AuthorLord Update 2

In January, the AuthorLord began to write slowly with my help (runsamok). Progress on recovery is slow but steady. Unfortunately the configuration of our house does not allow his wheelchair to be used until he can stand for two minutes to transfer.

So far he can manage one minute of standing and the times are slowly going up. In the meantime he is writing from a laptop in bed which is painful. Thank you for the well wishes and writer’s block is not the issue here.

5 thoughts on “AuthorLord Update 2

  1. All kinds of ouch. No worries on speed of updates, health most definitely comes first. Hope things change for the better soon, if only ’cause it’s probably boring as well as painful some days. XD

  2. I wish you a swift recovery and the least ammount of pain possible. Im completly inlove with this story and I sincerly.hope you get well (more for your sake then the story).

    E. E. White

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