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Hello, this is Runsamok posting an update for Viridian:

Many of you have asked about Viridian’s health and recovery status. Here are the updates we posted to Facebook during his hospital visits and ongoing recovery:


Matthew continues getting home health care nurse visits. The next PT landmark is to stand for two minutes, before PT will start transfers from bed to a chair and back. He started with 15 seconds in Aug 2016 and is now up to standing unassisted for 71 seconds, which is great progress!


Matthew continues getting home health care nurse visits. The next PT landmark is to stand for two minutes, before PT will start transfers from bed to a chair and back. He started with 15 seconds in Aug 2016 and is now up to standing unassisted for 63 seconds, which is great progress!


Matthew continues physical therapy and home health care. He has started writing fanfiction again and progress is slow and steady.


Matthew continues physical therapy and home health care. He is able to stand up leaning on a walker for a minute at a time. He is definitely seeing slow and steady progress!


Matthew came home on 8/12. He continues physical therapy and home health care and is definitely seeing slow and steady progress. He is continuing to work hard on his physical therapy and can stand up for 30 seconds at a time


Matthew continues to get physical therapy at Warm Springs Medical Center. He has made great progress.


Matthew completed several weeks of intense rehab at HealthSouth Newnan. He was transferred to Warm Springs Medical Center in Warm Springs, GA for sub-acute care. He got to keep a really nice powered wheelchair he has nicknamed Bumblebee.


HealthSouth Newnan has been very good to Matthew. He has gotten through two weeks of intensive physical and occupational therapy which has helped immensely. The VitalGo Total Lift Bed and a custom wheelchair that they ordered was really helpful. Every day he gets stronger. He will be transitioning from acute care to sub-acute care soon.


Matthew has left the hospital and is now at Health South Rehabilitation in Newnan, GA. I am so excited about the physical therapy they are going to do there.


Matthew is still in the hospital at Piedmont Henry. He is going to be discharged soon and move on to a physical therapy center for more rehab. Please keep our hospital care coordinator in your thoughts as she contacts local therapy centers. So far, the closest place that could accept him is more than 2 hours away! I’m hoping we can find a place that is closer.


Matthew is still in the hospital at Piedmont Henry. He is going to be discharged soon and move on to a physical therapy center for more rehab.


Please keep Matthew in your thoughts. He is back in the hospital today at Piedmont Henry.


Matthew continues to improve doing his physical rehab, meeting all of the goals. Southern Crescent TBI is doing a great job.


Matthew was back in the hospital for awhile for low potassium (hypokalemia). Now he is getting some aggressive physical therapy at Southern Crescent TBI. I’m hopeful that he is able to get some results there.


Matthew’s pneumonia is cleared up. He continues to get breathing treatments, physical and occupational therapy at Signature Healthcare at Tower Road.


Matthew has settled in at Signature for physical rehab. Thank goodness insurance will pay for his treatment 100%. Having no hospital bill and no rehab bill is the best Christmas present.


Matthew will be discharged from the hospital today. He will be going to Signature Healthcare at Tower Road for physical rehab. Thank goodness his pneumonia is gone!


Matthew continues to improve and his lungs are getting stronger.


Matthew will be in the hospital over the Christmas holiday. His pneumonia is clearing up and his wheezing is almost gone.


Matthew is continuing to get treatment for pneumonia at Kennestone Hospital. He is progressing well and his lungs are getting stronger daily.


Matthew is moving from ICU to a regular hospital room in a few hours. His breathing is much improved.


Please send up prayers. Matthew has been admitted to Kennestone hospital and is now in the ICU for a respiratory infection and asthma attack.

27 thoughts on “Viridian Health Update

  1. Many prayers and blessings! Hope everything is going well, wishing the speediest of recoveries and the best of health! God Bless!

  2. Thanks for keeping us informed. My dad was treated for pneumonia a while ago, but it sounds like the AuthorLord is having a much harder time of it :(.

    (NoFP is #1 on my personal list of “stories I really hope to see continued”. The TVTropes acclaim is well deserved, “a textbook example of how to do a Peggy Sue fic”.)

  3. …And the progress meter for NoFP has moved up 🙂

    You know, just the fact that the Authorlord hasn’t given up on it, after all this time, is an achievement in itself. Lots of great stories are abandoned for much lesser reasons than he has. Kudos.

  4. I haven’t had an opportunity to check in here in a long time. I’m glad I did and I’m glad he is improving! I hope his health continues to improve rapidly!

  5. Oh my gosh! It’s so easy to forget what goes on behind the scenes sometimes. Matthew, I really hope you keep progressing well and getting better and better! I decided to check out your website after getting to chapter 24 of Team 8 (which I Just re-read and it was just as good as the first time!) I’m saddened to hear about your health troubles but now you’ll be in my thoughts too!

