Viridian Health Update

Hello, this is Runsamok posting an update for Viridian:

Many of you have asked about Viridian’s health and recovery status. Here are the updates we posted to Facebook during his hospital visits and ongoing recovery:


Matthew continues getting home health care nurse visits. The next PT landmark is to stand for two minutes, before PT will start transfers from bed to a chair and back. He started with 15 seconds in Aug 2016 and is now up to standing unassisted for 71 seconds, which is great progress!


Matthew continues getting home health care nurse visits. The next PT landmark is to stand for two minutes, before PT will start transfers from bed to a chair and back. He started with 15 seconds in Aug 2016 and is now up to standing unassisted for 63 seconds, which is great progress!


Matthew continues physical therapy and home health care. He has started writing fanfiction again and progress is slow and steady.


Matthew continues physical therapy and home health care. He is able to stand up leaning on a walker for a minute at a time. He is definitely seeing slow and steady progress!


Matthew came home on 8/12. He continues physical therapy and home health care and is definitely seeing slow and steady progress. He is continuing to work hard on his physical therapy and can stand up for 30 seconds at a time


Matthew continues to get physical therapy at Warm Springs Medical Center. He has made great progress.


Matthew completed several weeks of intense rehab at HealthSouth Newnan. He was transferred to Warm Springs Medical Center in Warm Springs, GA for sub-acute care. He got to keep a really nice powered wheelchair he has nicknamed Bumblebee.


HealthSouth Newnan has been very good to Matthew. He has gotten through two weeks of intensive physical and occupational therapy which has helped immensely. The VitalGo Total Lift Bed and a custom wheelchair that they ordered was really helpful. Every day he gets stronger. He will be transitioning from acute care to sub-acute care soon.


Matthew has left the hospital and is now at Health South Rehabilitation in Newnan, GA. I am so excited about the physical therapy they are going to do there.


Matthew is still in the hospital at Piedmont Henry. He is going to be discharged soon and move on to a physical therapy center for more rehab. Please keep our hospital care coordinator in your thoughts as she contacts local therapy centers. So far, the closest place that could accept him is more than 2 hours away! I’m hoping we can find a place that is closer.


Matthew is still in the hospital at Piedmont Henry. He is going to be discharged soon and move on to a physical therapy center for more rehab.


Please keep Matthew in your thoughts. He is back in the hospital today at Piedmont Henry.


Matthew continues to improve doing his physical rehab, meeting all of the goals. Southern Crescent TBI is doing a great job.


Matthew was back in the hospital for awhile for low potassium (hypokalemia). Now he is getting some aggressive physical therapy at Southern Crescent TBI. I’m hopeful that he is able to get some results there.


Matthew’s pneumonia is cleared up. He continues to get breathing treatments, physical and occupational therapy at Signature Healthcare at Tower Road.


Matthew has settled in at Signature for physical rehab. Thank goodness insurance will pay for his treatment 100%. Having no hospital bill and no rehab bill is the best Christmas present.


Matthew will be discharged from the hospital today. He will be going to Signature Healthcare at Tower Road for physical rehab. Thank goodness his pneumonia is gone!


Matthew continues to improve and his lungs are getting stronger.


Matthew will be in the hospital over the Christmas holiday. His pneumonia is clearing up and his wheezing is almost gone.


Matthew is continuing to get treatment for pneumonia at Kennestone Hospital. He is progressing well and his lungs are getting stronger daily.


Matthew is moving from ICU to a regular hospital room in a few hours. His breathing is much improved.


Please send up prayers. Matthew has been admitted to Kennestone hospital and is now in the ICU for a respiratory infection and asthma attack.

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  1. Many prayers and blessings! Hope everything is going well, wishing the speediest of recoveries and the best of health! God Bless!

  2. Thanks for keeping us informed. My dad was treated for pneumonia a while ago, but it sounds like the AuthorLord is having a much harder time of it :(.

    (NoFP is #1 on my personal list of “stories I really hope to see continued”. The TVTropes acclaim is well deserved, “a textbook example of how to do a Peggy Sue fic”.)

  3. …And the progress meter for NoFP has moved up 🙂

    You know, just the fact that the Authorlord hasn’t given up on it, after all this time, is an achievement in itself. Lots of great stories are abandoned for much lesser reasons than he has. Kudos.

  4. I haven’t had an opportunity to check in here in a long time. I’m glad I did and I’m glad he is improving! I hope his health continues to improve rapidly!

  5. Oh my gosh! It’s so easy to forget what goes on behind the scenes sometimes. Matthew, I really hope you keep progressing well and getting better and better! I decided to check out your website after getting to chapter 24 of Team 8 (which I Just re-read and it was just as good as the first time!) I’m saddened to hear about your health troubles but now you’ll be in my thoughts too!

