Medical issues causing delay in fanfiction writing

The AuthorLord has been in and out of the hospital since December 2015 and is currently going through physical rehab to get back on his feet. Due to these medical issues, his writing has not been as prolific as usual. However, the stories are not abandoned, and he will continue to write. Regarding the original work, … Read moreMedical issues causing delay in fanfiction writing

Rewards / Perks / Bonuses for Patreon

Good evening, my faithful army! It’s time to petition the AuthorLord for rewards, perks, and bonuses.. specifically what would you like to see more of in addition to regular chapter updates of your favorite fanfiction? Please post your comments, feedback, and petitions to the AuthorLord in the comments below!    

Name the AuthorLord’s Fanbase

So far, the most popular (out of 105 votes) were the following: AuthorLord’s Army (ALA) The Faithful Ones / The Patient Ones  / The Superduper Ones Monastic Order of Patience (MOOP) / Loyal to Past a Fault Tie:  S’TarKers  VS Team AuthorLord  / House S’TarKan Stop by the Forum to vote on your favorite from among these choices. Thank you so much for … Read moreName the AuthorLord’s Fanbase

Contest Ended: Vote for your favorite fanbase name!

The contest for naming the AuthorLord’s fanbase is complete. Please check the forum and vote for your favorite! I will leave the poll up for a limited time to collect votes, then the top three submissions will be posted for the final voting. Have fun and good luck! Here is the link to the Poll: … Read moreContest Ended: Vote for your favorite fanbase name!