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Just an FYI:

The AuthorLord would like to inform you that deleted Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past. He received an email stating that it had been removed because it had copyrighted material that he did not own. There was a note specifying song lyrics. Harry Potter and NOFP doesn’t have any copyrighted song lyrics. The only song lyrics are from some original verses that I (runsamok) wrote for the sorting hat to sing, which was used with permission.

Update May 21st: The AuthorLord is appealing the decision with and it will likely take a few weeks for them to respond.

Update June 13th: There has been no response from in any way to our appeal. This is alternately disappointing and infuriating.

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  1. Thank you for letting us know, I got the update via email and was shocked to see the whole story gone. Leave it to act first and question never.

  2. Smells like YouTube. Someone put in a copyright claim and they pulled a ‘delete first let the author ask questions later.’ approach.

  3. grumble-grumble
    Move it somewhere else, such as AO3 or Wattpad?
    I don’t know what the author interface looks like for either of them, but I’ve heard AO3 was started for exactly this reason.

  4. Agree with Dale, AO3 seems like a good place to throw a backup at least, possibly a few of the other HP specific sites may also help in that regard.

  5. Given how famous NoFP is – having even been mentioned specifically in articles (Time magazine, I believe?) this seems a very bad move on’s part, the sort of thing guaranteed to earn bad publicity….

  6. I’ve been looking at the other places that you say the book is updated as well, and noticed that those places haven’t been updated with 43, but are still up.

    Is there a chance that you could upload the new chapter(s) to those places so we’re not tied solely to one site owner?

    • Matthew lost access to the other sites some time ago and has been working on getting back in to them. This is why they were not updated when was updated. However, most of the fan base is using FF so losing the story there hurts the most.

  7. Here’s hoping this appeal works out and something like this inspires certain people to ‘take more care’ when doing something as stupid as taking down a story that popular on such a baseless accusation…

    • The only way this would make them be more careful is if it actually costs them something more than just bad publicity.

      The big industry boys have become less caring about looking good these days since there’s almost always a bunch of folk who’ll keep using their services no matter how many P.R. disasters they run into.

  8. I’ve been a long time fan of NOFP and I am trying to spread the word among my own readers about this travesty and encouraging them to make a stink about it. I’ve let it be known via a support email I sent that if they do not resolve this and issue a public apology to you, I will be removing all my works and also asking as many who will listen to remove all of their works as well. I/we cannot let this stand. I will not sit by and watch FFN become Youtube.

  9. I would advice to mention this also on your S’TarKan profile at

    Honestly, how can they even delete the biggest story on their site without properly investigating? What brainless idiot done that?

  10. Not just you – a number of other well established FF Authors have had their stories flagged up for song/music lyrics . Guess you’re the most prominent ‘victim’ & at least now the problem has been headlined . Let’s hope they’ll learn from this cockup & not rely on such idiotic procedures in future … ( yeah right ) .

  11. I think it’s back on FanFiction because I’ve been able to pull it up. I hope that’s the case cause I adore this story

  12. I second the others here who have brought up Archive of Our Own – the set of authors who left for AO3 in disgust with the former is not empty.

  13. Let me add my voice to the people saying you should post the story to AO3. It’s so much better than, and it’s run by and for fans. Which is

  14. Seconding the ebook recommendation. It’s had significant proofreading by kaotik and I, and it includes cover art & two authorised one-shots (“G for Ginevra” and “A Night at the Burrow”).

  15. What are the odds that someone has launched a bot that did an overly aggressive pattern match and saw a phrase in NoFP that coincidentally happens to appear in a song? Like maybe a character said “You can’t always get what you want,” and the bot detected it as a Rolling Stones infringement?

  16. I’m still able to pull the story up on the app because I have it downloaded. If you need any help recovering chapters, maybe I could help out with that! Here’s hoping FanFiction will correct their mistake.

  17. When I saw it gone back a couple weeks ago I assumed it was because you have a Patreon directly tied to chapters produced for the story which is pretty direct monetization.

    I was pissed because people make money off playing HP music, getting commission picture requests, selling handmade merchandise with HP all over places like Etsy, heck even making adult stuff for it. And the person to get nailed is some very ill guy who’s had patreon for like two chapters, made one of the best fanfics of any series in history and has been dedicated to the story for over a decade and through a crippling medical condition.

    But it wouldn’t surprise me if that were the real reason honestly. I saw recent reviews mentioning that they didn’t like the patreon. My recommendation to you to be on the safe side is just make the wording of the Patreon more vague. Mention it’s for a chapter of your own content or something along those lines and update your followers and confirm that it’ll only go through when you publish for one of your two fics. But either way make the wording a little more ambiguous. Cause I was really nervous you got hit for this and if you did I don’t think you can really appeal it.

  18. Don’t be surprised this is a case of bots going out of control, i was once banned temporarily from a forum due to supposed case of spambot in my signature or something like, as soon as i got in contact with a human being the ban was removed.

    And i think is pretty ridiculous that you get a copyright email for a song in that site.

  19. What the flying f***??!

    That is such bs. >: { Hope you get that decision reversed, good luck!

    There’s never a good time for bad news, but I guess at least you didn’t get the notification while you were still feeling so very poorly?

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