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Unread postby AntiNaba » May 10th, 2009, 1:38 am

Alright! If we are indeed going to create our characters, we shall have to put time, effort and energy into them to both screen out god-modders and provide information on our partners in crime.

Let us start with the general template:

Signature Technique:
External Contacts:
Age: (Born/Grad academy/Chunin/SpecJoun/Jounin/S-rank/Kage/Missing/ANBU)
Elemental affinities:
Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai:
Rivals/Nemesi/Enemy organizations:
Rank/ed on the Bingo book:
Favoured Places:
Personal dislikes:
Preferred comrades:
Closest Friends:
Ninjutsu (E-S):
Genjutsu (Ibic):
Taijutsu (Ibic):
Fuinjutsu (Ibic):
Juinjutsu (Ibic):
Sougujutsu (Ibic):
Intelligence (1-10) (1 is Konohamaru, 10 is Shikamaru):
Flexibility (Ibic) (1 is Chouji, 10 is Hinata):
Chakra Capacity (Ibic) (1 is Lee, 10 is Kisame):
Chakra Control (Ibic) (1 is Naruto, 10 is Sakura):
Physical Power (Ibic) (1 is Pre-timeskip Sakura, 10 is Tsunade):
Stamina (Ibic) (1 is... I dunno, Udon, 10 is Naruto):
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Re: Viridian Dream-Teams Character Templates

Unread postby Tempest Kitsune » May 10th, 2009, 11:58 am

Name: Takuma Itsuki
Nickname: Bear, "Oh $*&% it's HIM! (enemy reaction), Boom-box
Village: Konoha
Rank: Special Jounin
Codename: Tempest

Specializations: Specializes in high-powered, high impact ninjutsu, both Area of Effect and Focused Target.

Signature Technique: Kienzan (no hand seals) - A technique created by experimenting with the concept behind the (in)famous Rasengan, the Kienzan, instead of multiple waves of chakra swirling around in all directions, is a layered construct of chakra spinning in a singe direction, forming a disc with a cutting edge finer than the sharpest sword. This layering give the technique its stability, and the impressive ability for the user to "launch" it at speeds even a sharingan has trouble tracking. Takuma has incorporated the use of chakra strings into the technique, giving him control over its direction after released and increasing its deadliness and efficiency by an order of magnitude. Ranked A class, Modified version is low S class.

Secondary Signature Technique: Ongakusai no jutsu - Hand seals = Boar, Monkey, Hare. Purpose: Actually used to mask your approach in a crowded setting, Ongakusai takes every sound that you produce (footsteps, rustling clothing, even your breathing and heartbeat!) and fluctuates it into sound to match the natural background noise of the area. However, a skilled user can modulate the chakra so that they can still speak, allowing them to taunt their opponents easily if they have the skill of projecting their voice. Some users of the jutsu have even been able to modify the jutsu to create actual music, and the most advanced have created ghostly lyrics out of thin air, which they can use to give themselves a psychological boost by using the right songs. B-Rank due to the skill required to maintain it.

Catchphrase: "Let's get ready to RUMBLE!
(at the start of forming the Kienzan)"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil;"
(after completing the Kienzan)"Because I’m the meanest son of a bitch in the valley." :devil

Appearance: Brown hair, cut short; hazel eyes. Wears forest camouflaged patterned pants and jacket, both of which have a reversible side with a beige/tan pattern for arid regions. Hitai-ai is attached to a strap that attaches to the jacket's collar on either side (can be flipped inside the jacket for stealth). Wears steel toed boots with chakra activated spikes on the toes and cleats on the soles.

External Contacts: Has done several diplomatic courier missions to Suna, and developed a rapport with several of the ninja there, including an on-again, off-again relationship with the granddaughter of the Godaime Kazekage.

Family: The first of a merchant family to enter the ninja trade, he has several contacts in various countries thanks to his family's far-flung trading network. He keeps in touch only sparingly with his family, as they don't quite understand his need to go out and kill things, though they try to be supportive.

Summons: Mongoose summons. Created the contract after managing to find the notes that Jiraiya had used to create the Toad contract. Turned them in too Konoha Historical Society after developing his own contract. Has an interesting business relationship with the Boss of his summons, Lord Hasaki.

Age: 23, Born 29 AK,
Elemental affinities: Earth and Fire
Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: None.

Rivals/Nemesi/Enemy organizations: Has a friendly rivalry going on with the Special Jounin known as "Trapmaster", due to their highly effective, but widely differing methods of engaging the enemy. Is severely disliked by Kumo after the "Raikage Bathroom" incident. Iwa despises him thanks to him foiling an attempt to gain the Sharingan (Hey, it nearly worked for Kumo, and we're smarter than those cloud-heads!)

Rank/ed on the Bingo book: A - Ranked, do not attempt to engage without superior firepower. While Tempest's Taijutsu is merely a bit above average, and his Genjutsu skills are barely adequate for a Jounin, (thus the reason that he is a Special Jounin) his mastery of Ninjutsu both to cause widespread damage, or to take out the leaders of enemy units with extreme prejudice make him a formidable opponent. His friendly rivalry with the Special Jounin Trapmaster has allowed him to heighten his situational awareness instincts, making stealth approaches difficult, but not impossible.

Hobbies: Card tricks, reading fantasy novels, pranking the ANBU, listening to music, ending bar fights
Favored Places: The Ichiraku Restaurant, a small glade by the side of the river in Konoha that runs near the base of the rebuilt Hokage Monument.
Personal dislikes: people who are abusive to children and women, tomatoes, the Uchiha clan in general
Teammates:(Gonna wait until the rest of you guys build your characters)
Preferred comrades: Trapmaster, Chameleon, Miasma (will expand as more characters are added)
Closest Friends: (Ibic)
Ninjutsu: S
Genjutsu: C
Taijutsu: B
Fuinjutsu: A
Juinjutsu: D
Sougujutsu: B
Intelligence: 5
Flexibility: 5
Chakra Capacity: 8
Chakra Control: 6
Physical Power: 7
Stamina: 7
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Re: Viridian Dream-Teams Character Templates

Unread postby MrRigger2 » May 10th, 2009, 2:16 pm

Here, I'll try one. I've not done RPing before, so forgive me if it seems a little shaky.

Name: Sugiura Ayumu
Village: Konoha
Rank: Special Jounin
Codename: Trapmaster

Specializations: Traps of all sorts, Fuuinjutsu
Signature Techniques: Constantly surrounded by at least three layers of traps at all times that enemy shinobi claim move with him. In actuality, Ayumu has no less than fifteen standard layouts that he uses depending on the situation, with variations on these standard layouts numbering in the hundreds. In combat, Ayumu regularly flees direct confrontation, setting up traps as he goes until his opponent is surrounded.

Catch phrase: But wait, there's more!
Appearance: Black hair, cut close to the scalp. Wears Hitai-ite bandana style covering his head. Loose short sleeved shirt and pants. Scrolls run down the outside of each leg. Soft shoes, that keep him silent at the cost of protection to them in a fight. Two tattoos on the palms of his hands that are actually seals containing a nearly endless supply of kunai and shuriken. Kunai for the right hand, shuriken for the left.

External Contacts: Several contacts in Grass Village, including a working relationship with the Hidden Grass ambassador.
Family: Son of a successful merchant who angered the Grass Daimyo, they fled to Fire Country, eventually ending up on the Outskirts of Konoha. His father is still successful in business, though they had a falling out several years ago and are no longer close. His mother died two years ago from illness.
Summons: No animal summons, despite knowledge of the theory. However, he is an expert at quickly sealing and summoning weapons and equipment he needs for building his traps.
Age: 21, born 44 AK (after Kyuubi attack)
Elemental affinities: Water and Fire
Clan abilities/Bloodlines: None
Rivals/Enemies: Few actual enemies, as most die by his traps trying to escape, though the Grass Daimyo still holds a grudge against his family because of his father's actions. Friendly Rivalry with fellow Special Jounin Codename Tempest, due to their mutual high success rate but wildly different methodology.
Bingo Book Rank: While only B-rank in straight combat, Ayumu never allows his opponents to face him in straight combat. His keen intellect and amazing abilities to construct traps on the fly ensures Ayumu almost always has the upper hand. For these reasons, Ayumu is A-ranked, and should be approached only with extreme caution.
Hobbies: Reading Science Fiction and playing shougi with the Nara clan, also enjoys walking around Konoha picking up materials he can use in the future. Secretly creates contingencies on how to subdue Tempest should he go rogue.
Favorite places: Konoha Market (so many materials, all out for show)
Personal dislikes: Pickles, people who fail to think long term about the consequences, losing at shougi, pickles
Teammates: Rotates in as teams need his skills
Preferred comrades: Tempest, The Dwarf, Chameleon
Closest Friends: Tempest, Chameleon
Ninjutsu: B
Genjutsu: Mid-High A
Taijutsu: Low B
Fuinjutsu: High A, bordering on S
Juinjutsu: B
Sougujutsu: S
Intelligence: 10
Flexibility: 5
Chakra Capacity: 6
Chakra Control: 8
Physical Power: 4
Stamina: 5

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Re: Viridian Dream-Teams Character Templates

Unread postby Darkandus » May 10th, 2009, 5:51 pm

Edited for six monthsafter the team fail mission.

Name: Ryuusuke Yoshirou

Nickname:Used to be Ryuusuke of the Storm, is now derided as Ryuusuke of the Sharp Tongue or The Cripple.

Village:Offically unaffiliated, Lives either with or in the vicinity of Akita Aoi

Rank:EX-Mercenary, Used to be Elite Jonin level but was badly crippled and for the most part would have difficulty fighting even a Chuunin.


Specializations:Used to be Suiton and Raiton Jutsu but his Chakra control and reserves have been devestated. Uses a Bladed Tonfa with his properly working arm.

Signature Technique:Used to Mizu ryuu-shu. Ryuusuke bound large quantites of water to himself in the shape of a bipedal dragon and infused it with chakra. Doing so gave him a strong layer of protection along with increases to his physical strength and speed. This was regularly his opening Jutsu as it allows him to use his most hard hitting techniques.


Appearance:Brown hair cut short. Eyes don't match. 5'10" tall. Wears tight clothing that covers everything but his face. Cares nothing for appearances. Is horribly scarred.

External Contacts:He cares nothing about world events.

Clan/Family:None, but he is constantly around Akita Aoi.

Summons:Used to be cats but he has n ot summoned one in six months.

Age:20, born 31 AK.

Elemental affinities:Water and Lightning

Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: None known, although the Chakra cost for water and lightning Jutsu was seemingly very small for him. Could reportedly wield them to such an extent that E and D ranked Jutsu had negligible chakra cost. Possible emergant bloodline.

Rivals/Nemesi/Enemy organizations:None

Rank/ed on the Bingo book:Was A ranked with the following qualifier. Approching him is fine, annoying him is lethal. Now he has been either removed from the Bingo books of all nations or demoted to D class.

Hobbies:Lounging, exploring, drinking new kinds of tea spending time with Akita Aoi.

Favoured Places:Beds, Relaxing places in Nature, wherever Aoi is.

Personal dislikes:Uptight people. Having to fight for no reason. Shoes, Death rabbits.

Personal likes:Children, Eccentric people, beating people he dislikes, singing, Akita Aoi.

Teammates:Akita Aoi.

Preferred comrades:Akita Aoi

Closest Friends:Akita Aoi.

Ninjutsu:D, is only capable of using the most basic techniques after being crippled.

Genjutsu:Negligable, can no longer break out of all but the most basic genjutsu.

Taijutsu:D due to being crippled.

Fuinjutsu:D after studying it a bit.


Sougujutsu:B after being crippled

Intelligence:8 Increased slightly due to having nothing else to rely on but his mind.

Flexibility:3 decreased due to injuries.

Chakra Capacity:2, decreased due to injuries

Chakra Control:2, decreased due to injuries

Physical Power:3, decrease due to injuries

Stamina:3, decreased due to injuries.
Spoiler: show
Ryuusuke is a broken man. He has lost almost everything he had, the things he misses most are his Strength, the ability to play music, and not being tired all the time. He had hoped he could be saved by Akita Aoi but that hope has been fading every day. Every night before he sleeps he wishes for a death that won't come. And every morning he wakes up, still crippled, his soul cracks just a little bit more. He tries to hide this completely within himself and appears to be relativly normal person. However his humor has been becoming steadly more jaded and pessimistic. He retains his honor and kindness, although now he usually delivers it with backhanded complements and disdain. His only allegiance is to Akita Aoi for the sacrifice she made for him. Her continued existance is the only reason he doesn't walk into the wilderness, never to set foot near civilisation again.
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Re: Viridian Dream-Teams Character Templates

Unread postby MorphCross » May 10th, 2009, 7:25 pm

Name:Rittaimaru Kondo

Nickname:Rittaimaru "The Wall" Kondo.

Village:Konoha, formerly of the Fire Temple

Rank:Special Jounin

Codename: The Dwarf

Specializations: Barrier Ninjutsu, Grappling techniques, Jujutsu Counter-techniques

Signature Technique: he tends to combine techniques i.e. Kage Shuriken No Jutsu with Fuuton: Violent repulsion wave or a containment barrier with a high yield fragmentation tag. He is best know for Maruyake Migawari: Lit. Completely Burned Sacrifice. A technique that utilizes his primary wind affinity to compress oxygen into an area followed by igniting the oxygen dense space.

Catchphrase: "Don't fight it, just go with the flow."

