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  1. Just inquiring into your fanfic ‘Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past’ is there a second character that we aren’t aware of? I’m re-reading it due to the recent update and there’s a character that talks of his ‘patron’ and so on. Could you tell me what this is about?

    • We know that this character is the real threat in Slytherin house that was manipulating Malfoy, and is later behind the murder. It’s a boy and likely a known male character in third year. My guess is Blaize Zabini (sp?). It could also be Crabbe or Goyle but seeing as this person has to know how to protect their mind, I suspect it wouldn’t be either of those two. By introducing him as the faceless villain he’s kept Hogwarts dangerous now that Snape and Malfoy are gone.

  2. What moonprincess said. I love what you have done with these characters. You have done them more than their due justice. Whatever else may happen, the Naruto, Kurenai and Team 8 you have made will always be canon for me. Thank you for this gift:)

    • I’m interested in the answer to this too. I found you through NOFP so went on to read your other stories and love what’s happened so far in the Blackwand Chronicles

  3. I’m just wondering if you plan on updating your stories on Phoenix Song or SIYE?
    If you don’t want to update to all four sites, could you post a notice that you only intend to update Fanficauthors and Pit of Voles along with a link on the profiles?

    It is very annoying it is when an an author just stops posting to a site without leaving any notice of where they moved to, only to find out months or years later they moved to another site. I got lucky that I’m aware of the this site and other locations, but I’m sure many people on those two sites are not. It’s just courteous to your readers to leave a forwarding address.
    On the other hand, you could just put the latest chapters of NoFP up on those sites.

  4. Great new chapter of NOFP! Re-read your series for the third time now. Keep at it! Look forward to seeing your own published works out one day.

  5. Thought you should know that all links in your Fanfiction.net bio are rerouted back to your bio. Seems like they don’t want to let you out. Love Nightmares! Please keep writing.

  6. DYING for the new chapter of NOFP. It’s so close I find myself checking almost hourly to see if its been updated yet! Love the story so much. Just finished rereading it for what has to be the fiftieth time.

  7. I love this story! I have read and reread it countless times. I just can ‘t wait for the next chapter please keep up the good work. I will be with you till the end. May it be many chapters away. Peggy

  8. NOFP is so great I love it!

    Please tell me you are still working on it! You can’t leave us hanging NOW with that suspenseful ending this is awful I die inside 🙁

  9. NOFP is wonderfully imaginative! I had such a great time reading it over the course of a weekend. I appreciate how you’ve managed to have the same or similar events from the originals stories occur, yet they come about in different, but consistent, ways.
    I hope you are still planning to continue the story and are finding the time to do so. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  10. Finished Team 8 in two nights. Better than the canon, EASILY. I only wish there were about 50 more chapters for me to continue on with.

  11. I know it says NOFP is complete, but the storyline is far from complete, stopping at book 4 instead of 7. Are you posting a sequel or more chapters?

  12. Hi my beloved ff writer
    I was wondering,are you going to write another chapter of HPNOF?
    It is the best FF I’ve ever read,but your last update was in 2015!
    I was considering printing your fasinating work,to improve my English,when I realised the story is not finished yet.
    with best regards

  13. Just found & finished chp.42 of NOFP❤️❤️❤️ I have read FF since 2009 & this is the very first HP one I have actually been able to get into & love!

  14. I hope you’re doing all right. I’ve loved Team 8, it’s one of a very short list of stories I’ve read multiple times, and definitely among the best Naruto stories I’ve ever read. Only A Growing Affection even comes close. Keep up the good work, I understand life happens, but if you’re one of the people who enjoys writing then taking a break from real life may help, if the writing starts to feel stressful, take a break from that. I’ll be sad if this story dies, like so many other good stories, but your happiness is more important, we’re just random strangers, write, by all means, but don’t feel like you have to write, when you stop doing things for the right reason, they stop being good, no matter your talent.

  15. I just wanted to leave a comment here to say that NOFP is BY FAR the BEST fanfiction I have ever read. I just finished chapter 42. I have to admit how easy it was for me to forget that it wasn’t written by Rowling herself. I hope my comment provides a small measure of encouragement to continue writing this amazing story. I can’t wait to find out what happens. Thank you!