  6. So happy to here Matthew is progressing well. I told my husband all the time, if we ever win the lottery I plan to pay him to finish NoFP! In all seriousness, we will be praying for his continued recovery. God Bless!

  7. Hope to hell you get better man! Came from just because I hope you see this!

    So many of us love your writing. And through your writing….. you!

    I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but to have it happen to such an amazing soul and mind is somehow worse. Wishing you good thoughts.

  8. Stumbled across NoFP, then read team 8 after I saw the ridiculous amount of reviews it had…I can gladly say I was not disappointed. While I haven’t read too many fanfics on either stories, your fics are one the best I have. Felt sorry to learn that u had health issues for almost 3 years now but I’m glad to hear you are recovering and gladder still that neither of the stories have been abandoned. Wish u the swiftest of recoveries 🙂

  9. Hi, I am a longtime follower of The Authorlord’s work and I was very upset to hear of his health problems. I just wanted to make a suggestion that helped me last year when I broke my hand but have you heard of Dragon? It’s dictation software, and it let me continue to write when I was recovering. It was a bit buggy, but it seems from your updates that one of his biggest problems is that he can’t sit up for long periods of time or make his way over to the desk? With the software and a wireless headset he wouldn’t have to. Being able to do what I loved made the weeks of waiting for my hand to heal a little less unbearable, so I hope my suggestion is helpful.

    • Thanks for the helpful suggestions. Matthew has tried the various dictation software options available. Using Dragon did not really speed up his writing process any because doing physical therapy would exhaust him for the rest of the day, resulting in sleeping when he wasn’t getting stronger with exercises. However, now that he is able to sit up for longer periods of time, typing is again an option and he is slowly working on writing again.

  10. I am so happy that you are getting stronger and I just want to add my prayers to the rest of your fans. Please be safe and take care of yourself!!

  11. I am very sorry to read that you have been doing so badly for 2 years, and with health problems. I know what it is, because I myself have also lived several hells with health, including the experience of not being able to get out of bed by yourself. I took a lot, but I improved, and I’m sure you’ll get it too, take the time it takes. Meanwhile, you have my best wishes so that you get better sooner, and you recover at all.
    For the rest, hobbies and distractions help you to cope, because that’s how your days become eternal, so at least I hope you encourage that. If you feel like it, and you can write and follow the fics, great, but if what helps you now is doing anything else, do what happiest you do, that also helps with recovery. Those of us who follow and love your stories will wait for you, whatever it takes, because it’s worth it.
    I say goodbye for the moment, wishing you the best for the future.
    I will be attentive to your progress, being happy for every advance you achieve, and sending my best wishes, positive energy and encouragement for you to recover completely.
    Thank you for sharing your talent, and thanks to Runsamok for informing us of what happened to you and your progress, for everything that helps you, and for us too.

  12. And I add that I forgot, I hope you understand my message well, because to write it I had to use the Google translator, as well as to read the written fics in English. But even if you do not understand everything well in the translations of the stories, there are those that are worth imagining because of the context what they actually say, when the translation does not make sense … hahahaha And your fics are of that class, of the that it’s worth not to understand something from time to time, but history, so if I already like them as they do, if I have mastered English to understand them completely, I can not imagine how much I would fall in love. Thanks for them, and for not giving up.

  13. Just finished my 3rd read through of NoFP. I’m close to having read 5 million words of fan fiction in the last 10 months (without re-reads) and NoFP is still by far my favourite fan fic. I check the progress bar on this site every day. Thank you for the amazing fan fic Matthew and I hope your recovery continues smoothly.

  14. Just wanted to leave my well-wishes with the author; he’s a downright brilliant one. I’ve enjoyed reading NoFP more than I actually enjoyed the canon HP works, and I’m glad to see the author is recovering.

  15. I am a new reader of your HP fanfiction (which I find excellent), and I am sorry to hear you are in a difficult situation. I hope you will find courage in your readers voices, and hopefully you will get better soon.
    Happy Christmas (belated) and Happy New Year (in advance)!

  16. I just found NoFP (crushed it in a few days) and I’m aching to read more.
    Saddened to hear about your health. Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery.
    Thank you so much for all the work you’ve already done.

  17. Matthew I hope you recover soon, my best wishes, you are a Great man
    I am a reader of team eigh, and i love this history, i am spanish so sorry if my post its short and lame, but i want that you know i pray for you well being.
    Good bye.

  18. Happy to hear things are getting better. Sending thoughts and prayers from the Balkans. I want to thank you for still writing for us, despite all the obstacles. You truly are an inspiration!