Appearance: 5'1" 160lbs with a 32" shoulder span, built as solid as a brick house. Originally clean shaven but after leaving the Ninja Monk order and coming to Konoha, Dark, thin, spiky brown hair,
short-cropped coarse beard. Dark grey robes of the same style and cut as Fire Temple monks. At times he also wears the ceremonial cloth apron and hemp rope combo that is the mark of completing his training in Raigou Senjusatsu. At times he carries a Hexagonal quarterstaff that breaks off into six triangular sections. This is to make high level barrier creation easier by utilizing mediation seals inscribed in the staff.

External Contacts: still has friends in the Ninja monk order, in all the temple's of the five countries.

Clan/Family: Orphan of unknown origins.

Summons: Not really a summon, but he does have a Ox familiar named Kuroikeiteki.

Age: 26, Attended academy to the age of 11. Passed the academy graduation exam, but failed the initial Jounin initiation test. Afterwards he joined the Fire Temple Ninja Monks. Training with the fire temple monks to the age of 25 he was asked to leave the order after it became clear that his enjoyment of Happoushu would never abate. He returned to Konoha and joined with a genin team and tested to Chuunin, followed shortly by getting an appointment to Tokujo.

Elemental affinities: His primary affinity is wind, with a secondary affinity for fire.

Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: None, however he learned the Raigou Senjusatsu along with a few select monks.

Rivals/Nemesi/Enemy organizations: The followers of Jashinism is the closest thing to an enemy organization for him.

Bingo Rank: None. He prefers a life of quite anonymity so he strives to keep his identity well hidden.

Hobbies: Animal husbandry, meditation, reading. The drinking of Happoushu.

Favoured Places: Konoha Library, the practice fields, the local brewery.

Personal dislikes: Odly enough doesn't enjoy the taste of sake. Followers of Jashinism.

Personal Likes: People who underestimate him because of his height and size. Simply because he does enjoy the look on their face when he puts their face in the dirt.

Teammates: Something of a floater to fill for mission specifics.

Preferred comrades: Tempest, Trapmaster, Darakandasu

Closest Friends: same in the external contacts. Doesn't mind Trapmaster or Tempest's company while drinking. Enjoy's heckling or chatting with ewuvi at odd times.

Ninjutsu: A

Genjutsu: C

Taijutsu: S

Fuinjutsu: B


Sougujutsu: B

Intelligence: 8

Flexibility: 3

Chakra Capacity: 5

Chakra Control: 6

Physical Power: 7

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Re: Viridian Dream-Teams Character Templates

Unread postby ewuvi » May 10th, 2009, 8:02 pm

Edited to show what she's like 6 months after retiring

Name: Akita Aoi (last name first)

Nickname: N/A

Village: N/A

Rank: Chuunin/Retired

Codename: N/A

Specializations: Medical Jutsu

Signature Technique: Medusa Javelin A punch delivered using medical chakra, it 'heals' so fast that it essentially ossifies whatever organ is targeted. It's actually impractical any pretty much any situation barring a rapid shift from healing to fighting, which, incidentally, is pretty much the only time Akita will fight.

Appearance: Very short auburn hair, her left eye is missing and she covers the socket with a thick band type eyepatch (think Mustang from FMA). She's about 5'4", having gone through a huge growth spurt. She hardly gained any weight during this so she's pretty thin. Her clothing of preference is sundresses. She wears sandals.

External Contacts: She's pretty cut off from everybody now, but she gathers information from the people she heals and has a few lasting relations with them.

Clan/Family: Merchant family originally from Suna

Summons: Magpie

Age: 16

Elemental affinities: Earth

Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: None

Rivals/Nemesi/Enemy organizations: N/A, although she feels uncomfortable around ninja.

Rank/ed on the Bingo book: N/A

Hobbies: Cooking, reading, Ryuu, healing

Favoured Places: N/A, at least in Konoha.

Personal dislikes: Budgeting, stealth, and orange juice, dealing with ninja

Teammates: N/A

Preferred comrades: Ryuusuke

Closest Friends: Ryuusuke

Ninjutsu: C/A if it's medical

Genjutsu: C

Taijutsu: C

Fuinjutsu: A

Juinjutsu: E

Sougujutsu: D

Intelligence: 7

Flexibility: 6

Chakra Capacity: 6

Chakra Control: 9

Physical Power: 4

Stamina: 4
Spoiler: show
She retired after losing an eye in a mission, and decided to act as a medic in communities that lack decent medical care. Aoi travels with Ryuu, and he's her only meaningful relation. A bit distant, she forgets what she's doing quite often, and can be described as 'stupidly giving', which is the real reason behind her missing eye. Akita feels uncomfortable around other ninja, because they'll know that she used to be one. Mostly she doesn't like them so much because she knows very well what they do for a living. Ninja society didn't fit her well, and she had a hard time following orders. Despite her eye-loss and much decreased financial security, Akita Aoi is a lot happier than she used to be. She can still be found around the Land of Fire, mostly because she suspects she forgot to do some important paperwork concerning her retirement. She'll treat any injured Konoha-nin she runs across, but that's mostly because she'll heal any injured person she comes across. Akita can also be convinced to help with missions when a medic is needed. It's pretty easy to talk her into doing things for people, actually.
So that's it!
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Re: Viridian Dream-Teams Character Templates

Unread postby Phht » May 10th, 2009, 8:08 pm

I should just note, for the record, that there are high ranked non-elemental ninjutsu. That camouflage technique from Kakashi Gaiden is an A-rank technique, for instance. Might want to take that into account when deciding on the ninjutsu stat.

Also, I can't double as a proper medic, because I was smart enough to group medical with elemental affinities in my bloodline classification system. Maybe some non-medical-chakra medic knowledge, but not the good jutsu stuff for medic nins.


Spoiler: show
Name: Higure Yuuhi (family name last)
Nickname: Roach (Much like a cockroach, he seems to survive anything)
Village: Konoha
Rank: Special Jounin
Codename: Chameleon

Specializations: Genjutsu, secondary specialization in demolitions
Signature Technique: Kankaku no Sou Hakudatsu (Total Deprivation of Senses), Kyuushi no Jutsu (Sudden Death Technique)
Summons: N/A
Catchphrase: "If I told myself something I'm not cleared to know, what kind of shinobi would I be?" (frequently used to dodge questions regarding activities he gets in trouble over)

Appearance: Black hair, typically somewhere between just below the ear down to shoulder length depending on when he last cut it, and has the usual eyes of a Yuuhi clan member. Standard issue shinobi pants with patterned bandages wrapped from shinobi sandals to mid-shin, a kunai pouch on his right leg, and a first aid kit in a fanny pack. Long-sleeved mesh undershirt with green short-sleeved shirt on top covered by a flak jacket. He wears fingerless gloves with a metal plate sewn on the back, and patterned bandages wrap his forearms. Height is just over six feet. Hiai-ate is on the forehead, with the metal worn down to reduce reflection.
Clan/Family: Yuuhi
Age: 20 - born 46 After Kyuubi
Born 0
Grad 13
Chunin 16
Sp Jounin 18
Affinities: None
Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: Shinku Shoku no Sakkaku (Crimson Illusion) - genjutsu enhancement is 'ease of use'

External Contacts: Not many appreciate his skills outside his village (due to his hobbies), but knows several people he can talk shop with in various ninja villages.
Rivals/Nemesi/Enemy organizations: Kumo, due to using genjutsu to cause embarrassing "incidents" for several high level ninja and may or may not have been involved in the "Raikage Bathroom" incident (no one's saying either way); Mist, for making their genin drunk off water before allowing them into a chunin exam three consecutive times - he took time off so he could go to the second and third exams just to repeat the trick while disguised. River Country Mob, after accidentally tricking the mob boss's mistress into a acid pool swim rather than the mob boss.
Bingo Book Rating: A-rank due to genjutsu skills

Hobbies: Demolitions, placing genjutsu on others for his own amusement, genjutsu design, bar fights, slipping "your mom" jokes into other countries' bingo books
Favoured Places: Moritake's, quiet streams and lakes
Personal dislikes: humorless people, survival training, the Power of Youth
Teammates: *shrugs*
Preferred comrades: Tempest, Trapmaster
Closest Friends: Doesn't really consider anyone as a friend, but has buddies he works (and gets in trouble) with regularly.
Misc: Certified as a non-chakra using field medic. Keeps a collapsible baton in his flak jacket along with a few storage seal scrolls. His jounin-sensei's jounin-sensei was Anko Mitarashi; this is often used to explain his personality and be grounds to avoid putting genin in his care for any period of time.

Ninjutsu: low D overall (unranked elemental/medical, C-rank in Non-Elemental)
Genjutsu: S
Taijutsu: high C
Fuinjutsu: C
Juinjutsu: E
Sougujutsu: B
Intelligence: 7
Flexibility: 3
Chakra Capacity: 6
Chakra Control: 8
Physical Power: 4
Stamina: 6
Bloodline and one of the signature jutsu are located in the Jutsu Recycling Bin. The other signature jutsu is below.
Spoiler: show
Name: Kyuushi no Jutsu (Sudden Death Technique)
Rank: S
Range: Close (0 ~ 5m), Mid (5 ~ 10m), Far (10m+); 0 ~ 30m
Type: Genjutsu, Offensive
Description: This genjutsu tricks the mind into considering all involuntary actions are voluntary. In simple terms, the heart and lungs stop working (among other things) without the target (or via machine/CPR) consciously taking breaths and pumping their heart. Might also result in dry eyes.
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Re: Viridian Dream-Teams Character Templates

Unread postby AntiNaba » May 10th, 2009, 8:18 pm

Name: Kuroda Kojira

Nickname: 'We don't like to talk about him.' 'Whine-daddy' 'Whine-cask' 'Where does he come from, anyway?'

Village: Konohagakure (On orders from Morigakure)

Rank: Jounin

Codename: Core, Miasma

Specializations: Genjutsu, advanced Kawarimi, self-augmentation, Kinjutsu

Signature Technique: Magirawashiikibou, a technique that combines several low and high class Genjutsu, mixing them up with Bunshin, henge'd bunshin and his Momentum-carrying Bunshin to deter the opponent from discovering which parts of the battlefield are illusionary, and which parts really are sharp pointy skewers made out of dust that rise like shadows from the ground. That's just to get started, the rest of his jutsu involve him using this technique in order to corral and eventually wipe out his opponent with one clean strike.

Catchphrase: 'Do I know you?' 'Isn't that typical?' 'It must be heaven-sent.'

Appearance: His hair is clipped short, although he has a small thin ponytail that disappears down his back in case he requires some rope. He sports the Konoha Jounin vest, although he is in the habit of wearing brown ring-plated lather underneath it instead of the usual black-and-blue attire. His face is sharp, with angry brown eyes and a thin layer of stubble over everything. His voice is strangely high-pitched, as he is a large and well-built man, and his nose is bent slightly towards the mouth. He has a necklace in a circular pattern of ginko leaves, but nobody has ever gotten an answer as to what it is.

External Contacts: He is well known to two sets of Daimyo in Sand, due to an incident involving an extremist uprising. He was ordered on a mission to Waterfall a year after he made Jounin with the intention of a Academy teacher exchange between the village and Leaf. Due to this, he has made acquiantances with several powerful nin, and was involved in a drinking competition with the MizuKage, which he lost. The Mizukage has no recollection of this incident.

Clan/Family: Technically clanless, Kojira originally hails from a small, reclusive village named Morigakure, the village hidden in the Forest. Due to a fear of continual inbreeding (The village only numbered 500 people when it was formed 200 years ago, and the population has not changed) from constant reclusion from the outside world, Kojira was sent out in order to improve village relations with Konoha and open up trade routes. The eventual goal was to encourage intervillage marrying, although the secret jutsu of his village are considered off limits due to their Kinjutsu nature.

Summons: Kojira can summon swarms of moths to hide his position, blind his enemies or fill the air with a toxic dust. His principal summon is Gamikoto, the Moth-lord. An insect with a wingspan of five metres, Gamikoto is odd amongst the high summons in that she cannot talk, even telepathically. Her extremely powerful sense of smell, coupled with the long flying distances it can cover, make him Kojira's first choice for Tracking assignments. She has little in the way of offensive tactics, but can cast a limited array of Fuuton and Katon jutsu, taking care with the last as her scales are highly flammable.

Age: Born in 30 AK, Grad at Age 10, Made Chunin at 12, Made Jounin at 17

Elemental affinities: Water and Earth jutsu. He also has a knack for pure, spiritual jutsu manipulation.

Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: His clan's abilities stem from the use of Akukahaku (Lines of Evil), tattoos that are engraved under the skin two weeks after a child is born, carving a second, externally powered chakra system that continues to integrate into the body of its host until late puberty. The ink, replicated inside the user through certain seals carved into the back, holds chakra and pressurizes it as a means of backup power and muscular enhancement during stress. In order to keep the chakra moving and prevent cancer or burning, wandering spirits from the outside world are attracted and processed through two seals on the shoulder, their passage through the body circulating the artifical chakra. These spirits, if another seal is placed, will gain the user's psyche and project a physical form through manipulation of particles in the air, creating a stronger, more resilient kage bunshin that does not explode at first blood, and does not directly drain the user.
In order to co-ordinate these bunshin, God-seals (So-called due to the shape they manifest if used) are forged out of hundreds of spirits and are programmed to manage the attacks.

The God Seals, if released, can either form potent user-centred figures that can counter and block most attacks (And fire very weak chakra flashes), or be integrated directly into the host, boosting the host's abilities in a manner similar to the 8-gates ability. The cost for this integration is mental detachment.

