Thank you for your support

Thank you all for the continued support through comments, posting and visiting the forum, sending detailed reviews, and adding a $1 here and there to the tip jar. Your enthusiasm and energy is definitely appreciated.

The blog has gone through a few upsets since it was recently hacked (only the front page for awhile) so we are working to secure it while still making it accessible to everyone who wants to read the posts.

Please excuse any little hiccups this may cause!

8 thoughts on “Thank you for your support”

  1. So, now, that I’m registered here, I’d like to say 2 things:
    1 – YOU ROCK!!!
    2 – I created my WordPress profile especially to say the first thing.

    Thank you!
    (a longer comment/forum entry incoming, but right now I don’t have time for a rant, nor any coherent thoughts, just finished reading the published chapters of Team 8 and I’m still well… uh… wow!)

  2. Hey! I just wanted to congreatulate you on a job well done! I loved Team 8, my current favorite fanfic. Plus, I love how it is not yet finished, even though it is not often updated. I just wanted to tell you to keep up a good work, which earnt my respect, and that does not come out of me easily.

  3. Hello

    I dont know about Team 8, because i am not an anime fan, but i admire your work. Especialy last chapter of NOPF was just epic, but i hope for some ritas Articles about Fudges incapability for being minister.

    Sorry fo my English and May the Force be with You

  4. Sorry don’t know if this was the right place give out a suggestion on publishing. I just published a book with Xlibris who is a vanity publisher. Titled The Lord of Shadows Rises. If you can’t get a traditional publisher I recommend doing some research about vanity where you pay to get it edited and publisher. I won’t most are expansive and the first contract will not be a favor for you. But it might be the only place to get a book published and use the first book to hit up small press traditional. Let us be honest you are not going to sign up with a New York publisher. Any way love Team 8 on Fanfiction and hope you manage to get a book published. Even J.K had to go vanity with Harry Potter new writers will get no attention from publishers.

    Keep writing you are doing great

  5. I just wanted to thank you for your awesome fics! You definitely rock!
    I don’t want to push you (sine you are not anywhere to be found), but I would be totally glad if you work on and post the next chapter of HP-NOPF fic.
    So, I hope you read my message and tell all of your fans whether chapter 40 is coming out or not…
    Once again, Thanks for your great work. 😉

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