby Wittgen » June 1st, 2011, 6:32 am

Why not?

Name: Lillian Marie Andrews

Form: 2

Endurance: 1 (3)

Essence: 5

Will: 1 (3)

Mana Pool: 9

Mastery: Enchantment

Spoiler: show
Agent Jones grumbled to himself as he finally pulled up to his destination. He hated when the brats where in the middle of friggin' nowhere. Jones often said he loved Japan, but really, he loved big city Japan. Podunk hickville was not his style, especially when he had to fit his imposing frame in some absurdly tiny POS and drive through five hours of bullshit hills and mountains just to get there. And the kid and her family weren't even Japanese! Just inconsiderate of them to live here, really.

So Jones grumbled, and then he put the car in park and composed himself. Never knew how these jobs would go. The file said the kid had been dragged all around the world by her parents growing up, moving to places where bad shit went down and "absorbing the ambiance." Writers. Go figure. She was also sharp as hell and looked to have a quickly developing magic talent. Lack of attachment to a place, smarts, and magic meant this should be an easy sell, but getting lax was a good way to make his job harder than it had to be. The girl was coming one way or another, and it'd be a lot less paperwork for him if she was smiling when she did.

Jones knocked on the door. A few seconds later, a middle aged woman opened the door and looked up at him. At first, Jones thought she was furrowing her brow, but no, those wrinkles were just well and truly creased.

"Mrs. Andrews, I'm Darren Jones. We spoke on the phone earlier."

She gave small smile.

"Of course, please co-" the woman flinched as a bright young voice suddenly interrupted her.

"Mom! Do we have company?" A young woman bounded into view behind Mrs. Andrews. She stood at perhaps 5'6, a smattering of freckles were over her nose and under her large, bright brown eyes. Curly, coppery hair fell down to her shoulders, barely controlled by a loose double ponytail. Jones couldn't tell if she was hearty or frail. Her frame was at odds with her incredibly confident posture and easy, stunning smile.

"Y-yes dear. This man is here to talk to you about a very special school."
"Oh, cool" she beamed. "Hi, my name's Lily." She gave a slight bow.

"You can call me Mr. Jones."

"I should go get Dad, shouldn't I?" said Lily, to which her mother weakly nodded. Poor thing seemed pretty out of sorts. In Jones' experience, most parents had a hard time letting go, though.

Jones removed his shoes and followed the mother into thing kitchen/dining room. She showed him his seat at the table and then busied herself preparing glasses of lemonade and some small snacks. Lily returned with a stiffly moving man a minute later. The two men made introductions and shook hands.

Lily sat down opposite Mr. Jones with her mom and dad on either side. The parents' shoulders faced straight forward, but their eyes darted toward their daughter every once and a while.

Mr. Jones broke the silence, as was his wont. It was best to get straight down to brass tacks.

"Lillian Marie Andrews, it has come to our attention that you posses certain gifts, and that is why I am here to as you to come to our school." She somehow straightened up even further at hearing her full name, but her smile never faltered. Her mom flinched at the word "gifts." Her dad gulped.

"What do you mean by gifts? I've always gotten good grades, but I don't think they were good enough to drag a big black man in a nice suit all the way to smalltown, Japan," she said, laughing easily at her own joke.

"No, I'm talking about magic. Haven't you been able to do things you shouldn't be able to?"

"Well, sometimes, when I really want something," here she leaned in and dropped her voice, "I feel a bit tingly and I get extra convincing. I'm usually pretty convincing, but when I get that tingly feeling,"

"No one can say no?" Mr. Jones finished her sentence.

"Exactly!" She straightened back up, her smile in full force. "I thought it was just being in the zone."

"No, it was magic. And since you can use it, you must come to our school."

The two parents watched on, not moving or speaking but starting to sweat slightly.

"It's an exciting but dangerous place. You'll learn a lot, but you have to be prepared for anything."

"Sounds like fun! Can I go, Mom? Dad?"

The parents nodded, almost in unison.
"O-of course honey."
"Sounds like you can't pass this up."

Lily closed her eyes and did a delighted little double clap. "Ooh, and we'll have to have a going away party. This'll be great. A party, and then I'll go and make lots of new friends learn lots of new things."

Since she had her eyes closed and the parents seemed too distraught at their daughter leaving to care much, Jones did not bother to constrain his impulse to roll his eyes at her antics. Kids. She's learn soon enough.

The dad spoke up. "That sounds-" *gulp* "-that sounds great sugar. When does she leave, Mr. Jones?"

Jones stood up. "I can give you a day to pack up, say your goodbyes, and have this party. Be at the bus stop 7 AM sharp, day after tomorrow." Everyone nodded and politely showed Jones to the door. He couldn't wait to get out of this place.


When Mr. Jones showed up at the bus stop at 6:45, Lillian was already sitting their, waiting with a surprisingly sane amount of luggage. She was munching on some kind of bread product, and if her sunny face and the delighted noises she was making were any indication, it was delicious.

"You're here early," he said.

"You too, so it all works out. I wanted to enjoy my niku-pan and the sunrise before we left."

"That doesn't look like any niku-pan I've seen."

She smiled and nodded her head appreciatively. "I know, right? It's so much better. Homemade, since it's a special occasion. Best of all, the meat is really fresh." She took another bite. "Sooo good. There really are advantages to living out here in the country, you know."

"If you say so." Jones sighed and realized it would probably be a long, long trip. That level of cheerfulness had to be toxic. Stupid EPA not regulating what really matters.
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