The ultimate manifestation of this ability is the Shikifuin-no-jutsu, the Reaper Seal. With Nine God-seals, it is possible to hold back the Shinigami long enough to substitute a wandering spirit trapped in the user's body in exchange for the user's soul being consumed. This is not a recommended use, however, as the cost of this jutsu is the destruction of all nine God-seals, which can take longer than a decade to refill.

The bunshin have weaknesses. Raiton techniques will free the spirits from the seals, destroying the bunshin. In addition, pure chakra (Not elemental, which is absorbable) can destroy the programming and dissemble the clones. The difficulty lies in the fact that clones can be released in numbers of up to two hundred, if desired. Jyuken or similar fighting styles will disrupt the chakra engraving, and possibly permanently damage it.

Kojira holds Six God-seals.

Rivals/Nemesi/Enemy organizations: Strangely enough, his own village. He refuses to go into details. He is considered a rival to one Konoha nin and a Cloud nin, both for unknown reasons.

Rank/ed on the Bingo book: A for ability. S for the value on his body.

Hobbies: Gardening, particularly indoor trees and sweet-smelling flowers. He has a history of enjoying raw dango, combined with a recipe for Kiwifruit-water that he picked up on his travels. He also enjoys watching the moon, picking out craters.

Favoured Places: Rooftops, anywhere with marble, calm forests. He harbours a soft spot for a Tree in Konoha, where he can be found sleeping on most afternoons.

Personal dislikes: Cold mornings, disrespect for the dead, flavourless foods, too much cosmetic makeup, too much gaudy clothing, rips and tears, opened seams and the tickling sensation of grass.

Teammates: (TBA)

Preferred comrades: (TBA)

Closest Friends: (TBA)

Ninjutsu (E-S): B
Genjutsu (Ibic): A
Taijutsu (Ibic): B
Fuinjutsu (Ibic): A
Juinjutsu (Ibic): S
Sougujutsu (Ibic): C

Intelligence: 7
Flexibility: 8
Chakra Capacity: 4 (His seals consume most of it)
Chakra Control: 4 (His seals handle it for him, mostly. Hence no practice)
Physical Power: 5 (9 if Augmented)
Stamina: 3 (9 if Augmented)
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Re: Viridian Dream-Teams Character Templates

Unread postby MEKristian » May 10th, 2009, 9:42 pm

Name: Ando Shiki (Last name first)

Nickname: The Theif Ninja, That Guy With All the Swords

Village: N/A, associates with Konoha most

Rank: N/A, presumed to be Jonin level or above

Codename: N/A

Specializations: Infiltration, Theft, Stealth

Signature Technique: Gate of Babylon- And “infinate storage space” techique, it can hold any inanimate item inside of itself. Stores a seemingly endless amount of swords for combat. It's where those wonderful toys come from.

Second Signature Techique: Mystic Eyes- The ability to precieve the “death” of inanimate objects. Shiki needs to focus to use this, so he can only use it outside of battle.

Catchphrase: “I prefer “Tomb Raider”, thank you!”, “Because it's awesome!”

Appearance: Spikey dark-blue hair; has one blue eye, and one green eye, but it's unknown if they're contacts or not. Typicaly wears a beige cloak and red scarf over a simple shirt and plants combo.

External Contacts: Everybody

Clan/Family: N/A

Summons: N/A

Age: 18, Born 32AK

Elemental affinities: Wind

Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: N/A

Rivals/Nemesi/Enemy organizations: Has a stand-off-ish relationship with the Hyuuga clan, for an inncident where he allegedly stole and sold off the majority of the Clan's wardrobe. He vehmently denies the theft.

Rank/ed on the Bingo book: A (ranked on worth rather than skill)

Hobbies: Fixing things, tomb raiding

Favoured Places: The ruins of the original Konoha

Personal dislikes: Traitors, Liars, Dishonorable theives

Teammates: Whoever he's currently working with

Preferred comrades: Unknown

Closest Friends: Unknown

Ninjutsu: S

Genjutsu: D

Taijutsu: B

Fuinjutsu: C

Juinjutsu: C

Sougujutsu: A

Intelligence: 6

Flexibility: 10

Chakra Capacity: 10

Chakra Control: 6

Physical Power: 6

Stamina: 7
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Re: Viridian Dream-Teams Character Templates

Unread postby Psalm Of Fire » May 10th, 2009, 10:49 pm

Name: Nara Kontan
Nickname: Chibi (what his sensei calls him) :evil:
Village: Konoha
Rank: Genin
Codename: (Hasn't got one)

Specializations: Medical Diagnosis, Nara Shadow Techniques

Signature Technique: Using a mix of Kagemane and Sewing (just the part where it can rise off the ground) as a defensive kinetic barrier. Trying to invent new Kage-style techniques a few times and utterly failing.

Catchphrase: "Really"

Appearance: (Born 36AK) 13 years old and still sporting a wee bit of baby fat on his face. He wears his brown hair in four short pony tails, and prefers green shirts and earthy colored khaki shorts. An enlarged adams apple and scrawny body give him a gangly air. He packs light except for a tool belt, appearing oversize despite being tightened to the maximum, that he wears everywhere but almost never uses.

External Contacts: An uncle living in Suna, a place he enjoys vacations to when he gets the chance.

Clan/Family: All the Nara, both those in Konoha and the three living in Suna. (I know I'm playing some canon out here, just tell me if this is not allowed.)

Summons: None.

Age: 13, Genin of two years

Elemental affinities: Family Shadow Jutsus

Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: Shadow Manipulation Techniques

Rivals/Nemesi/Enemy organizations: The Hyuuga jerk (female) that was on his team before getting promoted and moving team, (secretly) his cousin who's part of the current generation's Ino-Shika-Cho team.

Rank/ed on the Bingo book: Not entered. In anyone's.

Hobbies: Reading, capturing woodland creatures to inspect them (a few he tags for inspection as time goes by), and comparing the anatomy of summoned creatures with their common counterparts.

Favoured Places: A certain Dango shop... man, she should have become a ninja.

Personal dislikes: The Byakugan and those that show off at the expense of others (he appreciates a little showmanship, even if he doesn't do it much himself).

Teammates: They Hyuuga kid who was promoted last year and Kotone Ushio. Good riddance to the Hyuuga, things have been more peacful since. ...though the Shadow Technique experimentation has seen a pretty sharp decline since.

Preferred comrades: Kotone Ushio

Closest Friends: An Aburame kid, though they haven't hung out much since the academy. Father.

Ninjutsu: C
Genjutsu: D
Taijutsu: D
Fuinjutsu: E
Juinjutsu: E (this is Curse Seal style stuff right?)
D (this is weapon use, right?)

Intelligence (1 is Konohamaru, 10 is Shikamaru): 9
Flexibility (1 is Chouji, 10 is Hinata): 7
Chakra Capacity (1 is Lee, 10 is Kisame): 4
Chakra Control (1 is Naruto, 10 is Sakura): 5
Physical Power (1 is Pre-timeskip Sakura, 10 is Tsunade): 2
Stamina (1 is Udon, 10 is Naruto): 3


Name: Nara Shikari-sensei (an abbreviated character sheet that might be expanded later)

Rank: Jounin-Sensei
Age: Born 14 AK as the youngest, final son of Shikamaru; graduated the academy at 10 (24AK); made chuunin at 13 (27AK); made special jounin at 22 (36AK); fathered Kontan at 25 (37AK); made jounin at 33 (47AK); Present (50AK).

Ninjutsu: A
Genjutsu: C
Taijutsu: B
Fuinjutsu: D
Juinjutsu: E
Sougujutsu: C

Intelligence (1 is Konohamaru, 10 is Shikamaru): 8
Flexibility (1 is Chouji, 10 is Hinata): 7
Chakra Capacity (1 is Lee, 10 is Kisame): 5
Chakra Control (1 is Naruto, 10 is Sakura): 7
Physical Power (1 is Pre-timeskip Sakura, 10 is Tsunade): 4
Stamina (1 is Udon, 10 is Naruto): 5
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Re: Viridian Dream-Teams Character Templates

Unread postby serbii » May 10th, 2009, 10:59 pm

:3 this feels weird
Psalm Ill be your team mate mmk?
May as well build some teams now

Name: Kotone Ushio

Nickname: Shio, tides (to her Dad)

Village: Konoha

Rank: Genin

Codename: Not yet

Specializations: Genjutsu, Fuinjutsu. She's still mostly general due to her age.

Signature Technique: None, likes Flash-Bangs though

Catchphrase: quickly becoming "Teach me!"

Appearance: dark brown shoulder length hair. Hazel eyes. Tends to dress boyishly, this shirt and black pants. Same height as Kontan, much to his dismay. Has a large collection of hair clips

External Contacts: Mother Has friends/contacts in most friendly/neutral countries who tends to go on a lot of diplomatic missions as a guard or negotiator as she normally can resist the urge to explode everyone. Bit of a gossip and has a fairly extensive info network in Konoha.

Clan/Family: Family has a few ninja but not enough to be considered a full clan. Lives with her mother. Her father is a jounin from wave she met on a diplomatic mission (one thing lead to another), mother forced him to marry her for 3 weeks to Ushio would be legitimate XD. She's visited him a few times and every time he makes a horrible "Tide coming in" joke, Ushio suspects she was named purely for this purpose. Her aunt, uncle and 2 cousins live 3 doors up so they take care of her when her mother is away. She and her cousins are as close as siblings.

Summons: Cats

Age: 13, graduated 11

Elemental affinities: Primarily Earth, despite the nautical name (Ushio = tide)

Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: None

Rank/ed on the Bingo book: Not in

Hobbies: reading (mostly the usual popular novels, has a soft spot for trashy paperback mystery and romance novels too), proud member of the Konoha gossip and speculation network, exploring Konoha

Favoured Places: The beach, anywhere high

Personal dislikes: Snow, idiots

Teammates: Nara Kontan, Ex team mate in Hotaru Hyuuga

Preferred comrades: Nara Kontan (secretly wants to see Akita Ewuvi in action, explosions are purdy)
Closest Friends: The girls when went to the acadamy with, Nara Kontan
Ninjutsu (E-S): D
Genjutsu (Ibic): C
Taijutsu (Ibic): D
Fuinjutsu (Ibic): C
Juinjutsu (Ibic): D
Sougujutsu (Ibic): D
Intelligence (1-10): 7
Flexibility (Ibic): 7
Chakra Capacity: 4
Chakra Control (Ibic): 7
Physical Power (Ibic) :2
Stamina (Ibic): 3

Character notes:
Spoiler: show
Somewhat clever but tends not to apply herself when she doesn't have to. Can be over enthuastic at times but she knows it. Thinks Kontan can be a bit too serious but tries to make it up to him when her unseriousness upsets him or gets them in trouble. Knows how to be formal and polite but prefers not to be. Doesn't mind dressing up, which generally surprises people, but prefers to be comfortable. Carries a camera everywhere, you never know when blackmail material will present itself! Gets along with most people by being friendly and cheerful. Suspects she was put on this team to get them to talk. Kontan was very quite and Hotaru was [even more] aloof. Does most of the talking to civilians for the same reason.

Genki girl. Thinks she's cool and grown up in the way all 13 year olds seem to. She's about average height and build, pretty or cute rather than beautiful. She's the girl-next-door type. Very social, chatty and tends to make friends easily. She's a good kid for the most part. Speaks very casually except when she meets someone above her, then she speaks properly until she gets a feel for them and promptly switches back. Bit of a tomboy, which is the norm for a Kunoichi one would think. She's one of those people who always walks along the top of the wall or fence beside the road rather than walking on the path, she liked heights and tends to wait for people (read: her sensei) in a tree rather than leaning against it. She also has a habit of wandering and exploring the town which will probably get her in trouble when she's older and puppy-dog eyes no jutsu stops working (she's hoping for big boobs to compensate). She's had a few cat mannerisms from the start, mostly curiosity and a tendency to climb things which is partially why I suggested the cat contract. She should probably take things more seriously than she does sometimes but that'll come as she grows up... maybe.

She's earth elemental and doesn't really like it, it's pretty boring, while it's the easiest to learn to control there's not much you can do with it offensively. She's been working on it and has ok control of it, with effort she can crumble leaves. Her second best is water. She needs to work more on taijutsu, she tends to focus on tricks, traps and use of the environment because she knows her opponent is almost always going to be bigger than her but that's no excuse for neglecting it! She's not too bad at ninjutsu but needs a better repertoire. She likes to use a neat little genjutsu she just calls 'dark'. It basically makes the opponent blind, it's easy to release and obviously a genjutsu but she can make the seals, hold the moulded chakra then apply it with touch a few minutes later in the middle of a taijutsu fight. The long delay is what makes it useful as it doesn't broadcast she's about to use a jutsu. She can make earth walls but she's not fast enough for it to be of any real use against ninja yet. She's quite good at fuinjutsu.
serbii is not good at making up jutsu and needs some more.

Team 4 would have been a spy/infiltration team, Ushio would be the public face of it. While the others scouted and planned she would have done most of the talking. She's more confident with people than Kontan, tends not to piss them off like Hotaru and knows how to get what she wants. She's a pretty good actress when she needs to be.
Hotaru, our ex-team mate
Spoiler: show
Name: Hyuuga Hotaru

Nickname: None

Village: Konoha

Rank: Chuunin

Codename: Not yet

Specializations: Hyuuga clan techniques

Signature Technique: Kaiten, byakugan, Jyuken


Appearance: Typical Hyuuga. Long black hair she keeps tied back in a pony tail. Wears red pants and a white shirt, which in Ushio's opinion, makes her look like a Miko. Slightly taller than Ushio and Kontan. [Her basic character design is based on the Ronin class in Disgaea 2]

External Contacts: None outside Konoha

Clan/Family: The very large and powerful Hyuuga family, and she won't let you forget it. Older sister Hoshi - the object of Hayate and Ichigo Matsuda's affections.