  19. I’m happy to finally se that your are getting better health wise your fanfiction is some of the best I’ve read in years in the last four years I have reread it over 30 times and I’m happy your at a point where you are able to write again and I hope you take your time and make sure you stay healthy because I rather wait than you risk your health in anyway for an update and I hope you get better soon

  20. Runsamok, assuming that you have access to edit NoFP, would you be interested in a proofread of the existing chapters? I’ve come back to it several times – I find it to be a great feel-good read – and would be happy to do a spelling and grammar check.

  21. Chapter 1 typos:

    Still the patter/Still, the patter

    corner of his mind want/corner of his mind wanted

    set it loose let it rage/set it loose, let it rage

    “Harry?” the/”Harry?” The

    how the pick locks/how to pick locks


    as I though/as I thought

    thinks will look/things will look

    treat certain variety/treat certain varieties

    dependent of the magnitudes/dependent on the magnitudes

    possible send/possibly send

    Harry there isn’t/Harry, there isn’t

    and out of body experience/an out-of-body experience

    finish the calculation/finish the calculations

    in world/in a world

    they quadruple-checking/they quadruple-checked

    one of things/one of the things

    Of course the fact/Of course, the fact

    would have like/would have liked

    and though of/and thought of

  22. Chapter 2 typos:

    eggs on his plate/eggs onto his plate

    stared at Harry;/stared at Harry,

    that going to/that’s going to

    paid his fair/paid his fare

    Did may parents/Did my parents

    usually done however/usually down, however

    couldn’t very well said/couldn’t very well say

    the fact the he/the fact that he


    him mother’s/his mother’s

    as unvarnished a look/as unvarnished a look as possible

    finally get over with it/finally get over it

    Bertie Botts/Bertie Bott’s

    there is charm/there is a charm

    laughable wrong/laughably wrong

    is the habit of/was the habit of

  23. Chapter 3 typos:

    Harry growled “I/Harry growled, “I

    are better that others/are better than others

    won’t let me practice/won’t let me practise

    You parents/Your parents

    (occurs multiple times)

    put the Ron/put Ron

    most cunning Slytherin;/most cunning Slytherin,

    Some appear to/Some appeared to

    four or five were/four or five, were

    He doesn’t even remember/He didn’t even remember

    flash on concern/flash of concern

    his head and the fingers/his head, and the fingers

    let the issue of the formal complaint to drop/let the issue of the formal complaint drop

    appreciate that professor/appreciate that, professor

  24. Chapter 4 typos:

    Trevor, Neville’s toad and
    Trevor, Neville’s toad, and


    ; how do
    : how do

    professor Flitwick
    Professor Flitwick

    due his own
    due to his own

    Priori Incantato
    Prior Incantato

    stream on consciousness
    stream of consciousness

    ; even as her closeness
    , even as her closeness

    had been pestered Harry
    had been pestering Harry

    set a great store in
    set great store by

  25. Chapter 5 typos:


    to practice
    to practise

    Sorcerer’s Stone
    In the UK, the book was titled “Philosopher’s Stone,” which is more historically accurate.

    good nights sleep
    good nights’ sleep

    only consolation that it
    only consolation was that it

    girl’s bathroom
    girls’ bathroom

    did, however notice
    did, however, notice

    and Harry sunk
    and Harry sank

    shot trough
    shot through

    his left hand realized
    his left hand and realized

    he’s, got to
    he’s got to

    Protego.” he
    Protego,” he

    an all too familiar
    an all-too-familiar

    ordeal,” She said
    ordeal,” she said


    ; Harry had to stop Ron
    , Harry had to stop Ron

    Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes
    Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes

    change the course of events;
    change the course of events,

    older students like to
    older students liked to

    Harry had the opportunity
    Harry had had the opportunity

    finished The story
    finished. The story

    “A/N…This story may end up running rather long.”
    😀 Hang in there! Lots of us think it’s worth the wait. I saw it recommended on r/HPfanfiction just yesterday, by someone else who’d noticed the progress update to 62%.

  26. Chapter 6 typos:

    as he repelling
    as he repelled

    “precocious Mudbloods”
    This turns out to have been out of character; Snape was actually quite opposed to the term, as a result of his own mistakes. He wouldn’t use it in a quiet, controlled manner like this. Perhaps “precocious, know-it-all Muggleborns”?

    wiling to
    willing to

    Had he… hired…
    Did he… hire…

    a blazing ruins
    a blazing ruin

    Tonks” Harry whispered
    Tonks,” Harry whispered

    the Dursley’s existed
    the Dursleys existed

    looking thoughtful though,
    looking thoughtful, though,

    (occurs multiple times)

    will be please
    will be pleased

    Harry awoke; momentarily
    Harry awoke, momentarily

    the foot oh
    the foot of

    fudge however,
    fudge, however,

    You didn’t Ron
    You didn’t, Ron

    sat back and nibbled
    sat back and was nibbling

    Harry said his voice
    Harry said, his voice

    Harry shrugged himself,
    Harry shrugged,

    Ginny on the other hand,
    Ginny, on the other hand,

    boys dormitory
    boys’ dormitory

    slower going that
    slower going than

    and knocking it to
    and knocked it to

  27. Chapter 7 typos:

    ; perhaps realizing that
    , perhaps realizing that

    She nodded her eyes
    She nodded, her eyes

    Sorcerer’s Stone
    Should probably be “Philosopher’s Stone”

    in Herbology this year
    This is curious phrasing when it’s their first year. “All year” might be more natural.

