AuthorLord Update 3


Greetings to the AuthorLord Army,

Progress on the next chapter of NOFP is ongoing and the progress bar has been updated!

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16 thoughts on “AuthorLord Update 3”

  1. Yes yes yes! I’m dying to know what happens next! Why the particular event of GOF is repeating itself! Also, really eager to read how the Yule Ball turns around this time.

    I wish I could donate bitcoins, as where I live Patreon and Paypal are blocked.

    P.S. How is S’TarKan? I hope he’s doing well, I appreciated the recovery updates.

  2. I’m VERY excited to see the update bar move! The last few weeks, I’ve been refreshing the page a few times a day in the hopes that it moves. I almost didn’t believe it when it actually did!

    Of all the HP fanfics I’ve read, this is without any doubt the highest quality one. And my favorite, too.

    I hope AuthorLord’s recovery continues!

  3. Ayyy, nice! Glad to see the Authorlord is up and about, or at least feeling well enough to write. Wishing yall good days to come and such.

  4. I’m very happy to see this updated! NoFP is my all time favourite fan fiction. I reread it every few months and it’s always a treat. Looking forward to whatever happens next.

  5. I’m loving NoFP so bad. I’m a patreon (only for 1$ atm, cause it’s pretty tight being at uni), and convinsing other HP lovers to read your story as well. Thank you for the update, and thank god that your health is improving!

  6. Hurrah! I had almost abandoned hope. Glad he’s feeling better, and I’m glad this great fic is moving forward!

  7. Good to hear S’TarKan is still making progress in both health and still writing. I hope your recovery continues to progress at this encouraging rate.

  8. That is awesome news. I really love your work. It is simply magical how you blend perfectly with the canon, making it seem like you’ve been with the first Harry from the start. I hope you can continue this amazing story, but at a pace that is comfortable for you.

  9. It’s great news that S’TarKan making a good recovery. I really admire his work in NOFP, and hope he is able to continue it. It’s really a treasure in HP fanfics.

  10. Why has he stopped working on Team 8? We’ve been waiting for an update since the release of the last NOFP release.

  11. Why doesn’t he just admit that Team 8 is dead. This way he can put all his effort into the story that he obviously prefers to be working on, NOFP.

    The last chapter he did was for NOFP. then, after barely getting out 2,000 words of Team 8, he stops and starts putting all effort into a new chapter of NOFP.

    • Seriously, I’ve been waiting for the Chunin exam for years :'(

      I don’t mind him taking a while, I mind if he’s given up and not told us

    • He had been alternating chapters for NOFP and Team 8 for years but occasionally works on them out of order if one is flowing better.

      None of the stories are abandoned! However Matthew was inspired to write a particular scene for NOFP and that chapter flowed more freely this one time so it was posted before the next Team 8 chapter.

  12. Hey man I’m a huge fan of your Team 8 story. Have you given up on that or are you planning on writing more?

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