Contest Ended: Vote for your favorite fanbase name!

The contest for naming the AuthorLord’s fanbase is complete. Please check the forum and vote for your favorite! I will leave the poll up for a limited time to collect votes, then the top three submissions will be posted for the final voting. Have fun and good luck! Here is the link to the Poll: […]

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Uncertain employment resolved – Thanks for the donations!

The situation with my uncertain unemployment has been resolved. So I have started writing more on Chapter 40 of NOFP. Also, there have been some very generous donations made through the tip jar and they are greatly appreciated! A recent outrageously generous donation in January has also earned the donater a “cameo” in NOFP.

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Contest: Name the AuthorLord’s Fans

Hello,   This is Runsamok, wife and beta for the AuthorLord. I’m creating a contest to name the AuthorLord’s fanbase. Specifically, what do you want to be called, as an overall group? How shall the AuthorLord address his faithful readers?   Please post your contest entry in the Viridian Dreams Forum. You can find a […]

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Uncertain employment is uncertain!

Uncertain employment is uncertain! Yes, I need to get back in gear. Hopefully when things calm down (and I am no longer working under threat of the client cancelling the contract) I can get back on a normal schedule. At this point, NoFP is due for the next update and I’m reading back through the […]

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Restoring from Hack

Runsamok has been diligently working behind the scenes to restore the blog from yet another hack attempt and get all of the links working again.

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Team 8 – Chapter 22

…is now available for reading on and Enjoy!

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Check out the progress!

The writing is moving more smoothly now on Team 8… For those who are bound to ask, NOFP is next on the To Do list! Your comments and feedback are appreciated. -Matthew

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Thank you for your support

Thank you all for the continued support through comments, posting and visiting the forum, sending detailed reviews, and adding a $1 here and there to the tip jar. Your enthusiasm and energy is definitely appreciated. The blog has gone through a few upsets since it was recently hacked (only the front page for awhile) so […]

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Tip Jar is fixed!

The Tip Jar was not working properly and has been fixed. Many thanks to those of you who have donated through Paypal. Your support and enthusiasm is very much appreciated. You can find a link to the fixed Tip Jar page under “Support the Writer”. -matthew

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Forum Maintenance

The forum is being moved to a new web host. You may see some down time while the move is happening. Rest assured, a backup of the forum is being made before the move! Edited: Thanks to Torbin for all of his nifty help with migrating the SQL server for the PHPBB forum! -runsamok

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