Summons: None

Age: 14, graduated 11, Chuunin just before her 14th birthday

Elemental affinities: Untested. "Hyuuga do not need such things!" (she's water type though)

Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: Byakugan

Rank/ed on the Bingo book: Not in except for cloud, which is after all Hyuuga (though not officially)

Hobbies: Tea ceremony, dancing, trying to start her own garden but it's not turning out too well, watching Nara Kontan's cousin, Shikateru - no one can stalk like a Hyuuga!

Favoured Places: Home, Mitarashi dango shop, the lake (crater) side

Personal dislikes: her plants dying, flash grenades, people [read: Ushio and Kontan] figuring out ways around her family techniques, tomatos

Teammates: Ex team - Nara Kontan and Kotone Ushio. Is not currently assigned to a team.
Preferred comrades: Nara Shikateru
Closest Friends: Other Hyuuga
Ninjutsu (E-S): D
Genjutsu (Ibic): D but most don't work on her
Taijutsu (Ibic): C
Fuinjutsu (Ibic): D
Juinjutsu (Ibic): C but she doesn't plan to develop it
Sougujutsu (Ibic): D
Intelligence (1-10): 7
Flexibility (Ibic): 7
Chakra Capacity: 3
Chakra Control (Ibic): 7
Physical Power (Ibic) :1
Stamina (Ibic): 3

Character notes:
Tsundere, default mode is tsun tsun (cranky). She's a snob on top of that. However she's girlier than Ushio. She's pretty and will probably be beautiful when she's older, she'd look better if she smiled though rather than glaring or sticking her nose in the air. She's a scary twilight fangirl :D and a scary stalker girl. Ushio can do the sweet little girl act to get what she wants, the extent of Hotaru's acting is a great poker face. She can sit there looking as apathetic and snobbish as usual while in her head she's sitting on a throne laughing maniacally (O~hohohohoho!). She's impatient and easily annoyed. She manages to piss off just about everyone she meets, so much so the team banned her from talking to clients... and tower guards... and shop keepers. She's quite nice to her family though. For her to be civil you must be either family, a living legend, within hearing distance of Nara Shikateru.

She focuses far too much on taijutsu. She hasn't done any elemental work but she's a water type. She's almost been killed by Akita Ewuvi three times in freak accidents and in understandably paranoid.

She's much harder to write when she's happy than when she's pissed lol. At least I don't need to worry about jutsus for her. She knows a couple of ninjutsus the whole team know, no genjutsu aside from acadamy.
It's fun to mess with her. One of these days she'll lose her cool.
Ushio & Hotaru:
Spoiler: show
Ushio and Hotaru have a kind of weird relationship. They don't particularly like each other but they've been on the same team for ages. They trust each other and know each other well. They make a good team and fight well together. But Ushio thinks Hotaru is a self absorbed snob and incapable of even basic social niceties (she is) while Hotaru thinks Ushio is a noisy, nosey, gossipy brat who's curiosity will one day get them all killed (she is). They're snarky to each other almost all the time but they don't take the other's comments seriously as she's an idiot. They get along so long as they have a common enemy. When they make a deal both always, always keep up their end of it as they recognise they have different skills and neither want to put in the effort to build up a relationship with another Hyuuga/non-Hyuuga. They don't have favours, they have transactions. Physically Ushio is stronger, has better stamina and more chakra because Hotaru relies too much on jyuken. Hotaru is better at taijutsu and used to win pretty much every spar until Ushio got sneaky and started using flash grenades, tags, long distance attacks and finding ways to wear her out. Hotaru still wins more often than not but she's in more trouble if her opponent doesn't have human chakra pathways to seal.

They speak pretty much as differently as I could make them. Ushio is easier to write. Hotaru is increasingly fun and has grown on me a fair bit, she's managed to develop a bit of a personality despite not having much of one planned out.
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Re: Viridian Dream-Teams Character Templates

Unread postby Jasruv » May 11th, 2009, 12:20 am

Figured I'd throw my hat in the ring:
Edited on July 20th, 2009

Name: Kamisori Hi (Razor Light) Original name was lost

Nickname: see above

Village: Wandering Nin (Actually he carries a writ from the High Priestess of the Land of Demons authorizing him as a Demon Slayer. Most other lands will allow him to operate unimpeded, within reason of course.)

Rank: Considered to be a Special Jonin, due mainly to his relatively poor Taijutsu and Genjutsu skills. As far as his Ninjutsu and sealing skills are concerned, he is considered elite Jonin. (Or Sanin level with regards to demon-related matters.)

Codename: Hi(Light)

Specializations: Ninjutsu-Wind, Lightning, and Hiton or Light based ninjutsu; Use of seals thru Ofuda both paper and wooden; Carries and uses up to three chakram for ranged combat.

Signature Technique: Hiton jutsu, Light-based Jutsu. Combining his lightning and wind affinities.

Catchphrase: Can you really trust what your eye sees?

Appearance: A tall (6ft 2") man with skin that only lightly tans. His brown hair is a wild, appearently untamable mass of curls that end at neck level. His normal travel gear is hidden by the large straw hat and dark brown robe that he habitually wears. He can use his Hiton jutsu to change the colors of his garments and even add simple patterns if needed. His current robe and hat bear a marked resemblance to what the Akatsuki wore years ago, excepting for the color scheme.

External Contacts: Several contacts scattered over the Elemental Countries but many in the land of Demons.

Clan/Family: None living, His village was wiped out in a demon incusion when he was a child.

Summons: Shadow Beasts( Hi defeated a powerful Shadow Demon and in exchange for banishing but not slaying it, he has gained the ability to use seals to call up minor shadow-beasts. The shadow-beasts look like absolute black versions of normal animals with glowing green pools for eyes. He is hesitant to call them forth as they sometimes try to break free of their bindings after accomplishing the task set for them, forcing him to slay them with his Hiton jutsu. Typically only calls on Shadow-Hounds for tracking purposes.)

Age: Mid 20's (Born/Grad academy/Chunin/SpecJoun/Jounin/S-rank/Kage/Missing/ANBU)

Elemental affinities: Wind, Lightning, Hiton(Light)

Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: It is unknown at this time if his Hiton are Kekkai Genkai or if it is possible for someone else with the same affinities to learn them. Hi wasn't trained as a shinobi per se. However, he did learn from some of the shinobi of the Land of Demons and the lands on the far side of that country from the Elemental Countries.

Rivals/Nemesi/Enemy organizations: Most Demons, The followers of Jashin. ( He believes that Jashin cultists are responsible for the death of his village

Rank/ed on the Bingo book: Area around Land of Demons, A-rank; Elemental countries - Not listed yet.

Hobbies: Scrimshaw, reading travelogue books, using combinations of mirrors and colored lenses to make light sculptures using low powered Hiton jutsu

Favored Places: High Cliffs, shady riverbanks, good eating places

Personal dislikes: Slavers, Jashinites, broccoli

Teammates: None at present

Preferred comrades: as above

Closest Friends: as above

Reasons for being in Konoha: Hi was hired by the current High Prestess of the Land of Demons to bring several important documents to the current Hokage. However, Hi only took the mission because he was already following leads that several groups of Jashinites were in the Elemental Countries. Hi doesn't know that any of these Jashinites were the ones responsible for the massacre of his village, but he also doesn't know that the ones responsible aren't here. Either way, Hi plans on eliminating as many of them as he can while pursuing leads on the ones responsible.

Ninjutsu (E-S): A to low S
Genjutsu (Ibic): D (He has several Hiton jutsu which create illusions but they can't be dispelled with Kai release, others may consider him to be B-ranked or higher if they fail to account for this.)
Taijutsu (Ibic): C- ( Uses a mostly defensive style that concentrates on evasion and deflection)
Fuinjutsu (Ibic): B (Can create storage seals, exploding tags, and several custom types of seals for use with his jutsu)
Juinjutsu (Ibic): A (Knows how to create Demon binding seals)
Sougujutsu (Ibic): C (Uses special kunai with small mirrors on the end to bounce some his Hiton jutsu around corners or to hit from unexpected angles.)
Intelligence (1-10) (1 is Konohamaru, 10 is Shikamaru): 7
Flexibility (Ibic) (1 is Chouji, 10 is Hinata): 4
Chakra Capacity (Ibic) (1 is Lee, 10 is Kisame): 6
Chakra Control (Ibic) (1 is Naruto, 10 is Sakura): 8
Physical Power (Ibic) (1 is Pre-timeskip Sakura, 10 is Tsunade): 4
Stamina (Ibic) (1 is... I dunno, Udon, 10 is Naruto): 6

Signature Jutsu:
General Jutsu
Bunshin: Knows the Academy version as well as mud version.
Kawarmi: Hi not only can perform it sealessly, he can also use earth or stone instead of wood logs.
Henge: can perform it but is somewhat rusty as almost all demons are unaffected by it.
Reinforcement: This is a jutsu that allows him to use chakra to bolster the strength of an item. He has to be touching the item to maintain the jutsu. He uses this in conjunction with special seals on his handmade tags and ofuda so that he can throw them. He has also used it to reinforce a rope net in the past so that it could not be cut or broken.

Fuuton or Wind Affinity Jutsu

Hard Air armor (working on translation): This jutsu uses the Wind chakra affinity in a fashion different from what is commonly used in the Elemental Countries. Instead of grinding two pieces together to make a sharp edge, Hi instead causes the air around his body to become still to the point of being as rigid as Steel. This is considered a B-rank defensive jutsu as the chakra control and usage are fairly substantial. One interesting and useful side effect of the jutsu is that Lightning based chakra attacks are grounded out through the armor and fail to affect the user, although this only happens if the user is in contact with the ground when the Lightning jutsu strikes.

Wind Axe: Much like the Kaze no Yaiba used by Suna Nins, the Wind axe jutsu creates an insubstantial blade of utterly sharp wind chakra to cleave a target. This variant has less range than the Kaze no Yaiba but releases many sub blades upon striking the target, dealing even damage over a broader area. This jutsu leaves a fairly distinctive wound pattern, as the initial impact area is much narrower than the exit area.

Gust of Wind Jutsu: This is a simple D-ranked supplementary jutsu that effectively causes a brief gust of wind. The wind produced by this jutsu is generally only strong enough to blowout torches and smaller flames while fanning fires larger than that. The breakthru or Daitoppa jutsu is the next step up from this jutsu. This jutsu is mostly used to disperse smoke, dust, or gas clouds from other jutsus and takes relatively little chakra, especially for someone with a wind affinity.

Phantom Wings jutsu: This jutsu is more along the lines of a chaka control technique like tree-climbing or water-walking. The user uses their chakra to drag at the air as they fall, which both slows them down and generally orients them into a feet-down position unless they wish otherwise. The jutsu gets its name because the trainee is generally told to envision their wind chakra as two large wings extending from their back.

Raiton or Lightning Affinity Jutsu

Electromagnetic Murder: This is a fairly simple use of lightning chakra, the user produces a wave of lightning chakra from their hands. The strength of the jutsu can be a mild shock or a enough to kill, depending on how much chakra the user puts into it. Very short range but works particularly well in water. Hi uses this at low power to stun or kill fish if he is in a hurry.

Piercing Darkness: This jutsu creates a spear-like bolt of lightning that can split into multiple strands to attack many opponents. This jutsu is very chakra demanding but is useful at all ranges. Kakuzu's Lightning mask used a version of this jutsu.

Lightning wall: By using several kunai with specially made seal ofuda wrapped around the handles, Hi can cause a Lightning based chakra jutsu to become trapped in a four point plane. Although he normally provides the lightning jutsu himself, an opponent's lightning jutsu can also become trapped. Once a lightning jutsu is trapped, any attempt to pass through the plane is subject to either damage or disruption.

Hiton or Light based Jutsu:

Piercing Light: This jutsu creates a finger width beam of light that hits a target with the piercing quality of Wind Chakra and burns like Lightning Chakra. The damage that the jutsu deals is directly proportionate to the amount of chakra put in after the initial threshold is reached. Hi has used this jutsu to punch a finger width hole through a 4-foot thick rock wall as well as the Doton user that made it. It considered an A-ranked ninjutsu and possibly a kinjutsu as the user can lose all their chakra and die if they fail to control it properly. A common tactic that Hi uses is to throw several specially made kunai (that have small mirrors at the base) into strategic locations by `missing' the opponent early in the fight and then reflecting the beam from them.

Changed World Jutsu: This is a Hiton jutsu that Hi uses to replace henge. The jutsu works by physically altering the light that passes through its field of effect. The changes are dependent on both the amount of chakra control and imagination possessed by the user. One common effect that he uses is to make himself appear 5 feet away from where he actually is. Although someone with keen observational skills can tell that the jutsu is in use( small errors are noticed, etc...), it is not possible to dismiss the jutsu with the Kai Release technique or other means commonly used to dispel Genjutsu. Thus its classification as a Nin-jutsu. Note that Hi has only mastered the most basic aspects of this jutsu and is still exploring both its capabilities and limits.

Hotaru Jutsu: The Hotaru of 'firefly' jutsu is an e-ranked jutsu that produces a fingertip sized cloud of light that can range in brightness from a candle to a bonfire. Hi can change the color or intensity of the light at will while the jutsu is going. This sometimes betrays his mood, other times he does it to underscore something he says. The changes take several seconds to occur and so this jutsu typically can't be used for a flashbang type effect. However, in very dark conditions, changing from candle to bonfire can still leave observers with hampered vision as their eyes adjust.

