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Intel Files

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I've been putting off posting about key personalities and factions for a while now, so here's a stab at rectifying that. This list is not exhaustive, nor is it intended to be. It is, however, supposed to reflect common knowledge of the average firstie. I might make additions later or update things, and other people might post as well if they like. I'm tempted to make later changes similar to Shadowrun's style of introducing information (ie, make a statement, then have some ficticious posters commenting on how reliable the information might be or giving supplementary input, etc), but for now it'll just be a straight infodump.

M'Ren's faction: Better described as a confederacy than as a true faction, the common threads seem to be an adherence to something called "The Gospel of Power", though it ranges from lipservice to zealotry in each individual. It does seem to contain a higher number of abnormally strong individuals, but the "gospel" also seems to select for the sociopathic egoists. It is known that there is some form of heirarchy, but outsiders have difficulty with determining what, exactly, it is.

Changing Man's faction: The common thread for this faction is that not much is known about it, and that it is very good at hiding. Speculation is that the leader is the entity known as "the Changing Man", but even that is unknown. Common rumor holds that the entity is actually a coalition of people, or a title passed on from one person to the next candidate, but nothing is known for certain...or at least, those who know aren't talking.

Fatalists: Believes in the immutability of fate, attempts to divine the threads of Fate and act according to its wishes.

Free Willians: Rejects the concept of an all controlling fate, believes that Free Will is the one truth you can hold to. Engages in lengthy debates with the Fatalists of increasing (and sometimes hairsplitting) complexity. Once threw a party that lasted 6 days, had over 300 attendees, and was described afterwords as "the rad'st rave I 'e'er been to!". Orca figurines oddly common.

Estoic Order of Dal'Golth: Claims to be working to make the school safer, sealing and putting to sleep various threats. No one has been able to confirm this independantly. Comprised almost entirely of 4th to 6th years.

Brotherhood of Del'Galoth: According to the Estoic Order of Dal'Golth, they are a splinter group attempting to wake and unseal various threats, their goal being to unleash horrors on the school and bringing it to an end. This has not been independantly confirmed.

Asian Mafia: Mostly comprised of 1st and 2nd years, there seems to be a split between Inner Circle affairs (completely dominated by asians, but not by any one nationality) and Outer Circle affairs (does not seem to have any sort of racial bias). The point of contact for english speakers is a 1st year named Yin.

Sons of Glitter: a network of 1sties who all report to the rumored "Master of Glitter".
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Re: Intel Files

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... Asian mafia ... made up of all the asians ... Yeah ... >_____________>
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