    in a thrice
    TIL this is actually a valid phrase – but “in a trice” is probably better

    drop his wand however,
    drop his wand, however,


    pitch. Harry

    decided after not seeing
    decided, after not seeing

  28. Chapter 8 typos:

    Tri-Wizards Cup
    Triwizard Cup

    on it’s own
    on its own

    Harry that is
    Harry, that is

    (occurs multiple times)

    practice with them
    practise with them

    members responsibilities
    members’ responsibilities


    (occurs multiple times)

    morning,” She said
    morning,” she said

  29. Chapter 9 typos:

    Mum,” her daughter’s voice
    Mum.” Her daughter’s voice

    ; her attention fully focused
    , her attention fully focused

    (occurs multiple times)

    It’s possible he was
    It was possible he was


  30. Chapter 10 typos:

    going on here?” his
    going on here?” His

    By some miracle when he
    By some miracle, when he

    Dobby getting triggering
    Dobby triggering

    the Dursley’s hadn’t
    the Dursleys hadn’t

    he could care less
    he couldn’t care less

    the Malfoy’s plot
    the Malfoys’ plot

    away from the Malfoy’s
    away from the Malfoys

    he reasoned A
    he reasoned. A

    add a surreal
    added a surreal

    let the foul creature dropped
    let the foul creature drop

    at he heard
    as he heard

    held up box
    held up the box

    ; they’ll expel you
    , they’ll expel you

  31. Chapter 11 typos:

    slipped out his fingers
    slipped out of his fingers

    concentrate in what
    concentrate on what

    tiny slips
    tiny sips


    ” – that
    Extra space

    next to Floo powder
    next to the Floo powder

    he husband’s
    her husband’s

    What is she doing here,
    What is she doing here?

    ; by his own
    , by his own

    to both wake up and to organise
    to both wake up and organise

    let alone an Unforgivable Curse would
    let alone an Unforgivable Curse, would

    have free reign
    have free rein

    a deep breath and closed his eyes tried to rest
    a deep breath, closed his eyes and tried to rest

  32. Chapter 12 typos:

    Witch’s Weekly
    Witch Weekly

    I mean you don’t have to
    I mean, you don’t have to

    at Gringotts and see
    at Gringotts, and see

    exposed to any usual
    exposed to any unusual

    and but she stood
    but she stood

    could care less
    couldn’t care less

    After a while though,
    After a while, though,

    ; though he figured
    , though he figured


    That we should have continued
    We should have continued

    we seen to have
    we seem to have

    Practice this bit
    Practise this bit

    all of the sudden
    all of a sudden

    my parent’s trust
    my parents’ trust

    let alone get away
    let alone got away

    asked the one of
    asked one of

    her daughters’ correspondence
    her daughter’s correspondence

  33. Chapter 13 typos:

    ever chance she got
    every chance she got

    magical even was enough
    magical even, was enough

    girl’s lavatory
    girls’ lavatory

    kaleidoscope in her memory:
    kaleidoscope in her memory;

    thought it was a sweet
    thought it was sweet

    The Dursley’s had
    The Dursleys had

    all giving deposition
    all giving depositions

    to practice
    to practise

    on it’s own
    on its own

    It seems The Dursleys
    It seems the Dursleys

    the Dursley’s solicitor
    the Dursleys’ solicitor

    Being surrounded by Weasleys:
    Being surrounded by Weasleys –

  34. Chapter 14 typos:

    Nothing serious just smarts
    Nothing serious, just smarts

    his answering grin was even more
    his answering grin even more

    discrete removal
    discreet removal

    with the Weasley’s,
    with the Weasleys,

    I was however able
    I was, however, able


    won’t waste anymore
    won’t waste any more

    Besides it’s a
    Besides, it’s a

    fancier than the Weasleys
    fancier than the Weasleys’

    both to conceal his wand and the
    to conceal both his wand and the

    I though
    I thought

    I thought stay mean
    I thought stay meant


  35. Chapter 15 typos:

    practice it
    practise it

    but refusing to cry was
    but refusing to cry, was


    that still didn’t mean… would it?
    that still didn’t mean… did it?

    my brother’s brooms
    my brothers’ brooms

    Are you a whore?
    I have a hard time imagining the conversation working out after this. It just feels so insulting that surely she would have slapped him, or stormed off to fume or sob. Perhaps if it were instead worded, “Do you think you’re a whore?”