Special Equipment
Routinely carries 2 dozen normal kunai, 18 small shuriken, 30 plain senbon, 16 kunai with mirror bases, and armored bracers. Normally has other weapons sealed in storage scrolls or seals inscribed on the bracers.
Also makes his own seals and has a lap desk, ink brushes, blank scrolls, ofuda paper, etc... required for making explosive seals, storage seals, and the like. Has several dozen explosive tags in various ranges of power.
Also has the following custom tags and ofuda, (most developed to target specific demon weaknesses)
6 Ice tags (Inflicts frostbite and can freeze a 9 ft cube of warm water into solid ice)
3 knockout ofuda (these can be thrown and release a large cloud of skin absorbed sleeping gas, developed after he tangled with a demon with mind controlling powers that used otherwise innocent villagers to mob him)
36 exorcism ofuda (Can be thrown, stick to demons and restrict their powers)
8 shock tags
4 flash tags(Hiton tags, equivalent to a 2 million candle power strobe light that lasts for 2 secs)
3 magma tags (these are inscribed on 2 inch octagonal granite tiles, can be thrown like shuriken, and take him almost a full week each to make, as well as access to raw stone, the tags erupt into a couple dozen cubic yards of molten stone.)
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Re: Viridian Dream-Teams Character Templates

Unread postby Wittgen » May 11th, 2009, 6:06 am

Name: Aoshi Namiha
Nickname: The Blue Wave
Village: Leaf
Rank: Special Jounin
Codename: Toolbox
Specializations: Ninja Item Creation (and use), Water Combat, Sword combat
Signature Technique: Water Flicker (Special item enabled technique that lets him swap with a water clone at Hiraishin speed. Use is limited to one specially created clone at a time.), Also chakra enhanced swimming through water or earth.
Catchphrase: “That was supposed to work.” and “Wait, that worked?” in equal measure.
Appearance: Close cut brown but slightly sun bleached hair, blue eyes, and tan. Swimmer’s frame and build. Trained mostly in the water, his clothes are absolutely the opposite of baggy. (I’d say sleek, but that has too many positive connotations. I’d say tight, but that conjures bad images.) He favors blues and grays. In many ways a ninja tool specialist, his backpack, belt, and 3 separate holsters are all very important. It should be noted that he has designed and built all of his clothes and packs himself. (He could technically build all his own tools, but he doesn’t have the resources to forge all of his weapons, and making exploding tags would be way too dangerous, time consuming, and exhausting for him.) He wears his headband at a slightly cocked angle, though he will insist this is to give him an advantage when making clockwise underwater screw turns, and not to look cool. His sword, Sangoshi II hangs at his left hip.
External Contacts: Has some creator colleagues that he keeps in academic correspondence with. In the village, he likes talking with old lady Tenten. Her insights into how the optimal storage seal changes depending on what you are storing helped tremendously in the development of his quick release seals.
Clan/Family: None left that he knows of.
Summons: Dolphins. Smart and viscous as all hell. Their clicking laughter haunts you to the grave. Downside: not so hot when there isn’t any water.
Age: (Born 30 AK/Was apprenticed by Irukaro Kajiya in 37 AK. Kajiya kicked the bucket in 48 AK. Irukaro’s savings dried up in 49 AK, forcing Aoshi to join a village if he wanted to continue to fund his research and training. )
Elemental affinities: Major is earth, minor is water.
Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: None.
Rivals/Nemesis/Enemy organizations: Raised with a hatred of Kisame. Iwa would probably not be happy if they found out he was still alive.
Rank/ed on the Bingo book: B
Hobbies: Tinkering, Fishing, Sailing
Favoured Places: The ocean.
Personal dislikes: Hot weather, Sharks
Teammates: Er, not sure.
Preferred comrades: Again, ???
Closest Friends:
Ninjutsu (E-S): B- (Mostly utility earth and water jutsu.)
Genjutsu (Ibic): C+
Taijutsu (Ibic): A
Fuinjutsu (Ibic): B
Juinjutsu (Ibic): C-
Sougujutsu (Ibic): S
Intelligence (1-10) (1 is Konohamaru, 10 is Shikamaru): 10 if you’re talking about figuring out how to create or design something. 7 if you’re talking general intelligence, or the ability to make battle plans or what have you.
Flexibility (Ibic) (1 is Chouji, 10 is Hinata): 7.
Strength (Ibic) (1 is start of series Sakura, 10 is Tsunade): 6 (Creating ninja items and swimming build up muscle endurance more than raw strength.)
Chakra Capacity (Ibic) (1 is Lee, 10 is Kisame): 5. Kind of a lightweight. However, he is currently putting aside research to focus on upping his chakra capacity in order to possibly learn dolphin senjutsu.
Chakra Control (Ibic) (1 is start of series Naruto, 10 is Tsunade): 8. 10 when creating items due to the time intensive nature and the focusing tools he has available.

Aoshi was orphaned at a young age and survived off of the sea for about a year. When former swordsman of the mist Irukaro Kajiya ran across him and his salvaged ship and hand made fishing implements, the swordsman was impressed. (Irukaro was least as much an engineer/item-creator as he was a swordsman.) One thing led to another (read: I’ll fill in the story as I think of it) and Kajiya ended up taking in Aoshi and fostering his apparent knack for creating useful things.

At 12, Irukaro decided that Aoshi should start learning elemental manipulation, he received the unpleasant surprise of Aoshi being primarily an earth type. Since Irukaro couldn’t really teach that type, and he didn’t want to deal with teenage bullshit either, he sent Aoshi to be an Iwa-nin for a while. The atmosphere didn’t really suit Aoshi at all, but he learned a lot about elemental manipulation and even figured out how to apply Irukaro’s chakra enhanced swimming technique to solid earth.

Aoshi resigned from service to Iwa by faking his death. It was pretty nifty.

A few years later, Irukaro died, which was a bit of a blow to Aoshi. Then money dried up and he couldn’t continue independent research and development, so he decided to join a village and actually have human contact. Dolphins are fun to talk to, but it’s just not the same, you know?

Aoshi has hit a wall in his research and just can’t seem to get his sword to the level his master’s was at. He has become convinced that this is because Irukaro had experience, albeit failed experience, with senjutsu. Thinking that the awareness and tranquil state of mind of using natural chakra could be essential to push his designs to the next level, Aoshi is training his chakra capacity to the level where sage training isn’t suicidal.
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Re: Viridian Dream-Teams Character Templates

Unread postby Flux_Blade » May 11th, 2009, 8:09 am

Name: Matsuda Ichigo
Nickname: Clutch-kun (for his problems with written tests, resulting in him nearly failing the genin test due to his near freak out after starting, and he failed his first chunnin test in Konoha due to the written section, since he failed since his stealth went out the window with the worry)
Village: Konoha
Rank: Genin
Codename: n/a
Specializations: ninjustu, taijustu
Signature Technique: none, still working on making the ration haretsu justu work properly, the justu creates a blast of lightning that explodes into smaller pieces that move away from the center, which he hopes to catch enemies not smart enough to kawarimi away but dodge away from where he aimed the attack.
Catchphrase: none (at the moment)
Appearance: Standing at a towering 5’3”, the fifteen year old boy is stocky built, filling out after finishing puberty. He has brown eyes, and brown hair that stops at the bottom of his ears in the back. Wears a forest green long sleeve shirt, with long black pants. Does have other clothes but rarely wears them. Wears the forehead protector on forehead, it’s protection, not a fashion statement.
External Contacts: Parents and older brother run clothing stores that have branches in Suna and Nami countries as well. Also brother seeing one of the Sarutobi, Ayane. This has lead to the families spending plenty of time hearing about how wonderful Konohamaru was. Which also leads to mentions of the Rokudaime.
Clan/Family: Merchants, run clothing store, parents are both alive, mother, Chou, 35, father, Daichi, 34, older brother, Hayate, 17. Parents wished he chose a different profession, until he graduated. Dad is quite glad about his son protecting the village especially since he has handled himself well. Mother wants him to settle down and hints that she expects grandchildren soon. Ichigo prefers to respond that she already has a golden horse for that. Brother has a strained relationship due to both brothers liking the same girl three years ago. But neither caught the attention of the beautiful, Hyuuga Hoshi, older sister of Hotaru. Hayate blames his brother for the lost chance, Ichigo just leaves when it comes up. He likes Hayate’s girlfriend and really hopes they take care of his mother’s want of grandchildren. Grandparents died 16 years ago while taking supplies to Nami when ambushed by missing-nin. His aunt owns Suna branch, and his cousin, Hiruzen, sends quarterly letters which Ichigo looks forward to.
Summons: None
Age: Born 34 AK graduated 12, still genin, stupid written test
Elemental affinities: Lightning and Earth, hasn’t really worked on Earth though. (Besides head-hunter justu, works well on Neji)
Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: Family is awesome at determining good quality clothes, except for Ichigo, must have overdosed on the lessons. (none)
Rivals/Nemesis/Enemy organizations: Uchiha Fugaku and his other teammate, Lee Neji, (Sorry, wasn’t sure what Lee’s last name is), it was friendly between the three until the other two promoted to chunnin, Fugaku dislikes his teammate for failing and in turn making him look bad, Neji is ambivalent about his former teammate. Though both believe that if they had passed the written section the first time they took the exam, he would have made chunnin then as well. Most candidates weren’t exactly great, supposedly.
Rank/ed on the Bingo book: hopefully later, maybe…
Hobbies: Eating Pocky, playing shamisen, (he’s decent, don’t listen to what he claims), teasing Aburame Shun about her crush on Lee Neji, (since getting the Aburame to show visible emotions is always interesting) (though teasing Neji about having a crush on her usually gets him into a taijustu match he doesn’t want to be in), occasionally watching bugs with friends, (especially since Shun will smile without blushing like she does when Ichigo mentions Neji)
Favoured Places: The top of the Hokage mountain, in the training fields since he can see the sky and not surrounded by buildings, and the Aburame compound, where he is always welcome
Personal dislikes: Ramen, (which after making a comment that he only comes to Ichiraku’s ramen because of the atmosphere and someone taking offense at his insult of the “godly” ramen got him a black mark on record and a two weeks verbal order not to show up there, much to his teammates horror), cats (why did his first, second, fifth, and eighth D-ranked missions had to be catching a cat for the daimyo’s daughter, did she let it go on purpose?), genjustu, (he sucks at it, doesn’t have the imagination for it)
Teammates: Formerly Uchiha Fugaku and Lee Neji, until they promoted and left them in the dust. Been reassigned to Nara Kontan and Kotone Ushio genin cell. Hasn’t met them officially yet.
Preferred comrades: Lee Neji and Aburame Shun, when he’s not trying to tease the two, then definitely not working with Neji, he won’t make it out of the village gate.
Closest Friends: Uchiha Ken, who is his favorite “uncle,” even if he doesn’t see him that often due to Fugaku’s and his not parting teams on good terms, Shun, Neji, Ken, one of his classmates that quit after realizing that the job isn’t that glamorous and started working at a music store, got Ichigo into playing the shamisen (instrument was a birthday gift)
Ninjutsu (E-S): C
Genjutsu (Ibic): E
Taijutsu (Ibic): C
Fuinjutsu (Ibic): D
Juinjutsu (Ibic): E
Sougujutsu (Ibic): D
Intelligence (1-10) (1 is Konohamaru, 10 is Shikamaru): 6
Flexibility (Ibic) (1 is Chouji, 10 is Hinata): 4
Chakra Capacity (Ibic) (1 is Lee, 10 is Kisame): 6
Chakra Control (Ibic) (1 is Naruto, 10 is Sakura): 5
Physical Power (Ibic) (1 is Pre-timeskip Sakura, 10 is Tsunade): 4
Stamina (Ibic) (1 is... I dunno, Udon, 10 is Naruto): 6

I think I made sure it looked good, I'll post in the relation thread later, I should have been sleeping three hours ago.
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Re: Viridian Dream-Teams Character Templates

Unread postby Random_fan » May 12th, 2009, 6:15 am

Name: Kenta Kurokawa
Nickname: Doesn't have one
Village: Konoha
Rank: Genin
Codename: N/A
Specializations: taijutsu and Sougujutsu
Signature Technique: Doesn't have one yet
Catchphrase: "I just hope I don't turn out as crazy as them" (said about jounin, only when their out of earshot)
Appearance: A natural red head, Kenta usually dresses in all black, black cargo pants, black T-shirt, he rarely dresses up and while he changes clothes styles very few people outside his family can tell them apart. He's only 5 foot, but due to his taijutsu training he's gained a fairly decent build.
External Contacts: parents have contacts within a few Suna clans because they helped save a team of Suna nin during a chunin exam, they interfered as payback for the Iwa nin insulting them.
Clan/Family: The Kurokawa clan haven't been around for long, it was only a couple of generations ago they had enough ninja to be a clan, as such most people outside Konoha don;t know much about the clan. They specialise in lightning jutsu and most of the family have a knack for genjutsu, though Kenta rarely has the drive to create something really big. The clan has no real specialisation, and as such isn't a big name in the village, some are medic nins, some are academy instructors and some are just regular jounin. Kenta has a younger brother named Nakashima who is still in the academy, his view on him varies on liking him so much he'll give him extra training to just ignoring him, it depends on how his brother is acting.
Summons: Recently acquired a raven contract.
Age: 13 (Grad 12)
Elemental affinities: Lightning, primary, Fire, secondary
Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: The Kurokawa specialise in lightning jutsu though most require a minimum chakra capactity of chunin so he hasn't learned many. The clan also has a lot of ninja who can perform good genjutsu and he's currently receiving lessons.
Rivals/Nemesis/Enemy organizations: None, though he hopes for some one day
Rank/ed on the Bingo book: He isn't yet
Hobbies: Practising Taijutsu, and his weapon throwing. When not training he can often be found reading anything good. He also quite likes making sarcastic comments and he claims it's a hobby, then again he'd also list procastination so I don't know what that tells you.
Personal dislikes: Depends on the day, though cats are almost always high on the list due to an unfortunate incident on a D-rank mission. Other possibilities include, the Nara's, usually for making him wait, anyone who keeps going on about the 'power of youth' and his younger brother.
Teammates: ???
Preferred comrades: ???
Closest Friends: Occasionally his younger brother
Ninjutsu (E-S): D
Genjutsu (Ibic): D
Taijutsu (Ibic): C
Fuinjutsu (Ibic): E
Juinjutsu (Ibic): E
Sougujutsu (Ibic): C
Intelligence (1-10) (1 is Konohamaru, 10 is Shikamaru): 7
Flexibility (Ibic) (1 is Chouji, 10 is Hinata): 5
Chakra Capacity (Ibic) (1 is Lee, 10 is Kisame): 4
Chakra Control (Ibic) (1 is Naruto, 10 is Sakura): 6
Physical Power (Ibic) (1 is Pre-timeskip Sakura, 10 is Tsunade): 5
Stamina (Ibic) (1 is... I dunno, Udon, 10 is Naruto): 5
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Re: Viridian Dream-Teams Character Templates

