Name the AuthorLord’s Fanbase

So far, the most popular (out of 105 votes) were the following: AuthorLord’s Army (ALA) The Faithful Ones / The Patient Ones  / The Superduper Ones Monastic Order of Patience (MOOP) / Loyal to Past a Fault Tie:  S’TarKers  VS Team AuthorLord  / House S’TarKan Stop by the Forum to vote on your favorite from among these choices. Thank you so much for … Read more

Thank you for your support

Thank you all for the continued support through comments, posting and visiting the forum, sending detailed reviews, and adding a $1 here and there to the tip jar. Your enthusiasm and energy is definitely appreciated. The blog has gone through a few upsets since it was recently hacked (only the front page for awhile) so … Read more