7 thoughts on “NOFP mentioned in Time Magazine”

  1. And quite right, too. 🙂 I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve re-read Nightmares. By far and away the best long-running fan-fiction I ever found.

  2. That’s excellent (and well deserved).
    I came across NOFP last year, read it avidly, and put it on my list of “best books read in 2016”.
    Interestingly, it was a comment from Eliezer (of HPMOR fame) that made me aware of NOFP. But it was the quality of writing and plot development that kept me reading it…

  3. I’ve been reading another fic lately that seems to (consciously or unconsciously) draw a lot of ideas from NoFP, and the comparison has highlighted to me just how well the AuthorLord has done.

    The characters in NoFP are very three-dimensional, sometimes with much more flesh than the originals; there are happy endings, but there is credible opposition; and especially, there’s a really good balance between foreknowledge and change. Things that are logically unrelated to Harry’s actions remain basically predictable, but there is no attempt to slavishly follow the “stations of canon”. Indeed, when things turn out mysteriously similar to the original timeline, Harry is more than a little perturbed. I really like how well that’s thought out.

    (The other story does have some interesting ideas of its own, but really its greatest strength is that it’s complete. Still hanging in there for NoFP!)

  4. You started chapter 25 of Team 8 first, yet you are putting more work into NOFP. We’ve been waiting for Team 8’s chapter longer than NOFP. Why is this?

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