Unread postby SquirrelyRequiem » May 13th, 2009, 5:53 pm

If you're still accepting applicants I think I'll toss my hat in then.
Spoiler: show
Name: Amee
Nickname: Mii
Village: Formerly of the Land of Water, never became an official ninja
Rank: No official rank
Codename: The Hat
Specializations: Tinkering, Fuinjutsu, Landscaping, and Adaptation

Signature Techniques:

*Doton: Inshi no Tsuchi* (Earth Release: A Stamp of Earth)
General ranking: A
Threat ranking: C
Chakra requirement: Variable
Chakra control: S
Description- Using her chakra, a portion of the ground beneath her palm is elevated and shaped formed into the characters for a seal of her choice. The technique's chakra requirements are proportional to the size and density of the seal, and of course only the seal is formed. Chakra for activation of the seal is still required. Another requirement of this jutsu is a high level of chakra control due to the precise nature of fuinjutsu.

*Fuuton: Chousokaze* (Wind Release: Carving Wind)
General ranking: S*
Threat ranking: A
Chakra requirement: Variable
Chakra control: S
Description- Amee uses wind natured chakra to carve a seal into a medium beneath her palm. The chakra required is proportional to the surface area of the seal and the medium being used. Chakra control of the highest magnitude is a requirement due to the precise nature of fuinjutsu. It should also be cautioned that, while this jutsu is primarily used for carving seals, it is not limited in this aspect and simply be used to carve in general.
* Due to the nature of this jutsu and the variability of the seal's medium, it is suspected that the use of flesh as a medium is possible, and perhaps the more dangerous for it. The jutsu's user reports that this has yet to occur.

*Nibai Shussho: Fo-ji no Tenpen* (Double Release: Forge of Calamity)
General ranking: A
Threat ranking: B
Chakra requirement: E - B
Chakra Control - A
Description: While this technique does indeed use two elements, it's not a true bloodline technique as the elements remain divided and pure. In this sense, it qualifies more as two, simultaneously cast, jutsu as opposed to one. The Fo-ji no Tenpen works in two stages. For the first stage, Amee sends her chakra into the ground beneath and increases the density of the earth. Depending on the level of control and the amount of chakra, granite level density and hardness can be reached. For the second stage Amee uses Wind natured chakra to cut through the collected Earth to form a weapon of, theoretically, any design. The technique requires intense focus the longer it's used and increasing levels of chakra, both control and amount, depending on the size and complexity of the weapon respectively. Due to this, it has few immediate combat applications. The strength and weight of the item formed can also pose a problem as Amee does not possess great upper body strength.

Catchphrase: "Checkmate!" "Stand still for SCIENCE!"

Appearance: standing at ~5'7" Amee wears her signature rainbow striped top-hat and a large, all encompassing coat with a strange genjutsu shrouding even her face from view, despite being clasped only at the top and open at the bottom. As she is a relative unknown of the Elemental Nations, no one has seen her face or actual body since she has appeared as "The Hat."

External Contacts: Has been known to frequently visit the lands of Tea and Honey.
Clan/Family: None known
Summons: Squirrel Summons: "Little bastard kleptos stole my watch, AGAIN!"
Age: 21, born 45 AK

Elemental affinities: Earth and Wind.

Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: None

Rivals/Nemesi/Enemy organizations: Kirigakure. Not discounting her apparent dislike of their bloodline purge, it is believed that her coat was once an artifact belonging to the Shodai Mizukage. The current Mizukage was most displeased when his own coat (that he mistook for the now stolen one) exploded, taking his hand with it. After terrorizing the village a little more, The Hat (or That -bastard- as the ninja of Mist have started calling her) departed for more pleasant company and has yet to be seen again.

Rank/ed on the Bingo book: B (S in the Kirigakure books)

Hobbies: Tinkering, Fuinjutsu, Reading, and attempting to break physical laws.
Favoured Places: Libraries, the water, and the sides of trees (literally).
Personal dislikes: Idiots, veggies, vinegar, and the heat.

Teammates: None?
Preferred comrades: ...again?
Closest Friends: none at the moment.

Ninjutsu (E-S): A
Genjutsu (Ibic): E
Taijutsu (Ibic): B
Fuinjutsu (Ibic): S
Juinjutsu (Ibic): C
Sougujutsu (Ibic): B

Intelligence (1-10) (1 is Konohamaru, 10 is Shikamaru): 8, 1o when it comes to seals.
Flexibility (Ibic) (1 is Chouji, 10 is Hinata): 6, mildly so.
Chakra Capacity (Ibic) (1 is Lee, 10 is Kisame): 7
Chakra Control (Ibic) (1 is Naruto, 10 is Sakura): 1o
Physical Power (Ibic) (1 is Pre-timeskip Sakura, 10 is Tsunade): 4
Stamina (Ibic) (1 is... I dunno, Udon, 10 is Naruto): 6
It seems lacking somehow. Might I request some assistance?

Edit 13.o5.o9 @ 1o:14 PM : There! Exposition abound! I apologize for any butchering that the Japanese language may have incurred in my naming of techniques. I'd love some feedback on this, especially the jutsu.
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Re: Konoha Nin and Allied Personnel

Unread postby Kitsune_Akatsuki » May 20th, 2009, 8:58 pm

Name: Miyako Kitsune (Japanese format now)
Nickname: "Little Fox", Sayuri (to her chagrin)
Village: Leaf
Rank: Chunin
Codename: Yukiko
Specializations: Mostly anything involing Stealth and infiltration
Signature Technique: (I'll come back to this, my brains not working...)
Catchphrase: "If someone said I have multiple personalities, and you take in consideration my job, should I be offended?"/ To anyone that says curiosity killed the cat- "Yeah but satisfaction brought it back!"/ "No pun intended!"
Appearance: Height:5'2'' Shoulder blade/ lower back length white hair(depends when last cut of course), eyes change color depending on mood as well as other factors Hiate-ai-black cloth around neck, black pants that cover most of the straps on the standard issue sandals, black long sleeved shirt, about two sizes too large, trench coat with many many many pocket on the inside, said pockets crammed with 'random' items, multiple weapon holsters holding on said too large trench coat.
External Contacts: Distant relations in Suna, Kiri, and Kumo, someone she refers to as "The jerk who dragged me across the continent five or six times and nearly trained me to death", and an unknown female she simply refers to as "Sadist-sensei"
Clan/Family: Three older half-brothers, one a medic, one ANBU, oldest brother class S missing nin, mother deceased, all fathers and most other relations unknown
Summons: Fox ("I need you to sign this." "Why?" "It states I'm not responsible for any mischief and/or damage my summons cause.")
Age: current: 14 born 52 years after KA Genin-11 Chunin-13
Elemental affinities: primary-lightning Secondary-Wind
Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: High stamina, Possibly a bloodline allowing Kitsune to create personalities for missions then delete the personalities while retaining the information (...Help me with a name please?)
Rivals/Nemesi/Enemy organizations: Uchia with a few exceptions, Some of the Main branch Hyuuga
Rank/ed on the Bingo book: D-C depending on the village. For the simple reason she's never been caught. Or at least not outside the village
Hobbies: Coming up with Genjutsu, studying genjutsu, annoying older brother that’s in the ANBU for training, watching Medic nin brother at his job, listening to music, writing non-traditional poetry, watching bar fights, trying to create new jutsu or perfecting old ones, Pranking anyone she can, Studying the 'Lost tech' era (read: Listening to the music, reading books trying to figure out of the stuff works. Hey, some of it had to survive. Heck, Trains survived,)
Favoured Places: Ichiraku, any garden, any ruin , library, watching people blow stuff up
Personal dislikes: Uchia, with a few exceptions, arranged marriages, traitors, movies with a few exceptions, over confident people
Preferred comrades:???
Closest Friends:???
Ninjutsu (E-S): Mid-C to Mid-B
Genjutsu (Ibic): Mid-A to mid-S
Taijutsu (Ibic): Low-C to High-C (no pun)
Fuinjutsu (Ibic): Low D (Very sloppy handwriting)
Juinjutsu (Ibic): Unranked (you wouldn't want to ask her to fix a seal for you!)
Sougujutsu (Ibic): 6
Intelligence (1-10): 7.5 Smart, usually logical but, age and all....
Flexibility (Ibic) : 5 Not flexible
Chakra Capacity (Ibic): 7 (although its mostly from near constant henge and genjutsu while in field)
Chakra Control (Ibic): 10
Physical Power (Ibic): 6
Stamina (Ibic): 10 (comes in handy for running)

Spoiler: show
Usually Kitsune will follow the orders of her commander but will argue if she believes she is being placed in a position someone elese would be better suited for.
She gets along best with the youngest of her older brothers who works as a medic, although she was closest to the eldest before his betrayal.
Does not have any visions of bringing him back or killing him, although he killed around a dozen or more Kohona shinobi while fleeing. Ignores topic unless directly brought up, and even then provides information in monotone.
Loyal to any who gives her acceptance due to her 'unusual' childhood, which involved being kidnaped by one of her Kumo relatives at the age of five and being trained by him for two years, then being kidnaped from the Kumo relative by a distant cousin from Kiri and being trained by her for 2.5 years before being Once again kidnaped by her Suna relative and spending half a year with them before being returned to Konoha
It is uncertain if these conditions caused her fondness for stealth or if it is the cause of the trench coat.
Loves watching a good fight, especially if it has explosions.
She has developed paranoia, a slight dislike of cards due to bad luck.
Reguires very little sleep, but also has developed a fondness of the moon and stars from spending hours staring at them.
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Re: Konoha Nin and Allied Personnel

Unread postby Fulcon » May 23rd, 2009, 10:18 pm

Alright, since it was my thread that inspired this, I am going to sign up! Fear me, mortals! And Tremble!

Name: Actual name is unknown, but I prefer my nickname.

Nickname: Fulcon

Village: Currently Konoha

Rank: Jounin.

Codename: Fulcon

Specilization: Chakra control and manipulation: Both mine and the opponents.

Signature Technique: Multiple, actually.

#1: Chakra skates: I focus chakra into my feet to manipulate friction, giving me a skating effect. Useful for maneuvering in and out of battle.

#2: Chakra Feed-Back: I force my chakra into the opponents chakra coils, to make them rupture. Death by Chakra Bleeding. Fun.

#3: Chakra Vampirism: The opposite of feedback: I drain the opponents chakra into myself to give myself that extra in battle. Espescially against big guys with lots of it.

#4: Chakra Strings: I use chakra strings to a variety of ends: Manipulate opponents into attacking each-other, dropping them off cliffs, move their own weapons to disarm/slash kill, tractor beam the television remote to my hand...

Catchphrase: Again. (said when something happens again, wether it happened around him or not. Usually referring to an ongoing theme.)

Appearance: He wears a large light-grey set of robes that covers his entire body except for his hands and feet with a hood over his head. No one has seen his face because of the black helmet he wears over his face. On his feet he wears a set of black boots.

External Contacts: A couple of shop owners in every villiage lets me know about the local going on's in the villiage. Because if anything is happening weird in a villiage, it usually leads to something really big.

Clan/Family: I don't really have any...it's almost like I just 'appeared' out of nowhere.

Summons: I don't trust any animal enough to want to call on them. No summons.

Age: Unknown, as is where he got his training.

Elemental Affinities: Fire, secondary water.

Clan Abilities/Kenkei Genkai: None.

Rivals/Nemesi/Enemy Organizations: The Hyuuga Clan.

A while ago, when I started using my jutsu, I learned about the Hyuuga clan and how they can see chakra and chakra points, so I figured I could...*ahem* aquire the Byakugan. So I came to Konoha inconspicuously, and I have a plan. After working out the kinks for a month, I just need a few things: A willing and trustworthy Medic Nin, a ton of sedative and an excuse for my guest to be missing for a few days. Fun.

Rank/ed on the Bingo Book: B

Hobbies: Reading and writing Fantasy books (no, not THAT kind of fantasy, Kakashi).

Personal Dislikes: Perverts, Jerks and Morons.

Teammates: None.

Preferred Comrades: My fellow Godmodders.

Closest Friends: A couple of Resteraunt Owners down in the Wave Country.