    to practice
    to practise
    (occurs multiple times)

    he said quickly seeing
    he said quickly, seeing

    peoples’ memories
    people’s memories

    I though
    I thought

    the Hogwarts’ Library
    the Hogwarts Library

    home work

    right now were
    right now we’re

    one’s self


    the twin’s
    the twins’
    (occurs multiple times)

    then she laughed realizing
    then she laughed, realizing

    quite a display wasn’t it
    quite a display, wasn’t it

    here after some time after
    here some time after

    by ruddy faced man
    by a ruddy faced man

    yellow hair looked up
    yellow hair, looked up


    his understanding our laws
    his understanding of our laws

    You see the incident
    You see, the incident

    after you we brought to
    after we brought you to

    in front of him however
    in front of him, however,

  36. Chapter 16 typos:

    floored back to
    flooed back to

    (occurs multiple times)

    Floored back
    Flooed back

    Moody, the legendary retired Auror showed up
    Moody, the legendary retired Auror, showed up

    Stationed in each corner
    You know, that’s actually not the best positioning, because if they fired on the prisoner and missed, they could hit each other. A less even distribution might be better; perhaps 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock, 1:30, and 4:30?

    wreck the Ministry’s case wouldn’t it
    wreck the Ministry’s case, wouldn’t it

    the Sirius would
    then Sirius would

    well he has a
    well, he has a

    I might have another look at it tomorrow
    There’s no indication that Mr Weasley noticed the theft, though? Did he forget, and then later assume it was just collected and destroyed with everything else?

    and muzzle was pointed
    and the muzzle was pointed

    to Kingsley “Top
    to Kingsley. “Top

    he said then turned
    he said, then turned

  37. Chapter 17 typos:

    ; her hand fell limply
    , her hand fell limply

    Usually that means
    Usually that meant

    ; he seemed to wither
    , he seemed to wither

    It seems that Ginny
    It seemed that Ginny

    and Flooing up to
    and Floo up to

    senior Malfoys’ hand
    senior Malfoy’s hand

    to practice
    to practise

  38. Chapter 18 typos:

    Already ate Mum
    Already ate, Mum

    the other Weasleys looks
    the other Weasleys looked

    (occurs multiple times)

    apply for Trelawney post
    apply for Trelawney’s post

    sounds like Hogwarts really been
    sounds like Hogwarts has really been

    changing the subject “but
    changing the subject, “but

    to practice
    to practise
    (occurs multiple times)

    He was he forced himself
    He was, he forced himself

    someone he’d know
    someone he’d known

  39. Chapter 19 typos:

    when every else
    when everyone else

    ; trying to hold on
    , trying to hold on

    ; surprised that he was
    , surprised that he was

    stab of jealously
    stab of jealousy

    peoples’ mouths
    people’s mouths

    writing checks
    writing cheques

    a Prefects badge
    a Prefect’s badge

    your sister? He asked
    your sister? he asked

    Of course there were a few snags,
    Of course, there were a few snags;

    in most jurisdictions,
    in most jurisdictions –


    we practice
    we practise
    (occurs multiple times)

    like last time the junior stalker
    like last time, the junior stalker

    of both us
    of both of us

    quite so bad; Otherwise
    quite so bad; otherwise

    to reign in
    to rein in

    your first transfiguration class.
    your first transfiguration class?

  40. Chapter 20 typos:

    simple at first; at least
    simple at first, at least

    who was, coincidentally the other
    who was, coincidentally, the other

    the Weasleys application
    the Weasleys’ application


    coincidence, it seems.
    coincidence, it seemed.


    Harry was some hidden agenda
    Harry has some hidden agenda


    I believe he had earned
    I believe he has earned

    Of course Harry knew
    Of course, Harry knew

    wants to carry her off and so
    wants to carry her off so

    Maybe it didn’t matter if they know
    Maybe it doesn’t matter if they know

    Most of the teams will
    So… 2 out of the other 3?
    I’d probably just word this as, “The other teams will”

    Tell you what;
    Tell you what:

    Don’t ever change Oliver
    Don’t ever change, Oliver

    to practice
    to practise


    ; though Harry knew
    , though Harry knew

    to loose control
    to lose control

    infuriated that first pebble
    infuriated that the first pebble

    the tiniest but thinner
    the tiniest bit thinner

    onto the fireplace
    into the fireplace

    refused the catch
    refused to catch

    his expose
    his exposé

    smirk and reaching back,
    smirk and, reaching back,

    drained out his friend’s
    drained out of his friend’s

  41. Chapter 21 typos:

    your license
    your licence

    your parent’s day
    your parents’ day

    practice our
    practise our

    die And then
    die. And then

    to practice
    to practise

    turned toward her thinking
    turned toward her, thinking


    peoples’ pets
    people’s pets

    waited until he was about to strike the turf when
    waited until he was about to strike the turf before