  16. I absolutely adored Nightmares of Futures Past and I just wanted to thank you for getting this far. The idea is amazing to begin with and what you made of it was just so authentic and good, that I read it through in the shortest amount of time. So thank you again for spending your time doing what you do, you make many people happy with your stories. I wish you all the best and hope you’ll recover soon!

  17. Just wanted to drop by, and say thanks, for the amazing story that is NoFP. It’s unreasonably well written, with a great combination of predictable actions (cause of the nature of the character developement) and unpredictable situations. I adore the way Harry is, this immense power (I truly love a little bit of OP in the MC, the way he dealt with the boggart, so badass), feels so right and justified. How you portray him as being, well, human, is astonishing! The flaws, the strengths in his character clearly outlined and reflected upon. I personally like how you depicture PTSD to show just how affected he was by all of it.

    If people are considering reading this story, I can do no more than encourage you to do so. It’s even better than reviews say, cause it’s just so damn good.

    The stab I felt when i saw the last update was in 2015 was brutal, but the joy I then felt when i saw there’s a progression bar for NoFP was relieving. Even more after I saw the things you’ve been through. I truly wish you the best recovery possible! And I’ll continue to patreon you, altho, that’s mainly just to support you (as I havn’t had time to read that story yet).

    Thanks a lot for the story, and I hope you the best, and the update will come, whenever it will come. Thanks.

  18. I love, love, love Team 8! I have read it several times over the past ten years or so. Hands down better than the original series…but to be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of Naruto in the first place. Your story made me a fan, though.

    Somehow I never got around to the Harry Potter fanfic, even though I am a fan of HP. Going to start that today and am so excited!

    I know you have been unwell over the past few years, so this is not pressure to update your works. I just want you to know that your writing truly is a gift to the world. Thank you!

  19. Rather new to Nofp and this site at all tbh, love the story and understand there are more chapters coming, but I can’t help but notice it says chapter 43 on the tracker on top, while all I’ve been able to find so far is up to 42, is there a final last chapter published somewhere I can read or is it finished but just not published yet?

    Thanks in advance and crossing my fingers for a speedy recovery for Mathew, both for his sake, but also for his countless readers eagerly awaiting for more virtual gold.

  20. Ah, my mistake. I thought that procentage where for the story as a whole. So chapter up to 43 would be 60% of the complete story. Thanks for the correction and quick reply. Il be sure to check back frequently for the update then! And best of luck with your recovery as well!

  21. Hi Matthew,
    I’ve noticed that you’ve resumed writing NOFP in the past few days.
    I’m so excited! I look forward to reading the new chapter when it comes out.
    Also, I’m glad that you’ve recovered enough that you are able to write again!

  22. hey there i had run across your story years ago when i had just gotten into fanfiction and recently getting back into it searched for you story forever. finally finding it i am glad to hear you are able to get back into it and im glad you are recovering from your health issues. I love everything there is to love about this story. HArry being a little a little OP, his PTSD, the development of the characters due to his actions and from their perspectives as well. Keep writing and i am in prayer for your health. Thank you for such a great read.

  23. Since we’re up to 94% on NOTFP on the 29th of November, I think I have justified hope that you can make my Christmas wish come true! <3

  24. Hey, I just want to say, I really love your Team 8 fanfiction and NOFP. Both are extremely engaging, well written, and probably two of the best fanfictions out there. I love how Team 8 has realistic character growth, and manages to create compelling charts that are better than the original. The same goes for NOFP. The stories are so good, I sometimes find it hard to read or watch the originals. Get better soon

  25. I just finished (currently ending at Chapter 24) Team 8, and I wanted to say how excellent it was. I binged it over the course of the last 2 or 3 days, and I could hardly put it down. While some of the use of Japanese felt forced early on, that was honestly the only criticism I could find in the whole story (and I intend it constructively). This is definitely one of my favorite Naruto fanfictions so far, and I was both very surprised and very happy to see that you apparently plan to continue it! Thank you for making such a wonderful story that, at times, nearly drove me to tears. I really look forward to reading your Harry Potter fanfiction which has received so much acclaim. Thank you again, and I hope that your life is as great an adventure as any story.

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