Ninjutsu: B

Genjutsu: C

Taijutsu: A

Fuinjutsu: C

Juinjutsu: E

Sougujutsu: D

Intelligence: 8

Flexibility: 7

Chakra Capasity: 9

Chakra Control: 10

Physical Power: 6

Stamina: 7

How is this? Any good? Recommendations for balance?
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Re: Konoha Nin and Allied Personnel

Unread postby Thozmp » June 10th, 2009, 1:12 pm

Let me know what you think and if I need to fix anything.

Name: Kiren
Nickname: Kiren the Coward
Village: Unaffiliated
Rank: Officially: none; Unofficially: Mid-Chuunin to Low Special Jonin
Codename: N/A
Specializations: Sealing, Chakra Manipulation, Running away
Catchphrase: "I challenge you to a children's card game! No? well in that case--*Poof*" "RUN AWAY!"
Appearance: A bit short at 5'6" he has Bright shoulder length red hair which is constantly in an unkempt mess, and bright yellow eyes. Wears a dark blue flack jacket and cargo pants with an obscene amount of pockets everywhere; also wears a pair of welder's goggles above his brow.
External Contacts: The Yokonori clan, a wandering clan; several merchants throughout the elemental contries, and an old man in Tea country he calls Shin
Summons: Skunks
Age: 20(?)
Elemental affinities: Fire
Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: None known
Rivals/Nemesi/Enemy organizations:Inuzuka clan
Rank/ed on the Bingo book: B for his knowledge, often considered an E-ranked non-threat
Hobbies:T/CCG's, learning ancient/dead languages, exploring ruins, writing (He's working on getting published.)
Favoured Places: None really, he prefers travelling to staying in any one place for long.
Personal dislikes: crabs, he doesn't know why...
Preferred comrades:none
Closest Friends:
Ninjutsu: A (He only has a few, but they are doozies)
Genjutsu: E
Taijutsu: C
Fuinjutsu: A
Juinjutsu: B
Sougujutsu: D (He really only uses various tags and scrolls)
Intelligence: 8
Flexibility: 5
Chakra Capacity: 8
Chakra Control: 10
Physical Power: 3
Stamina: 10

Signature Technique(s)(I don't know Japanese so I'm not going to and translate these):
Blink step: A short range(5-10m) teleportation jutsu he can use seallessly at a moments notice.

Burning Scratch: A technique baced on fire elemental chakra manipulation; following an arc drawn by his hand, a blade of fire chakra slices through anything within 1/3 meter from his hand; the result is a slight trail of fire following his hand making it seem as if he is "scratching" the air and anything it hits with fire.

Psychic Lance: Similar to the Hyuuga Jyuken, as well as Tsunade's super strength technique, this technique uses a burst of chakra eminating from the hands, the difference is that this technique uses the thrusting motion from the arms to make the chakra violently erupt, effectivly blowing a hole in anything within 1/2 meter in front of his hand.

Force Bullet: Basically a ball of chakra launched from the hand in the general direction of the enemy, consumes surprisingly little chakra to use, but the technique itself is wildly inaccurate and does little damage is only a single shot is used. Typically spammed like crazy if used. Limited range: Up to 5m for any kind of accuracy.

Mostly uses seals if ever in a fight: a vareity of exploding and shock tags, as well as his own creations of Drench(Water) and Concussive(Wind) tags. Hasn't worked out what an earth tag will do. In addition to seal tags he also uses scrolls forlarge area effect purposes, the only differance being his wind scroll cuts up everything within 10 meters of it, as well as an earth scroll which slowly(takes up to 10 minutes for a person) petrifies whatever it hits.

Bio: Kiren is an odd person, he doesn't have a village that he considers home, as he's wandered around for as long as he can remember and in fact named himself. He doesn't even know his own age, just a guess of "about twenty-ish." Despite this he's never had an interest in his own history and in fact doesn't care in the slightest. He prefers to delve into his interests of ancient history and sealing (as it helps him explore ancient ruins). For reasons unknown he also is an officiando of Collectable/Trading card games, playing against opponents whenever he has the chance.

Despite his occupation as a "Ninja" Kiren is rather non-conflictory and his more prone to running then fighting, thus his nickname. Often he will spout off his catchphrase and replace himself with a log or rock covered in an obscene amount of exploding tags, sometimes placed in the shape of a smily face. However when given a situation from which he cannot escape from (A hard thing to do as it seems to be his specialty, especially considering his summons) he is a surprisingly effective combatant, making use of his personal techniques as well as the stupidly huge number of scrolls and tags he seems to keep on his person at all times. Though the Bingo book gives him a threat rating of E, when actually pressed to fight, he is effectivly a mid-to-high A class opponent.
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Re: Konoha Nin and Allied Personnel

Unread postby ewuvi » June 11th, 2009, 7:38 am

Akita is going to be batshit instead of evil. Profile edited to reflect this.
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Re: Konoha Nin and Allied Personnel

Unread postby Greybane » June 12th, 2009, 4:25 am

I'm going to put my character out in spoiler tags. Please read both his dossier, and the back history.

If anyone thinks my character is unbalanced, please reply.

Serbii's Kotone Ushio and mine graduated in the same academy class.
Spoiler: show
Name (in traditional style): Hibikietsu Kazuki

Nickname: None

Age: 14 (Born 13 December 36 AR) (AKA 119 Years after Konohagakure was founded).

Village: Konoha

Rank: Genin

Codename: None

Specialization: Fuinjutsu/Juinjutsu. Subspecialty of Medical jutsu.

Signature Techniques: None of great prominence. Under pressure spams explosive tags, in regular combat uses a "flamethrower" scroll. Has several ideas (and a couple of hidden prototype sketches) for custom seal work, but needs higher level access and/or an instructor. His genjutsu is mainly very subtle misdirection, or low level invisibility on small objects. His ninjutsu knowledge is limited to four techniques, one earth (the headhunter), a basic fireball (Sauske's classic Katon), a small "make a breeze" D-level fuuton, and Suiton: Condensation from Viridians work. This is all in addition to only the basic ones taught in the academy. None of his ninjutsu are used with startling proficiency.

Edit: This did not include med-jutsu he knows. While there are only a few med-jutsu he has regularly practiced with (Temporary healing of flesh/muscle, healing of bones (needs multiple applications), several diagnostic jutsu, and a few others, he knows the theory of many more due to his father and recent work at the hospital.

Catchphrase: None

Appearance: Only slightly taller than average for his age (is 161cm). Has light brown hair very much in the style of Light Yagami, but under less control. Has green eyes the same shade as Sakura, but no known relation. Wears a dark green shirt, with a black jacket with several pockets all over. His dark tan/beige pants are full of pockets as well. Some of his pockets (all over) are hidden. Has an astonishing amount of scrolls on him and at least one in had at almost any time, whether he is writing or reading. Two larger scrolls are carried on his back, held in place with a strap (similar to those worn by Boy Scouts Order of the Arrow sash thingie). (Kankurou-in-Shippuden-esque, but proportionally slightly smaller).

Contacts: Several shopkeepers in Konoha regularly buy storage scrolls and explosive tags from him at lower than average prices, so he can call in a few favors. He is currently doing some limited low-level med techniques at the hospital, usually under the supervision of one of his father’s friends, so he has slightly expanded access in the hospital. He has several people that he has helped outside of Konoha for future favors, but nothing exceptional, and everything is chaotically spread out. (Just random people, like an inn-keeper for speeding along his sons broken leg, giving some advice on healing herbs to a townswomen, yadda yadda). Listens to the gossip network very occasionally.

Family: Only child, whose grandparents and only aunt have all died. His father had his leg blown off, (see bio below) but currently works at Konoha hospital, often in long term procedures in those "seal rooms." He had reached Chunnin. His mother is a civilian Kindergarten teacher, or equivalent.

Summons: Posses' no contract, but one of his greatest desires is to sign a powerful contract at some point in the future. If he can examine one, even if he can't sign it, he will take the opportunity.

Affinity: Knows it is fire, but has not trained manipulation in the slightest.

Clan techniques/Kekkai Genkai: None, however his father does teach him a few tips and tricks on this and that relating to medical practices and life as a nin.

Rivals/Enemies: Holds a grudge against Suna, and any nin who he believes is not dedicated wholly to being a ninja. Do to his cold and solitary nature most of his classmates dislike him.

Bingo Book: In none.

Hobbies: Spends a lot of free time in the library, and has extensive research on the Yondaime and Godaime. When having a bit of free time he sits down and makes explosive notes, occasionally throwing in a storage scroll for variety. He has read up to the limit allowed by his station on fuinjutsu and juinjutsu. He only decompresses fully around his mother, and in personal daydreams of his.

Favored Places: The library, and a quiet restaurant. His most recent haunt has closed down, so he is trying a few out of the way places to find another. Outside he prefers elevated positions where others won't bother him by talking to him.

Dislikes: Extraordinary loudness and orange. His words on describing the Rokudaime were “His personal strength and moral fiber are beyond reproach. His personal taste does not mesh well with my aesthetic sense.” He does not enjoy wasabi, and would rather have any moon but a quarter one.

Likes: Mint. He also enjoys relaxing after a workout. He takes a slight unholy pleasure in startling people into speechlessness.

Teammate: His first Jounin-sensei highly disapproved of his attitude, and him. The team has just been disbanded under recommendation of the most recent Jounin-sensei. One is semi-friendly, but this is a more recent development. The other harbors some resentment due to the incident described in Kazuki's bio.

Preferred company: Himself, or someone he will only have to deal with briefly. He can be polite, but is currently too frigid to really have close comrades outside of his family.

Works best with: A nin who is talented in taijutsu and sougujutsu. Additionally, someone with people skills is useful for any sort of mission requiring a charismatic approach. He is polite to those superior to him, but it is out of culture and very rarely real respect.

Ninjutsu: D (excluding Medical Jutsu)
Genjutsu: C
Taijutsu: D
Med-jutsu: High C
Fuinjutsu: B
Juinjutsu: C
Sougujutsu: D

Intelligence: 8
Flexibility: 3
Chakra Control: 8
Chakra Capacity: 6
Physical Strength: 4
Stamina: 4
General Charisma: 2
Spoiler: show
Just after starting the academy at age 6 (as typical) His father had a leg blown off in battle by a Suna nin when an op went to shit. It was an accident, but it had several affects. The family was in need of income for a while, until his father got back up to certain proficiency with med jutsu to help out a lot at the hospital. Kazuki believes planning and foresight would have prevented this, and harbors a grudge against Suna, even though he knows it is irrational. He has picked up quite a bit of general med jutsu knowledge from his father, as well as his first bit of seal knowledge. However, he has not actually learned all of the med jutsu, even if he has sucked his father dry on seals. He is close to both his parents and his mom worries quite a bit about his lack of friends.

He knows he could have graduated a year earlier from the academy, but wanted to continue on the average path. He consistently hides things from his teammates (nothing major, just the contents of some of his storage scrolls or keeping secret a couple of kunai hidden). Additionally, he can be overcautious, and refused to participate in the Chuunin exams 8 months after making genin, holding his other teammates back. They understood, and one of them actually bonded slightly with him because of it. However his sensei disapproved of his decision and their relationship cooled.

Right before the next Exam they would be nominated for, a C-rank went wrong. Their instructor was severely injured, going to die. The opponent (village unknown) turned to the Genin. In desperation, Kazuki begins spamming explosive tags, and his scroll of shurikens, kunai, and giant shuriken. As he has his own personal storage scroll of this stuff, and make explosive tags when bored, (or wanting to add to his personal bank account) he had quite a bit of lethality to throw out. Eventually the opponent is injured enough for the soon to be dead sensei to grab him by surprise, and call to Kazuki to kill them so he can’t escape. Kazuki waits for his teammates to get clear before throwing a kunai with 10 blast notes attached.

They are not nominated for that Chunnin exam, and ANBU has taken occasional glimpses at Kazuki. He does keep secrets, and seems dissatisfied with life…All he does is study and train various ways. He doesn't deal well with people over an extended period of time, and desperately seeks to be in control as much as possible. Kazuki is frustrated; he desperately wants to become a Chunnin now that he is confident of his ability to do so. He has reached the limit of what he is allowed to see at Genin level in regards to Fuinjutsu and Juinjutsu, and his most recent sensei was not inclined to advance him there. Currently he works at improving his chakra capacity, med-jutsu repertoire and Genjutsu. He currently has a fuinjutsu idea originally based off of Tsunade’s secret genesis technique, and solider pills.

His team has just been disbanded on recommendation of the temporary fill in sensei, due to the slowly degenerating dynamics, and the possibility of better placement. Kazuki is quite happy about this, the substitute sensei and he did not mix (Kazuki considered him saccharine) nor did he and one of the teammates.
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Re: Konoha Nin and Allied Personnel

Unread postby Kitsune_Akatsuki » August 5th, 2009, 11:45 pm

Note: Kitsune is a Lost Tech era fan. Profile updated to show.
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Re: Konoha Nin and Allied Personnel

Unread postby spudman » September 16th, 2009, 4:32 am

Character dossier and limited bio in spoiler tags.
Spoiler: show
Name (surname first): Nishiyori (from the west) Fukakouryoku (act of god)

Nickname: the guy that can completely *$%#ing destroy your life, Nishi

Village: Konoha

Rank: Jounin (ANBU captain rank, no squad)

Current Job: Jounin-sensei, ANBU Intel

ANBU mask: Otter (when he's obviously working as an ANBU, in full gear)

General Specializations: Spycraft, Taijutsu, Bukijutsu

Specialization Certificates:

•Administration, Advanced
•Demolitions, Intermediate
•Engineering, Intermediate
•Stealth & Infiltration, Advanced
•Tactics, Advanced
•Infiltration & Cover, Advanced
•Strategy, Intermediate
•Seduction, Basic
•Logistics, Intermediate
•Medic Ninja, Basic
•Ninja-Villages, Advanced
•Specialist, Fuinjutsu and Sealing, Intermediate
•Specialist, Ninjutsu, Intermediate
•Specialist, Genjutsu, Intermediate
•Specialist, Sogoujutsu, Intermediate
•Specialist, Taijutsu, Intermediate
•Specialist, Bukijutsu, Intermediate
•Tracking, Classified
•Tokushu Sakusen Butai, Classified
•TSB Operations, Classifed
•Spycraft, Classified

Signature techniques: Nishiyori’s often makes use of the “life *$#%” no jutsu. Not an actual jutsu it’s more about being a magnificent *#$tard, and manipulating and outmaneuvering your targets so that they end up dead, in prison, etc., often by their own actions. He will also make use of homemade explosives, poisoning his enemies in some way, etc. Variety is the spice of life, including when killing people. So if it comes to a direct application of violence Nishiyori has more than one method he might use depending on the opponent and situation.