    Harry look could past
    Harry could look past

    offered to help; using
    offered to help, using

    Boles’ chest
    Bole’s chest

  42. Chapter 22 typos:

    What did you say to him,
    What did you say to him?

    about breaking through the results
    about breaking through, the results

    it was comforting when the lengthening shadows
    their presence was comforting when the lengthening shadows

    , the Slytherin keeper made
    , the Slytherin keeper, made

    (occurs multiple times)

    made sure they hooked up
    This… might not be the best phrase to use. Perhaps “joined up”?

    keep his power reigned in
    keep his power reined in

    That is indeed, the key issue,
    That is indeed the key issue,

    discoveries that seem to happen
    discoveries that seemed to happen

    Harry whispered “I
    Harry whispered, “I

    Harper, a first year student politely thanking
    Harper, a first year student, politely thanking

  43. Chapter 23 typos:

    you still want to make peace… Yes, I am.
    you still want to make peace… Yes, I do.

    Maybe he’s happy she isn’t
    But Mr Granger was frowning. Did Harry mean “she’s happy”?

    join into the chorus
    join in the chorus

    Molly” Mr Weasley said
    Molly,” Mr Weasley said

    wasn’t for lack of reason
    wasn’t without reason

    didn’t know for sure if Lucius already had it
    But Harry saw him go for his cane during the fight at Diagon Alley. That seems pretty compelling.

    than see to what lengths
    than see what lengths

    places that he remembered from his conversations with Dumbledore
    In canon, Harry was present when most were recovered and destroyed. Is that not the case here?


    the Malfoy’s
    the Malfoys’


    he also lead
    he also led

    “Come on. Mate,”
    “Come on, mate,”

    Celestine Warbeck
    Celestina Warbeck

    The Ministry wouldn’t know this is Harry, but if they detected the use of memory charms and wine conjuration, wouldn’t that put a rather different spin on the men being found in the alleyway?

  44. Chapter 24 typos:

    to know over
    to knock over

    let Mrs Weasley drag back
    let Mrs Weasley drag him back

    to forgot
    to forget

    if I’d know
    if I’d known

    the set the cup
    then set the cup

    might have also origins
    might also have origins

    “Percy was definitely the most… He was definitely the most”
    Perhaps the second instance could become “He was also”, or the first could drop “definitely”.

    When know one
    When no one

    “also looking at Harry a little oddly as well”
    This doubles up. Maybe drop “also”?

    in the corner raised its head
    in the corner, raised its head

    If anything Sirius looked
    If anything, Sirius looked

    glad to you seem
    glad you seem

    But what about Dumbledore, you said he can
    But what about Dumbledore? You said he can

    do it was well
    do it as well

    appeared to following
    appeared to follow

    “They were starving you, weren’t they?”
    Sirius already explained about that.

    conjuring and Spellwork in here.
    conjuring and spellwork in here?

    Priori Incantatem will only show
    Prior Incantato will only show

    the evenings awkwardness
    the evening’s awkwardness

    too you both
    to you both


    paid for it was well
    paid for it as well

    You’re James son
    You’re James’ son

    Sirius’s speculation
    Sirius’ speculation
    (either dropping or retaining the extra “s” would be OK, but other parts of the story tend to drop it, so for consistency let’s do that.)

    You WHAT!
    You WHAT?!

    Sirius roared leaping up
    Sirius roared, leaping up

    could you kill yourself!
    could you kill yourself?!

    so that exactly what he
    so that’s exactly what he

    with using a Pensieve
    without using a Pensieve

    hardy his fault
    hardly his fault

    Nothing phased the man
    Nothing fazed the man

    think that are doing
    think that they are doing

    the told him
    then told him


    your parent’s cottage
    your parents’ cottage

    trying to figure our
    trying to figure out

    pulled it off.” Harry said
    pulled it off,” Harry said

    fine Muggle literature.
    fine Muggle literature?

    appreciate those ingredients thought
    appreciate those ingredients though

    up a way, you’d
    up to. In a way, you’d

    when have you ever known us
    When have you ever known us

    seemed to a trademark
    seemed to be a trademark

    , and the excitement of the day left
    , and the excitement of the day, left

    lurking the in kitchen
    lurking in the kitchen

  45. Chapter 25 typos:

    didn’t remember; being distracted
    didn’t remember, being distracted

    Harry said completing
    Harry said, completing

    : Right now
    : right now

    playing an inordinate amount
    paying an inordinate amount

    replied in a drawl and then
    replied in a drawl, and then

    snapped “You
    snapped, “You

    it’s size
    its size

    Lily and James Potter and I
    Lily and James Potter, and I

    more subdued that when
    more subdued than when

    (occurs multiple times)

