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  1. That’s great to hear. I came across NoFP in September, read it through to chapter 42 fairly quickly, and loved it. Was sorry that it wasn’t continuing, but even more sorry that that was due to health problems.

    Hope you continue to recover.

  2. Nice to see you back! Love your work, especially team 8. Thank you for your work and dedication.

  3. So glad to hear! I’ve followed your progress since I found NOFP over a year ago and am happy I stuck with it. NOFP was the first hp ff I read and it’s still the best by far. Hope your health continues to improve and I look forward to your future work!

  4. Thank you for the update!

    I love NOFP and eagerly await every chapter!

    Keep up the amazing work and get better soon!

  5. So glad to hear that!
    NOFP is my all time favorite fanfic! I am glad to wait for it for as long as it takes!
    Lots of love for you!

  6. I hate to see anyone sick. And to go through what you’ve been through these last two years. But can i ask why has this been a ten process. It seems like it has been purposely extended.

    • The writing of the fanfiction story has taken ten years, because it is a huge story with lots of chapters and a large word count. It takes time to create and publish that much writing. The most recent updates have been slow due to illness.

    • Oh great Authorlord, let not this over anxious anonymous neophyte trouble your heart. We your devoted throng are glad to hear of your improving health and care far more for your prosperity and longevity than the speediness of your updates.

  7. So happy to hear your health is improving, and I hope you’re focusing on getting better! A person that has his health has everything… We can wait a bit longer for NoFP 43 🙂

  8. Welcome back! Good to see you typing again.

    Curious though, you’re working on NoFP instead of Team 8. I
    figured that since you were last working on the newest chapter of Team 8, you would continue it when you came back. May I ask why?

  9. YAY!! Ecstatic to see you getting back to your wonderful, normal self, Matt! Best wishes for your continued, healthy progress! 🙂

  10. Glad to see you back on you feet, so to speak. I think I can speak for most of us here in saying your health is more important than a couple stories – ok, a couple incredible stories … that aren’t finished (arrrrrrggggggghhh) – but we can wait patiently for the patient to get going again. Look forward to seeing where you takes these – especially Team 8 (my favorite NaruHina story ever) – but we are glad to stick around because you have. Thanks for the dedication!!!

  11. I just discovered your writing this weekend, and I’m having a hard time expressing how much it already means to me. I can’t remember the last time anything made me feel this great. Being able to escape so completely during this political climate was a needed relief and your Harry Potter stories make me feel like I’m reading a favorite book for the first time again which in and of itself is such a precious opportunity. I was dreading the end of NoFP so when I got to the bottom of chapter 42 and realized it wasn’t the end I was actually grateful even though I knew that your last update to the story was in 2015. But when I initially couldn’t find any recent comments from you on this site I became so worried about your health, I’m so happy to hear now that you’re getting better. Pace yourself, and stop wasting time on patiently answering all of those stupid questions.

  12. It’s great to hear that your health is improving 🙂 I hope you make as full a recovery as possible in time. Take care!

  13. I first saw your work… wow it must be a good 8 years ago now. I did another re-read (yeah there have been a few…) of Team 8 that I finished just this minute. Re-read of NOFP is next.

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into crafting these stories. Possibly because yours was the first good fanfic I’ve ever read: they are the gold standard against which everything else I stumble on compares.

    You’ve provided countless hours of entertainment without asking for a thing in return and I sincerely hope you see this comment just to know how much I appreciate your efforts.

    … And if this seems like an overly wordy post, it’s because this is years of good sentiment spilling out at once. Sorry.

    All the best

    • It’s generally considered rude to ask for a progress report.

      On a side note, really glad to see you’re back! Hope you’re recovering well. Best wishes.

  14. You made a small plot hole in chapter 22 of Team 8. When Naruto finds the 2nd scroll, Kurenai mentions his Godfather and gives Nauto hint of who it is in her description of the man, yet it makes no impact on Naruto. In that instanse, wouldn’t Naruto confront Jiraiya?

  15. I just spent the last twenty hours voraciously devouring NoFP. I don’t normally review works, and I probably wouldn’t have even started the story if I had realized it wasn’t finished yet, but this is an incredibly well thought out and well written story. Your knowledge about developmental psychology lends a chilling credibility to Harry’s actions and mental deliberations. The description of his symptoms, both from his own perspective and those of his friends and new family are, quite simply, haunting. I also love that this story was started before Deathly Hallows was released, so the ending of your Harry’s first war with Tom wasn’t weighed down by adhering to the previous narrative. Some of the call backs to the events of Deathly Hallows are that much more chilling when I realize you had not had the opportunity to read that story when you wrote them.

    I hope that whatever ailments and health issues have plagued you this last year and a half are coming under your control. I was feeling miserable from a minor flu when I started NoFP, and your story completely removed my mind from it. I should have been asleep over twelve hours ago, but I could barely stop reading long enough to get water to drink. It is not an entirely selfless wish for your health to recover, because I want to know how it ends. You have hooked me, and I wanted you to know it.

  16. It’s good that your writing again but more importantly I’m glad that your health is improving. Good luck on the road to recovery.

  17. I’m not sure if this is encouraging, but I wanted you to know that many years ago I started reading team 8. The quality of writing got me to read NoFP and that quality of writing got me to read the actual harry potter series (you are the better writer and my wife agrees). But after reading all your fanfic I had to buy your short story, it was great and really the best in the book. If you ever publish anything else please advertise in your fanfic so that I can also buy that. Your style and way about your stories is excellent and surpasses most accomplished authors, especially with the attention to detail and way of moving readers into your created works world.

    In short, thank you and I pray for your health and success.

  18. I’m really glad that your health is improving. Sickness/Illness, especially over such a long time, must have been a burden I can hardly imagine.
    I’ve been following NOFP and Team8 for years, and I still think theyre each one of the best HP / Naruto fics ever. ^_^
    Happy to see that you’re back to working on both fics. Looking forward to reading both. ^_^

  19. I’m glad to hear that you’re recovering well and hope to hear further good news. Sending well wishes your way.

    But… authorlord? Really?

  20. I first stumbled upon NOFP a few months ago and read it in a matter of days. It’s definitely my all time favorite! So so happy to see you’ve recovered and started working on it again!

  21. The progress bar is not moving again. Hope you are feeling well. Wish you best of luck. Hope to read your works soon.

  22. I hope that your recovery is going well and that you don’t get writer’s block for your writing of NOFP and team 8

  23. I’m glad your better and hope to continue to get better. I love NOFP. Seriously one of my favorite stories ever. This is my 8th time rereading it I think. Was a little disappointed to see it wasn’t updated in so long, but even more disappointed from the reason. Also, now I will check weekly for chapter progress. ;P And of course to cheer you on.

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