When it comes to hitting he’ll use various taijutsu styles to render people unconscious or dead. The same goes for blades and other weapons. If it's normally considered a weapon he probably has a rating for it, and if it isn't he can find a way to use it and/or hurt someone with it anyway. Whatever’s convenient and gets the job done is his policy. Nishiyori is considered especially deadly in taijutsu and weapons because he is a master of multiple forms and likes to switch things up, disabling or killing his opponent in a manner that is brutally efficient even for ANBU.

Nishiyori is familiar with key points in the chakra circulatory system and will sometimes add bursts of chakra to his strikes. He became adept in this during his teaching of Namikaze Tsukiko. Of course without the refined training of jyuken or the byakugan Nishiyori’s application of chakra this way is severely limited. Besides, he’s of the mind if you can get that close to someone there are plenty of simpler ways to end them than an exact strike with exact chakra. But it does give him an extra edge against opponents, especially those wearing armor. Haha, silly samurai.

Senri doku tama (long distance, poison, shot/bullet/shell) - Encasing a poison inside a globule of chakra-made water (that will not be stopped by ordinary rain, etc.) and launching it with a burst of wind chakra from a far distance to the target. Upon skin contact the poison will seep into the pores and…death. The drawback is the precision takes a good deal of concentration. This technique is very useful for long range stealth kills.

Seirei Senpuku (spirit concealment) - Sensor-type ninja are a pain in the arse when trying to pretend you're a civilian. Lucky for Nishiyori he has developed the talent to shift the chakra presence that most shinobi (including sensor types) can sense. He can make his signature like a samurai's, civilians, or even an animal's.

Sticky Clone-a variation of the water clone. Often used to restrain a target. It will attack and upon contact return to liquid form as it douses the target and traps them as it quickly hardens.


“Don't call me taichou.”
“Why are you still here? Shoo.”
"I understand that you have a problem?"

Appearance: 6'1". Closely cropped black hair and blue eyes. Facial features could be described as a little angular; good-looking, but some edge that indicates a rough lifestyle. A sharp dresser when not in ANBU uniform (on or off-duty) and frequently seen wearing shades. Hair, eye color (lenses), dress, etc. will vary depending on his cover. A change of shirt and a good accent is more likely to work than any henge or genjutsu.

External contacts: He’s a spymaster, he has contacts in both the legitimate and shadow world. Bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, money launderers, yakuza, you name it. If he doesn’t know them, he knows someone who does.

Clan/Family: parents: dead for all he cares
Little Brother: Hiraku (born: 37 AK , deceased: 50 AK)

Summons: rats

Age: 39. Born: 27 AK. Graduated acadamy: 39 AK. Chuunin: 41 AK. Jounin: 45 AK. ANBU: 46 AK. ANBU Captain: 50 AK.

Elemental affinities: Water and wind

Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: none

Rivals/Nemesi/Enemy Organizations: considers rivalry to be stupid, but he despises people or groups that hurt kids. He took particular pleasure in dealing with a group of child slavers.

Rank/ed on the Bingo book: S

Hobbies: exercise, tinkering, trying and learning new things, writing in his journal.

Favoured places: depends on the situation. Off duty spends time in his loft working on hobbies, a cafe, or places with lots of people such as markets or parks.

Personal dislikes: working with idiots, kids being neglected or hurt.

Personal likes: Namikaze Tsukiko, a job well done, (American) parfait (comon, you knew there was gonna be yogurt somewhere), coffee.
Respects: Jiraiya-sama, Ibiki-taichou, the Hokages (duh) but the Sixth in particular. Jyūryō Omoi, rival (at least Omoi sees it that way).

Teammates: (former) Team 9: Nishiyori (sensei), Namikaze Tsukiko, Morino Kashou, Sugiura Ayumu, but usually operates solo or picks a squad as needed

Preferred comrades: in the office: Morino Ibiki-the man gets things done.
In the field: worked with Ando Shiki once, it was tolerable. Jyūryō Omoi. When the opportunity arises it’s nice to work with his former students.

Closest friends: Ibiki is his superior and mentor. His former students.

Ninjutsu: A
Genjutsu: A
Taijutsu: S
Fuinjutsu: A
Juinjutsu: A
Sogoujutsu: A

Intelligence: 10
Flexibility: 10
Chakra Capacity: 8
Chakra Control: 8
Physical Power: 9
Stamina: 9
Spoiler: show
Bio: Nishiyori did not have a fun time growing up. His parents were alcoholics and his father beat him. His little brother, Hiraku, was more fortunate and was not mistreated. When Fukakouryoku became a ninja he moved out of his parents' house and took his brother with him just to be sure nothing would happen to him. Nishiyori was twelve and his brother was two at the time. Things weren’t easy but they managed.

Hiraku ultimately followed his brother into the ninja program, but died on a mission months after becoming a genin. Nishiyori's screwy leader Namikaze-sama and mentor Morino Ibiki saw the emotional wreck their newest ANBU captain was in and helped pull him out of it. The scars of not protecting his brother are still there, though.

He's told few people this, but his brother’s dream was to explore the world and learn everything about it. The youth loved new experiences yes, but he also said it was once you understand the world, you can solve its problems. This is the main inspiration for Nishiyori's preference as a traveling spymaster (that and the methods do work for him) and documenting things in his journal. Nishiyori isn't sure whether this will help solve the world’s problems in and of itself, but he is "solving problems" his own way while he's at it.

At one point the Rokudaime apparently thought Nishiyori was long overdue for a “break” from ANBU and that it was a good idea to let him shape young ninja of the future. Nishiyori thought that was a bad idea on both counts but he followed orders. So from 56 AK until 58 AK he worked those three unfortunate children to the ground. They’ve all become fine ninja though, and who can argue with results? His cute little genin respected him while he was their teacher and they still do. But for Namikaze Tsukiko, Uzumaki Naruto's second youngest child, it went from respect to a crush even back then and over time developed to deeper feelings.

Recently, Tsukiko confessed her feelings to her former sensei. For Nishiyori, Tsukiko had become his most trusted comrade and closest friend. He decided to take a chance, accepting her feelings and beginning a relationship with her.

* Naruto is just the type to help someone out if he sees that they need it, especially a subordinate, one of his people. Even though Naruto was just being his Naruto-self and it was nothing unusual for him, it was a huge deal for Nishiyori and that is a big part of his respect for the Sixth. I’m just saying this so that nobody thinks I’m trying to make some sort of “close as family” connection with a huge character like Naruto.
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Re: Konoha Nin and Allied Personnel

Unread postby Vael » December 2nd, 2009, 12:41 pm

Here's mine ^^
Spoiler: show
Name: Yukari Kai
Nickname (NO ONE else can call him these): Yu-chan (mother's nickname), Yukai (older sister), Nii-tan (little sister)

Village: Konoha

Rank: Chuunin (ANBU (Recently Promoted, looking to Hunter-nin))
ANBU Codename: Cat
Nin Codename: Kenkage

Specializations: Chakra Manipulation, General Weaponry
Signature Techniques:
Chakra Armor - Creates short lived barrier of tight chakra on his skin, giving him the armor equivalent of chain mail, absorbs pure chakra attacks, but duration is dramatically reduced doing so. It isn’t very draining as it is a once-off application.
Length: 5 rounds (the length between my posts in a threads = rounds), this is reduced by 2 per 1 pure chakra attack.
Chakra Strings - Creates threads of chakra from his body that immediately connect to a targeted non-chakra imbued object around him, creating a form of telekinesis, its strength equals the average between chakra control and capacity.
Chakra Imbuement - Capable of temporarily imbuing an object with an elemental chakra to enhance the object.
Length: 5 rounds.
Chakra Enhancement - Enhances body's physical abilities (by 2) for a brief while, after the enhancement has run its course then the body is weaker than before. Needs extended rest after such, especially since he’s pretty much constantly pumping Chakra into his muscles and nervous system in order to allow them to temporarily exceed their limitations.
Length: 1 round per Chakra Capacity
Drawback: Afterwards, Chakra Capacity is at 0 and Physical abilities suffer a (-4) penalty, until he rests.
Chakra Stealth - Applied like Chakra Armor, but instead, it absorbs certain stimuli from his body, enhancing his role as a stealth specialist. The stimuli are scent, sound, and chakra signature. However, utilizing it makes him stand out to those possessing the Byakugan and Sharingan.

Catchphrase: "Oops..."

Hair - Black, really short, spiky hair.
Eyes - Blue with a green ring around the iris, has a slight asian shape to them. (A family trait)
Face - Triangular, with a small nose, and small lips. Almost bishonen, but a little musculine.
Body Type - Lithe, well-built, has a small tattoo on his back, between his shoulder bones. It's a swirling mess that from a certain distance looks like a "Y" in a circle...the symbol of the Yukari Clan, and the Seal responsible for their enhanced chakra control.
Uniform - Regular ANBU Uniform. His mask is of a cat.
Off-duty - Casual black cargo pants, red sneakers, and white t-shirt with an ever present single-strap black bag. A Konoha Hitai-ite is worn around his neck when at ease.
Height - 5'10"
Weight - 150lbs


External Contacts: Konoha Merchants through brother-in-law's family.

Clan/Family: Yukari (2 Jounin (mother and older sister), 1 ANBU (Kai), 2 Genin (little sister, nephew), 3 civilians (uncle, aunt, brother-in-law)) (A branch of a samurai clan, left the clan and settled in Konoha when Kai was 9)
Summons: None

Age: 18

Rank History:
Genin - 12 years
Chuunin - 15 years
Academy Instructor: 17 years (Taijutsu and Advanced Sougujutsu Classes)
ANBU - 18 years

Elemental affinities: Wind/Lighting
Clan abilities/Kekkai Genkai: Enhanced Chakra Manipulation, techniques described under Signature Techniques. Every family member has a gift with weaponry and is gifted a katana on their 16th birthday.
Rivals/Nemeses/Enemy organizations: Hyuuga (more like a friendly rivalry); Hikari (The Samurai clan the Yukari were once part of)
Rank/ed on the Bingo book: “B-“ due to high weapon and fighting skills, off-set by his relatively low skill in ninjutsu. (When one uses one of his nicknames, threat level is bumped up to “A”, said nicknames will not listed as he displays uncanny tracking abilities when these names are used...we really don't want to die.)

Hobbies: Flute Playing, Drawing, Playing with his chakra manipulations, Playing with little sister and her friends, Pranking, (Addicted to) Reading Manga.
Favoured Places: Moritake's, Academy, Hokage's Monument, Village wall view over the Crater Lake, Family Home (by the Lakeside)
Personal dislikes: Sake

Genin – Team 13 (survivalists): Inuzuka Shikon (m), Haruna Rika (f), Uchiha Ooki (Jounin Sensei, f)
Chuunin – Floating, usually placed in assault teams as a surgical striker.

Preferred comrades: None, gets along with people even if a little quiet.
Closest Friends: Unknown

Ninjutsu: C (hasn’t really bothered to learn much, clan shares same view on ninjutsu)
Genjutsu: B (high chakra control makes him a natural…again, he hasn’t applied himself due to clan views)
Taijutsu: A (clan members naturally gifted, but this is further enhanced by their nearly fanatical training regimen)
Fuinjutsu: A (clan technique relies heavily on the seal applied to them at birth, seal knowledge a must)
Juinjutsu: B (studying seals led him to the studies of cursed seals)
Sougujutsu: A (clan members are already naturally gifted in weapon use, but this is further enhanced by their nearly fanatical training regimen)

Intelligence: 8 (mostly creativity, not book smarts)
Flexibility: 8 (10/4) (developed during training)
Chakra Capacity: 6 (0) (average chakra capacity of the clan)
Chakra Control: 10 (highly controlled in chakra use, even for his clan)
Physical Power: 6 (8/2) (low for the clan due to studies into seals)
Stamina: 6 (8/2) (low for the clan due to studies into seals)
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KH Wiki: The Keyhole
Fairly solid as a resource and rather organized, perfect for newcomers to KH.
Kingdom Hearts Wiki
Parent-site of The Keyhole, a little less organized in my opinion, but goes a little deeper into the mechanics of KH.
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Re: Konoha Nin and Allied Personnel

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Most interesting Vael. A suggestion, if you don't mind. My own character's family is merchantile, so would it be too much of a stretch to say that your character's brother-in-law is from my character's family? It would give us a reason to have our characters interact while off-duty, maybe compare their different pure-chakra jutsu and their preferred styles of fighting and taking out an enemy?
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