    New Years Eve
    New Year’s Eve
    (occurs multiple times)

    done with so he can
    done with so he could

    so he can see whether
    so he could see whether

    So he can relax
    So he could relax

    ones balance
    one’s balance


    to practice
    to practise
    (occurs multiple times)

    ; not that he was likely
    – not that he was likely

    years worth
    years’ worth

    anyone who fell, the latter,
    anyone who fell; the latter,

    February, Draco

    the keep from
    to keep from

    well you know the old saying
    well, you know the old saying

    a couple of second
    a couple of seconds

    the hulking girls
    the hulking girl

  46. Chapter 26 typos:




    beat Hermione on an essay.
    Missing closing quote

    stairs that lead to
    stairs that led to

  47. Chapter 27 typos:

    , all other things being equal
    ; all other things being equal

    Myrtle back away
    Myrtle backed away

    but Harry had enough
    but Harry had had enough

    : if any of you want
    ; if any of you want

    He hissed “Open”, again
    He hissed “Open” again

    a madman bent on killing Mudbloods
    Harry wouldn’t use such language, would he? Wouldn’t he say “Muggle-borns”?

    Speak to me Slytherin
    Speak to me, Slytherin

    I though
    I thought

    The Hermione was
    Then Hermione was

    The he reached out
    Then he reached out

    You’re right Hermione
    You’re right, Hermione

    a long day Harry
    a long day, Harry

    Hogwarts Maybe
    Hogwarts. Maybe

    a let out a
    and let out a

  48. Chapter 28 typos:

    the American’s captured
    the Americans captured

    , up on her toes and
    , up on her toes, and

    to practice
    to practise

    more emotional depth that
    more emotional depth than

    (occurs multiple times)

    It was good to be alive, Harry reflected
    It’s good to be alive, Harry reflected

    “No Ron,”
    “No, Ron,”

    insure you don’t
    ensure you don’t


    come to me or Minerva
    I don’t think Professor Dumbledore would refer to her by first name when speaking to a student

    you returned

    Albus you are wrong
    Albus, you are wrong

    She exclaimed.
    she exclaimed

    one and

    ; because of Harry.
    , because of Harry.

    , keeping the Ministry
    ; keeping the Ministry

    if they are murders
    if they are murderers

    one serious flaw;
    one serious flaw:

    might practice
    might practise

    “Am I seeing things,”
    “Am I seeing things?”

    asked “What
    asked, “What

    casting quickly; alternating
    casting quickly, alternating


    a couple minutes
    a couple of minutes

    boy’s dormitory
    boys’ dormitory

  49. Chapter 29 typos:

    not only liked to cook and was
    not only liked to cook but was

    She’s a bit of quick study
    She’s a bit of a quick study

    in shaky voice
    in a shaky voice


    the Diggory’s
    the Diggorys’

    you practice
    you practise

    to practice
    to practise

    the Weasley’s living room
    the Weasleys’ living room

    they have the right to make
    they had the right to make

    the margins on old copies
    the margins of old copies

    Harry reigned in
    Harry reined in

    Weasley, rinsed

  50. Chapter 30 typos:

    to practice
    to practise

    (occurs multiple times)

    we did practice
    we did practise

    after their house was connected to
    after their house was connected, to

    the Granger’s
    the Grangers’

    watching them practice
    watching them practise

    Kings Cross
    King’s Cross

    via Hedwig

    it was if they’d
    it was as if they’d

  51. Chapter 31 typos:

    no less mortifying than to show up
    no less mortifying to show up

    “Marauder?” they asked
    It would actually make more sense in context for them to say “Marauder?”

    Transfigured some twigs and left them
    Transfigurations are short-lived though, right? Harry thought so when he was using a transfigured rope to escape the chamber of secrets.

    from it surface
    from its surface

    to practice
    to practise


    laws not really fair
    laws are not really fair

    pleased the he
    pleased that he

    Harry shrugged; glad he hadn’t
    Harry shrugged, glad he hadn’t

    “Do you know what the Ministry did”
    Harry has previously told him… Perhaps he should instead ask whether Mr Weasley remembers?

