Additional Health Update

Hello, this is Runsamok posting an update on Viridian’s recovery:

Thank you for all of the supportive messages and comments! Matthew Schocke is able to walk 20 feet away from his hospital bed and then back again. He has been working really hard to improve his endurance. I am so proud of him!

For those asking about NOFP and Team 8, the stories are not abandoned but it is going to take a long time for him to update due to this situation and other factors not mentioned here. There isn’t a way around that right now. When he can, he will write.

26 thoughts on “Additional Health Update”

  1. Hugs to both of you :). I just hope he gets better.

    (Love the stories, too, but seriously, just get well. He deserves it! And props for standing by him.)

  2. So glad to hear that!
    I’ve been reading your work since I was in High School, Mr. Schocke. You’ve provided a wonderful escape and been an inspiration at times. Just focus on taking care of yourself. The updates are hardly a priority right now. All your truest fans understand this.

  3. Thanks for the update! I’m so glad things are still improving – recovery is often not a straight line, so when we don’t hear, I wonder whether things are not going so well. 20 feet is awesome.
    Seriously, we all love Matthew’s stories, but no-one with a heart wants him to compromise his recovery for them. 🙂
    Besides, long waits between chapters just mean we need to re-read every so often to remember what’s going on. Such a hardship! 😛
    And Runsamok, seeing someone you love so ill is really one of the toughest things in life. I think it’s fair to say you’re a rockstar for supporting Matthew all this time.

  4. Soooooo how many meters are 20 feet? XD…….this is my poor attemp at humour.

    That said i am a new fan but i am happy to hear this, this past month i read both Team 8 and Nofp and greatly enjoyed them!!!

    My only wish is to at least read a snipped of thr next nofp because that chapter ending killed me xD, i am also curious to see both Snape and Draco to see what have you done with them.

  5. I’m happy 🙂

    Thanks Runsamok for keeping us informed

    Glad to see recovery is steady and progressing, relieved really, that the condition seems stable and you are able to work on getting back to 100% (Or at the very least, not having to rely on the hospital). Please, don’t worry about those comments calling the works dead or wondering if you’ve left, Take Care of Yourself !! Everybody who is a genuine fan of S’TarKan is in the loop and just waiting and patient for a Full recovery.

    But I do hope you can understand the amount of total support and fans you’ve acquired through the words in stories and the depths of your mind. It’s insane how many lives you’ve effected to have that Big of a commotion when the stories were put on hold (Seriously, a lot of people are still rereading chapters and new readers are utterly bereaved xD). We care a lot about you my guy and it would pain me to think that you resent yourself for the hiatus. Take Care of Yourself !!

    I know the stories aren’t dead but the more pressing information is I know you’re not physically restored. My thoughts are with you Matthew, like it has been said before: The story can wait. I (like countless others) humbly await this interim of recuperation and will keep vigil for info on your condition (Btw, Runsamok, ty again. keep us learned on any major updates :D)

    All I pray for is a steady and complete recovery, not only for the story but as a Human Being to another, I truly hope and wish for you to get better 🙂
    Take Care of Yourself !!

    -S’TarKan aficionado and Team 8 devotee from Oregon , Darryl

  6. I’ll keep hoping for Mr Schocke’s steady recovery; that should be his top priority for sure! We’ll all be here when he’s ready to resume writing.

  7. I see that there have been regular (once a month) posts on Patreon.. Is this forum being left behind in favor of the money there? 3 years with no chapter here compared to a chapter a month there seems to indicate it has.

  8. @Craig For an author with limited writing capacity, it would be perfectly sensible to focus first on the stories people are actually paying him to write, rather than brushing those people off to give things away for free.

    I wouldn’t even resent him moving NoFP or Team 8 behind the paywall. I’d probably sign up, even; right now I’m not sure what I’d think of Rhiyen’s Journey, but I’d definitely pay to see more of NoFP. I mean, I don’t expect it to happen, because the general PR would likely be negative, but personally I’d applaud him if he did.

  9. Hey, good to hear! We hadn’t heard anything for a while, the last couple times I checked in, so glad it’s good news. Thanks for posting a health update!

  10. Hello,
    As a very new fan of Mr Schocke, I’m so sorry to discover that he’s been struggling. I’ll be thinking of him and wishing all the best for continued recovery.

    I came to this blog to find if there was a way to donate for his NOFP work on fanfiction; even putting aside his health problems, after having read 4 novels’ worth of outstanding fiction I simply must. It seems the Patreon page is contingent on his having to produce something. Is there any other donation page you could direct me to, a ‘just giving’ page or something similar? Otherwise I’ll be happy to sign up on Patreon if that’s the only way to support.

    All my very best wishes from here in London UK.

    • There once was a donation page but it has been taken down since we started the Patreon account. You could sign up for Patreon, choose the amount you would like to donate, and then turn off your subscription after one month.

  11. I read NoFP 3 times for the past 4 years, and I think if JK Rowling read it, she would’ve been jeaolus of some parts!
    Most importantly, I am really glad to know that Matthew is getting better, I hope he gets in full health soon.
    All the best wishes 🙂

  12. Matthew’s health and recovery is everyone’s first priority. I am glad to hear of his progress. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. IT MOVED!!! Yes! I check the page almost daily and have been for almost 2 years now. I’m always excited to see updates that Matthew’s health is improving. Hope the progress keeps going well for you. Your stories were my first FanFics and made an addict of me lol.

  14. I am so happy about the recovery, I’ve been lurking here, checking the website every day, and I can say I can’t imagine what it’s been like… But recovery seems to be shapibg up nicely (but of course it’ll take its time) and I can say I am glad to see the meter move: just means our favourite author has the energy and health to write. Of course don’t push yourself, and don’t worry, we’ll be there for you always. And, once you update the story, I’m pretty sure all the Followers on will probably go crazy too 🙂
    I hope for the best, and cannot express how much I love your stories

  15. @Adrian_V As per the comment from Elder Coleman above, it has indeed moved upward by 19%.

    And that means it’s 19% away from being complete, so…potentially the next update is the complete chapter? 🙂

    • While i know that number is not exact we could say we will see the enxt chapter any time now?!!

      Hopefully he keeps getting better and better.

  16. So beautifull to see the Evil Author Lord coming back (btw i am kind of a noob here, can someone tell where and how that nickname came about?)

  17. Donation button to return, if you don’t mind. I’m not rich, but sufficiently well off enough to send some money your way, and the enjoyment I’ve recieved from both Team 8 and NOFP has been substantial, aside from the literary blue balls. I’ve signed up to Patreon, but since you have it based on chapter updates it’s not quite the same thing as a thank you. Unsure how horrific you medical bills are, but I’m sure there are more than just myself in a position to say thanks with numbers.

    Regardless, cheers for your work on both stories. I’m not expecting either to ever be finished, but if Year Four and the second attempt at chuunin exams get finished for their respective stories, I’ll be ecstatic.

    • The donate button went away because we had Patreon available and there were spammers / con artists using our account for nefarious purposes. However, runsamok is working on a donate solution that is more secure and easy to use.

  18. ReReading NOFP right now for the umpteenth time and never get tired of it. I’m so glad to hear your health is improving . Keep fighting the good fight and thank you for many enjoyable hours reading your works.

  19. So glad to hear that you’re improving. I’m on my second read-through of NOFP now and got sad that I only had a few chapters left, so I’m selfishly glad that another update is at 94%!! Enormous kudos to you for working so hard on your recovery and continuing to write all this time. Best of luck to you, and thank you for making so many people happy with your words.

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