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After no response from FanFiction.Net for much too long, we are now looking at RoyalRoad for re-posting NOFP again.

I did look at Archive of our Own as well. Thank you for the invites! AO3 has strict rules about mentioning or using Patreon.

RoyalRoad is very supportive of Patreon-supported writers and has a quick posting process once the first chapter is approved.

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  1. Considering that FF.net hasn’t updated their site in literal ages, this is probably for the best.

  2. Sounds good! I’m following several stories on RoyalRoad already. There hasn’t been any version with all 43 chapters except the eBook since the takedown.

    Let me know if you want any technical or editing help. The eBook has a bunch of typo fixes, if they’re of interest.

  3. Will Team 8 ever be continued? Why won’t anyone answer this one question? I’ve asked this question so many times with no response. I don’t want to give up on this story, but I feel like I’m being ignored and am wasting my time.

    I’ve been supportive in the only way I can, which, since I am on disability, sadly, cannot include financially.

    It’s not like I’ve made unreasonable demands or have been demanding. Please just answer this one question.

    • It has been mentioned before that if he could no longer continue the story, he’d post the outline. Thats the only news on the subject.

    • Similarly, I too would be quite interested in seeing the continuation of Team 8. I just wanted to indicate my interest. It’s fine if you don’t intend to continue it though, I just would like to know if there is any intention to do so.

  4. On the chance you’re going over and editing chapters before posting them on Royal Road, there’s one little thing that always amuses/bugs me in the second chapter.
    Harry, determined to befriend Ron, really lays it on thick about how wonderful Molly’s cooking is… by praising a corned beef sandwich. I’ve learned that “corned beef” can mean different things to different people. Well, here in Britain, corned beef comes in only one form, sometimes called “bully beef” – precooked finely ground beef with a little gelatin and a load of salt, packed into a tin. It’s basically SPAM made from cow rather than pig.
    Molly has opened a tin, cut off a few slices, and placed them between two bits of buttered bread. That is the sum total of “cooking” that goes into making a corned beef sandwich. 🙂 For Harry to say that “his” corned beef never turns out so good… well, it just makes me chuckle. (It’s all in how you open the tin?)
    Ron’s right to look at Harry like he’s a little “mental”. 😛
    There’s a couple other minor Brit-picks from later in the story, but I won’t bother you with them if you’re not changing things. Clearly, they do not detract much from the story – I’ve somehow endured reading it about a dozen times, so.

    • Thanks for the Brit-picking! Corned beef is a kind of roast beef with “Corning spices” here and does involve some skill in cooking. I will change this when going over the next chapter.

    • That’s curious, because in Australia, corned beef might well be something you cook (not that I’ve personally tried making it, but I’m pretty sure my mum has on occasion), and Australia is normally closer to Britain than to the USA.

  5. I was just looking at Royal Road because I was interested myself and it said that it doesn’t accept donations for fanfiction: “Q: Are there any requirements for requesting donations? A: We have currently disabled Donations for any and all Fanfiction.” Just wanted to let you know.

  6. I’m glad you don’t mind the Brit-picking. By the way, the American “corned beef sandwich” looks great.
    The other Brit-picks were these:
    In chapter 17 the Grangers exchange pound notes for galleons at Gringotts, and Harry has some pound notes to spend in Muggle London when Christmas shopping in chapter 37. It’s a nuance thing. Our currency is known as “the pound”, and we have banknotes, which we usually just call notes… but a “pound note” is specifically a note worth £1, and the Bank of England withdrew those from circulation in the ’80s. You can have “pounds” either meaning £1 coins or meaning the currency as opposed to dollars or euros (or galleons). If you want to mention small denomination notes, the smallest we have is a £5 note, which we pronounce as a “five pound note”, or if we’re lazy, a “fiver”.
    This is a questionable one – depending on whether I read your intention right, there might be something you don’t know.
    When the [spoiler] money is discussed in chapter 36 and chapter 38, it’s talked of in terms of the cost of university, specifically Oxford. It’s implied to be a pretty big deal that Hermione might be able to afford going “even without a scholarship”. Now I realise that in America, going to a top university requires truly terrifying amounts of money. I got the feeling that was what you wanted us to take away – she can afford something that even the daughter of 2 dentists would normally consider a gigantic expense!
    But British universities in 1993? No tuition fees. None. Just pay for the room, the food, and the books. Easily affordable for a dual-income middle-class family.
    Of course, it could well be you knew this. After all, a lump sum that is enough to live on without getting a full-time job, for a couple of years, is pretty awesome to most people (sure would be to me). And paying her own way from the moment she’s an adult, rather than being funded by her parents, might make an independent soul like Hermione very happy. But the idea of significantly contributing to the family fortune that Neville had? Kinda sounds like a lot more money than that.
    So in summary, I’m just not sure what you intended us to be thinking. I get that you didn’t specify an exact amount – who wants to deal with imaginary currency exchange rates, arguing with fans whether to accept JK’s nonsensical answer, factoring in inflation, etc.?
    A point that I wondered about just because no character addressed it: like any Hogwarts student, Hermione dropped out of mainstream Muggle schooling at the age of 11. Are we assuming Oxford has magical courses? If not, she has a lot of catching up to do to get the necessary A-levels to be accepted. And yes, she’s brilliant so it wouldn’t take her long, but Hermione is the kind of person to worry very much that she hasn’t received any instruction or feedback in a Muggle classroom for all those years. I’d imagine it would concern her parents at least a little as well.
    I hope your health continues to improve, and if I come across any more Brit-picks in my current read-through, I’ll let you know. (I have the ebook which Thrawn mentioned. I’m very grateful it was compiled before ff.net went stupid.)

  7. Decided to check in and saw this post, and as an author who publishes on Royal Road, I say go for it. It’s one of the friendliest, most encouraging and most active writing communities I’ve ever been a member of. I’ve gotten more feedback – both positive and constructive – about my writing there than anywhere else.

  8. Wonderful news story is up & being posted again !
    AND your staying safe & well in lockdown . I’m looking forward to reading Chapter 44 again as I rushed through & didn’t absorb it all before whole lot was removed .
    Bravo to all things going well .
    Rob C

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