Scout Report: Schocke Residence

Notes from Scout Brandon on the lair of the brilliant but evil author.

(posted on the Viridian Dreams Yahoo Group)

Saturday, 1000
After extensive research and decoding of texts, I have located the entrance to the lair of Author Schocke. I go now with proper sacrifices in hopes of gaining audience with and finding out about our mysterious benefactor.

Saturday, 1600
After many hours of travel, I have arrived. The entrance is cunningly disguised as a modest home in a nice neighborhood. Undaunted, I made sure that I have taken all known truth serum antidotes and have many antivenoms ready for use. I walk up to the entrance and make myself known. The door is answered and I offer my sacrifice of the first 175 subbed episodes of Naruto. My sacrifice is accepted and I am allowed in.

Saturday, 2000
After a Blood Oath to not reveal the author’s whereabouts, I am treated to a strange ritual involving some very good Mongolian BBQ. After this ritual I am given the answers to the lesser mysteries that is the future of Team 8 and Out of the Darkness. By my own request to not go completely mad I am not given the greater mystery answers to that of NoFP.

Sunday, 0400
After many hours of conversation, I have managed to elude the author to update this by feigning the need for sleep. But they have left the guard dog here to watch over me, so I must still not arouse suspicion of my infiltration. I have much to think over, and I will make my escape soon.

Sunday, 0800
I have escaped, hopefully with the author not knowing of my treachery, for I now have knowledge of future happenings of the worlds! But alas, the blood oath I had sworn upon entering the author’s domain keeps me  from telling anyone else. At least I know them.

So, anyways. Matthew has his Naruto episodes now, so hopefully we can see Team 8 and Out of the Darkness updates. And no, you can’t have spoilers from me. I did get to help with a scene for Team 8, but it’s not going to happen for a while. Funny one though.