Name the AuthorLord’s Fanbase

So far, the most popular (out of 105 votes) were the following: AuthorLord’s Army (ALA) The Faithful Ones / The Patient Ones  / The Superduper Ones Monastic Order of Patience (MOOP) / Loyal to Past a Fault Tie:  S’TarKers  VS Team AuthorLord  / House S’TarKan Stop by the Forum to vote on your favorite from among these choices. Thank you so much for … Read more Name the AuthorLord’s Fanbase

New Domain!

Hello, the domain finally became available and so we scarfed it up immediately. Since that one actually, you know, makes sense we’re going to use it as the primary domain. Most of the internal links here and on the forum should reflect that, though the old domain points here as well. You may … Read more New Domain!