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So I made a huge mistake downloading your fanfiction, in that I make a point to not start something that isnt finished. Call me impatient, call me stubborn, call me Slytherin. Not sure how I ended up with HP and the NFP on my kindle but DAMN..... I have read some good fan fic, some terrible fanfic, some really great fan fic but rarely do I come across one I just cant put down. I realized yesterday that the story (I was at about 54% and looked to see if there was a sequel) isnt finished and wanted to walk away. I tried to switch to another story but had to come back and keep reading. Your story is very well put together, thought out and captivating. I have had some twinges here and there which you tend to address anyways at the end of the chapter in your notes. Mostly the age of the characters and relationships at that age but you address that and in the long run it doesnt detract from the story. My point, and I do have one, is will you be finishing this. I understand you have suffered RL issues and am sorry, but do hope that you finish since this has to be the best fan fic I have read and really NEED to see it through to the end. This is actualy quite high praise since I can be very critical. I actually found HP and the DH by the original author to be somewhat dissappointing after such a great run. A bit like the last season of Game of Thrones I guess. They build you up to such great heights and then in a rush to finish, leave you hanging. Wow Deja Vu as I feel myself heading towards that very point, now I know this is still a work in progess. At least I hope it is still a WIP and not "Abandoned". So not sure if you still follow this forum, or have mved on to a new chapter in your life, but thank you for this story. Excellent job, well written, good grammar etc. I especially liked how true to character you stayed in dialogue. When I read Horace Slughorns words I could hear the actor in my mind saying what was written. I like how the different characters evolved from their canon versions, to become better versions of themselves. You identified the weaknesses and found believable ways for them to overcome and grown, especially Neville. Harry's anger issues annoyed me a lot in the original books especially OOTP. As a mother I just wanted to smack him and tell him to get the chip of his shoulder. Your Harry makes me want to do the same from time to time, which I see as good writing since to feel that way you must be emotionally vested in the story. I have a tendancy to get too emotionally vested, I still havent forgiven Meryl Streep for her treatment of son and ex-husband in Kramer vs Kramer. Yes I am THAT old. Sorry, waffling on when all I really wanted to say was great job, please finish the story.
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