AuthorLord Update 3

  Greetings to the AuthorLord Army, Progress on the next chapter of NOFP is ongoing and the progress bar has been updated! For those who wish to offer their support to the AuthorLord, subscribing to Patreon, even just $1 per month, is a great help. You can also read an extensive archive of the AuthorLord’s … Read more

Viridian Health Update

Hello, this is Runsamok posting an update for Viridian: Many of you have asked about Viridian’s health and recovery status. Here are the updates we posted to Facebook during his hospital visits and ongoing recovery: 9/1/2017: Matthew continues getting home health care nurse visits. The next PT landmark is to stand for two minutes, before … Read more

AuthorLord Update 2

This is Runsamok, posting an update for Viridian. In January, the AuthorLord began to write slowly with my help (runsamok). Progress on recovery is slow but steady. Unfortunately the configuration of our house does not allow his wheelchair to be used until he can stand for two minutes to transfer. So far he can manage … Read more

Rewards / Perks / Bonuses for Patreon

Good evening, my faithful army! It’s time to petition the AuthorLord for rewards, perks, and bonuses.. specifically what would you like to see more of in addition to regular chapter updates of your favorite fanfiction? Please post your comments, feedback, and petitions to the AuthorLord in the comments below!