Lucious malfoy the new Voldemort? *mild spoilers*

Lucious malfoy the new Voldemort? *mild spoilers*

Unread postby Siriuslyblackparade » May 22nd, 2017, 11:01 am

From hints found throughout NoFP, I think it's safe to say that lucious is the bad guy shot caller in the absence of Voldemort. He owns the ministry, has been the antagonist of most of the conflicts, and was found to be responsible for Sirius black's mistreatment at azkaban, not to mention the fact that he's obviously the one controlling peter. Hints like him getting enraged when he found out about Ron being the "heir of gryffindor" and his intentions as a whole when coordinating the muggle attack on hogwarts. I think it's fair to assume that in the absence of Voldemort, almost all of the problems Harry and friends have encountered were either directly or indirectly caused by lucious. Perhaps the story will turn so that Voldemort never comes back, or if he does he will be quickly dispatched given Harry's head start and heightened abilities, then they will have to fight against lucious and the new death eaters in a small war to save muggle/muggle born alike and to reclaim the ministry from controlling hands? Thoughts?
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Re: Lucious malfoy the new Voldemort? *mild spoilers*

Unread postby DeviousLuxray » May 28th, 2017, 9:47 am

Ehhh. Think Vold is still the big bad.
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