  6. So happy to here Matthew is progressing well. I told my husband all the time, if we ever win the lottery I plan to pay him to finish NoFP! In all seriousness, we will be praying for his continued recovery. God Bless!

  7. Hope to hell you get better man! Came from just because I hope you see this!

    So many of us love your writing. And through your writing….. you!

    I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but to have it happen to such an amazing soul and mind is somehow worse. Wishing you good thoughts.

  8. Stumbled across NoFP, then read team 8 after I saw the ridiculous amount of reviews it had…I can gladly say I was not disappointed. While I haven’t read too many fanfics on either stories, your fics are one the best I have. Felt sorry to learn that u had health issues for almost 3 years now but I’m glad to hear you are recovering and gladder still that neither of the stories have been abandoned. Wish u the swiftest of recoveries 🙂

  9. Hi, I am a longtime follower of The Authorlord’s work and I was very upset to hear of his health problems. I just wanted to make a suggestion that helped me last year when I broke my hand but have you heard of Dragon? It’s dictation software, and it let me continue to write when I was recovering. It was a bit buggy, but it seems from your updates that one of his biggest problems is that he can’t sit up for long periods of time or make his way over to the desk? With the software and a wireless headset he wouldn’t have to. Being able to do what I loved made the weeks of waiting for my hand to heal a little less unbearable, so I hope my suggestion is helpful.

    • Thanks for the helpful suggestions. Matthew has tried the various dictation software options available. Using Dragon did not really speed up his writing process any because doing physical therapy would exhaust him for the rest of the day, resulting in sleeping when he wasn’t getting stronger with exercises. However, now that he is able to sit up for longer periods of time, typing is again an option and he is slowly working on writing again.

  10. I am so happy that you are getting stronger and I just want to add my prayers to the rest of your fans. Please be safe and take care of yourself!!

  11. I am very sorry to read that you have been doing so badly for 2 years, and with health problems. I know what it is, because I myself have also lived several hells with health, including the experience of not being able to get out of bed by yourself. I took a lot, but I improved, and I’m sure you’ll get it too, take the time it takes. Meanwhile, you have my best wishes so that you get better sooner, and you recover at all.
    For the rest, hobbies and distractions help you to cope, because that’s how your days become eternal, so at least I hope you encourage that. If you feel like it, and you can write and follow the fics, great, but if what helps you now is doing anything else, do what happiest you do, that also helps with recovery. Those of us who follow and love your stories will wait for you, whatever it takes, because it’s worth it.
    I say goodbye for the moment, wishing you the best for the future.
    I will be attentive to your progress, being happy for every advance you achieve, and sending my best wishes, positive energy and encouragement for you to recover completely.
    Thank you for sharing your talent, and thanks to Runsamok for informing us of what happened to you and your progress, for everything that helps you, and for us too.

  12. And I add that I forgot, I hope you understand my message well, because to write it I had to use the Google translator, as well as to read the written fics in English. But even if you do not understand everything well in the translations of the stories, there are those that are worth imagining because of the context what they actually say, when the translation does not make sense … hahahaha And your fics are of that class, of the that it’s worth not to understand something from time to time, but history, so if I already like them as they do, if I have mastered English to understand them completely, I can not imagine how much I would fall in love. Thanks for them, and for not giving up.

  13. Just finished my 3rd read through of NoFP. I’m close to having read 5 million words of fan fiction in the last 10 months (without re-reads) and NoFP is still by far my favourite fan fic. I check the progress bar on this site every day. Thank you for the amazing fan fic Matthew and I hope your recovery continues smoothly.

  14. Just wanted to leave my well-wishes with the author; he’s a downright brilliant one. I’ve enjoyed reading NoFP more than I actually enjoyed the canon HP works, and I’m glad to see the author is recovering.

  15. I am a new reader of your HP fanfiction (which I find excellent), and I am sorry to hear you are in a difficult situation. I hope you will find courage in your readers voices, and hopefully you will get better soon.
    Happy Christmas (belated) and Happy New Year (in advance)!

  16. I just found NoFP (crushed it in a few days) and I’m aching to read more.
    Saddened to hear about your health. Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery.
    Thank you so much for all the work you’ve already done.

  17. Matthew I hope you recover soon, my best wishes, you are a Great man
    I am a reader of team eigh, and i love this history, i am spanish so sorry if my post its short and lame, but i want that you know i pray for you well being.
    Good bye.

  18. Happy to hear things are getting better. Sending thoughts and prayers from the Balkans. I want to thank you for still writing for us, despite all the obstacles. You truly are an inspiration!

  19. I’m happy to finally se that your are getting better health wise your fanfiction is some of the best I’ve read in years in the last four years I have reread it over 30 times and I’m happy your at a point where you are able to write again and I hope you take your time and make sure you stay healthy because I rather wait than you risk your health in anyway for an update and I hope you get better soon

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