9 thoughts on “Donation Button Update”

  1. FYI, the donate button on the “Support Viridian” page works fine, but the donate button in the left hand column of this page just sends me to the paypal home page.

  2. Hi! I’ve read your Harry Potter fan fiction for a while now and I didn’t realize for a while that you stopped writing due to sickness, but I’ve since been following your health story on this site. I’m a college student and kinda broke right now otherwise I would donate more, but I hope it helps. I know you don’t know me and I don’t know you but I’m praying for your recovery. Best wishes.

  3. Hy matthew, best wishes from me. I pray to the God that to you recover very well. You are a great writer and have great potential. Hope you continue writing. P.s.- please complete HP Nightmares of the future past. Have been waiting for quite some time now , the last update was in 2015.

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