  52. Chapter 32 typos:

    The Weasleys may be
    The Weasleys might be


    deference for
    deference to

    practice a bit
    practise a bit

    Some peoples’
    Some people’s

  53. Chapter 33 typos:

    around the desks moving away
    around the desks, moving away

    replaced by a sprawled corpse
    replaced by another sprawled corpse

    asked hopefully; joy alight
    asked hopefully, joy alight

    would have lead
    would have led

    returned to staff room
    returned to the staff room

    in deceptively mild tone
    in a deceptively mild tone

    he did, in fact fail
    he did, in fact, fail

    nodded slowly; feeling like
    nodded slowly, feeling like

    and not hang down
    and not hanging down

    Members of the society, flinched back,
    Members of the society flinched back,

  54. Chapter 34 typos:


    she’s takes
    she takes

    better than their classmates
    better than their classmates’

    the Hogwarts’ wards
    the Hogwarts wards

    the Hogwarts’ staff
    the Hogwarts staff

    very direct demonstration on
    very direct demonstration of

    ahead of the Ministry and other parties
    ahead of the Ministry and various other parties

    everyone in the Great Hall were wearing armbands
    everyone in the Great Hall was wearing an armband

    “also had some Occlumency training as well”
    Redundant, maybe drop “also”

  55. Chapter 35 typos:

    ran amuck
    “ran amok” is generally preferred

    peoples’ toes
    people’s toes

    the Weasley’s first-born
    the Weasleys’ first-born


    right as opened
    right as he opened

    what happed
    what happened

    Wizarding Wheezes
    Wizard Wheezes

    New Years
    New Year’s

    most Hogwarts’ students
    most Hogwarts students


  56. Chapter 36 typos:

    looking forwards to
    looking forward to

    the Hogwarts’ staff
    the Hogwarts staff

    Kings Crossing
    King’s Cross
    (occurs multiple times)

    we practice
    we practise

    Not really unfriendly, really
    Really really?

    Part of him, the memories of his older self was
    Part of him, the memories of his older self, was

    with wispy white hair that Harry
    with wispy white hair, that Harry

    even if the Ministry even lets
    even if the Ministry lets

    ; something he doubted
    , something he doubted

  57. Chapter 37 typos:

    she been talking
    she’d been talking

    not to mention the light from their wands was
    not to mention the light from their wands, was

    ; because she wasn’t able
    , because she wasn’t able

    to practice
    to practise
    (occurs multiple times)

    I practice
    I practise
    (occurs multiple times)


  58. Chapter 38 typos:

    He voice
    Her voice

    more amused really, than offended
    more amused, really, than offended



    don’t need anymore
    don’t need any more

    Maxime, Headmistress of Beauxbatons confided
    Maxime, Headmistress of Beauxbatons, confided

  59. Chapter 39 typos:

    The recreationist’s
    The recreationists’

    only Honeyduke’s
    only Honeydukes

    special edition of the Daily Prophet
    How come Rita was tearing strips off the Ministry in the Prophet, which is pro-Ministry?

    the back of neck
    the back of his neck

    In you class
    In your class

    considered your words insulting Mister Potter
    considered your words insulting, Mister Potter

    a brisk as
    as brisk as

    tastes – specifically,

    Hogwart’s: A History
    Hogwarts: A History

  60. Chapter 40 typos:

    a personal affront and managed
    a personal affront, and managed

    St Mungos
    St Mungo’s

    was one thing, win or lose at the end
    was one thing; win or lose at the end

    The Death Eaters… was a different matter
    The Death Eaters… were a different matter

    There is also the matter
    There was also the matter

    “Did he tell you why last night?”
    There was no mention of the Weasleys learning Legilimency, so who would have tested Charlie’s shields?

    the Weasleys’ hadn’t
    the Weasleys hadn’t

    Wizarding Wheezes
    Wizard Wheezes


    the Bedlam
    the bedlam

    whisper “He
    whisper, “He

    Sonorous charm
    Sonorus charm

    Fudge who had no idea
    Fudge, who had no idea

    Eric’s stupefy
    Eric’s Stupefy

  61. Chapter 41 typos:


    No sooner did they cross the wards then
    No sooner did they cross the wards than

    I did, however colour-code
    I did, however, colour-code

    massaged his temples trying to
    massaged his temples, trying to

    Madam Bone’s office
    Madam Bones’ office

  62. And last (for now), but certainly not least, chapter 42!



    Bubotuber puss
    Bubotuber pus

    practically tied in knots:
    practically tied in knots;

    dissolved in to
    dissolved into

    . care to explain
    . Care to explain

    This lead to
    This led to

    professor McGonagall
    Professor McGonagall


    at Hermione who had
    at Hermione, who had

    the visitor’s best
    the visitors’ best

    Two…” He said
    Two…” he said

    He was still was curious
    He was still curious

    to practice
    to practise

    the Headmistress had in mind,”
    End of paragraph, should be a full stop.

    do ones best
    do one’s best

    and the services of
    and ze services of

    more flattering that the
    more flattering than the

    tiny noise that turns up
    tiny nose zat turns up

    :Oui, Fleur
    “Oui, Fleur

    the Beauxbaton’s students
    the Beauxbatons students

    mean?” he didn’t
    mean?” He didn’t

    , in extreme cases
    ; in extreme cases

    the champion’s names
    the champions’ names

    shown as bright as day
    showed as bright as day

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