Health Update December 2018

Hello, this is Runsamok posting an update on Viridian’s recovery:

Thank you for all of the supportive messages and comments! Matthew Schocke is seeing visible daily progress. I am so proud of him!

For those asking about NOFP and Team 8, there is some progress posted in the word count for NOFP and this is so exciting!

There have been some questions about where the donate button went. If you are not interested in using Patreon, that is OK! Our previous donate button was exploited by nefarious people and was removed for that reason. Runsamok is working on a secure solution for donations.

For those curious about medical expenses, hospital bills, prescriptions, and rehab bills were very large, but thankfully our insurance through my employer is very very generous. We paid $250 for each hospital visit, reasonable copays for prescriptions, and nearly all home health care, ventilator and oxygen machine, and other necessities were covered generously.

We have been blessed to NOT have bills of $250,000 from 2016 alone that hospital and rehab WOULD have cost if insurance had not covered it.

15 thoughts on “Health Update December 2018”

  1. Great to hear again from you guys! I’m so happy the AuthorLord is getting even better. I’m glad you were able to survive the utter Hell that is hospital bills, and I hope the Patreon is back up soon so we can help you guys out 🙂
    We’re all excited about NoFP, but above all we’re glad Matthew is recovering. Best wishes to you guys, and happy holidays!! 🙂

  2. NOFP has been my favorite fanfic since I first read it several years ago and I was so bummed that it wasn’t updated since 2015. I thought the author decided to drop it and was so disappointed because it’s honestly one of the most creative storytelling I have come across. After rereading the fanfic today, I decided to check the website and found out he got sick instead. While I’m very glad he hasn’t dropped the fic yet, I also wish the best of recoveries for him! Cheering for your complete recovery!!!

  3. It’s great to hear that Matthew continues to improve. You are blessed indeed to have such good medical coverage. The progress on NOFP is also exciting. Obviously Matthew’s health comes first, but I can’t help looking at that progress bar, and the calendar, and thinking “You know what would be nice to have for Christmas?” 😛
    I’m on my Nth read through right now, so all the plot details can be fresh in my mind if/when the next chapter comes. Matthew will have to be sneaky to surprise us, since we all probably know the story so far inside out. 🙂

  4. Nice to see he is recovering, i am praying for a christmass gift in the form of a release but ige tthat the chapter will be out when its out and not before, the author’s health takes priority.

    And why am i not surprised some people found the way to abuse the donations and cause harm? This is why we people can’t have nothing nice…..

  5. I’ve been thinking, I read quite a lot on, but I haven’t written anything.

    Would it be fine for me to write a one-shot (or maybe short story, depending on how it goes) of NoFP!Ginny receiving the diary and reacting to it?

  6. Happy to hear!

    Hope your recovery continues to go well!

    Keep up the great work!

    NoFP is one of my favorite fanfics ever.

  7. Hey there! Its so good to hear he is getting better, and I’m looking forward to his recovery. While NoFP is maybe the most favorite fanfic for me, and I’d love to see it updated, that can wait. First and foremost is Life, and furthermore, Health. After three years of waiting for some around here, I do not think another year would be to bad, if it means that you can live without sickness. At least I know, that I will wait until he can, though I do regret being unable to support you guys due to age restrictions on Patreon.
    Greetings from Germany!

  8. just discovered the site by finally clicking the bio ha, i now understand why there hasn’t been an update and can fully say i hold no contempt for you like i do some other authors who just give up on stories( ngl I’ve cried the most over stories ending rather than anything else in life) its been said many times but hell why not another. Get well asap and don’t take on a iota of stress until you do, both nofp and team 8 are some of my favorite stories and reading them growing up actually helped shape me a good bit in my ideas of what’s cool, I truly believe that I would lead a lesser life having not known them. I’ve lived a measly 17 years upon our world but little has brought me more joy than your Mastercraft stories. Now I’m rather tired and used up my little remaining energy drudging up uncommon words from the depths of my inner soul so once again best of luck in recovery and all you do -some upstart teenager who thinks he’s clever

  9. Hey. I just recently started reading these fics and found out about the hospital thing. I sincerely hope that you recover. I won’t press you to go faster on updating your fics or recovering because these things take time, but I do hope you keep making good progress. On that note, have a good night.

  10. Today I was reading through NoFP for the umpteenth time. It’s an old favorite I come back to reread and check on a few times a year. It hasn’t been updated in a while, but RL happens, so out of curiosity I clicked on this site. I was so sorry to hear about your health problems. I read through curiously to see the progress made and rejoiced to see you are not struggling alone and have such a supportive spouse. And because my mind tends to work like a ping pong ball in a clothes dryer, I veered off to contemplate the nature of the online world, where people who may never meet can appreciate the talents of a stranger and sincerely wish this total stranger well and be cheering his recovery.

    And then…something odd pulled my eyes back up to the auther name and my jaw dropped. You see, I’ve long wondered about what happened to a guy I knew in college. He ran weekend-long Shadowrun games out of my apartment, patiently listen to me ramble for hours during an identity crisis, and even kept me alive after I attempted to drown myself in a bottle of Tequila. He moved away and we lost touch, hopefully because I am a lousy correspondent and not because we argued. I have to admit my memory of that time isn’t what it should be, but I have always remembered him fondly as a good friend.

    So I have to ask out of curiosity that will keep me awake nights if I don’t…did this Matthew Schocke ever attend LSU?

    • Hello! Yes you have reached the guy who ran games in your apartment that summer. I will reply by email to you also. If you still play ShadowRun, we have a game going over Skype that you are welcome to join.

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