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  1. Thanks so much, Matt. I really enjoyed this chapter! Why aren’t you using your fabulous creative mind on books of your own? You have plenty of fans.

  2. I’ve posted review on ff.net but I’m sooo fliping out about the news;)))
    Thanks for the chapter, I really enjoyed reading! !
    Ps:sry for possible grammar mistakes… I’m no native…

  3. (no english native here)
    Great chapter as always. I never commentate in the internet, but at this point I have to!
    I read your two “Main-Stories” several times and have to admit, that I like them even more than the originals.
    The depth of the characters and the intelligence of the plot is just brilliant (and I’m not that easy to convince ;))
    Greetings from germany and keep going!

  4. Stumbled accross this fanfiction when I had never read one before. You are amazing by fanfiction standards, and a good author by anyone’s standards. I’ll be refreshing your page weekly – I love your work.

  5. Commenting here because FF.net won’t allow me to post a second review of Chapter 21 of NoFP (or any chapter of anything) even though it’s been almost seven years.

    “On the other hand, the Ministry might need that prison again some day.”

    When I was originally reading this story, “Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality” did not yet exist; reading that fic forced me to really think about the implications of dementors and Azkaban in light of the ethics of torture and punishment as broadly understood by civilized people (a category which, of course, does not include sadistic war criminals like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld) in the real world. I have to agree with rationalist!Harry’s conclusion that any government that subjects prisoners, *regardless of their crimes,* to the presence of dementors, far less any government that would even consider subjecting anyone to the dementor’s kiss, has no conceivable claim to be on the side of Light against the Dark. I’m curious as to whether you’ve been reading HPMOR, and if so, whether that will end up affecting your Harry’s take on dementors and the ethical acceptability of Azkaban’s existence.

    I previously had read this fic up through chapter 37; with the recent posting of Chapter 40 revealing that you haven’t abandoned it after all, and the concurrent posting of the final arc of HPMOR renewing my interest in HP fan-fic generally, I decided to reread it from the beginning before catching up on the last three chapters. Onward!

    • If you are interested in how dementors are used by wizarding society, I strongly recommend you read the section in Forging the Sword, chapter 12, by Myst Shadow where a competent professor opens a class discussion about classifying dementors and options regarding them. I was fascinated by the ideas from several viewpoints presented. I love the entire fic and think it has many great explorations for similar canon things (an explanation for GoF’s “binding magical contract” never used again that makes sense! a reason for an entire race’s acceptance of slavery), though the first chapter is of course the earliest and the poorest writing, verging on melodrama, so that turns some people off before they get to the much improved prose and fantastically realistic maturing of each of the Trio and wiz culture.

      Great quote in your comment, and a perfect reference to the Weasley twins. I particularly love how the Authorlord makes the well-known characters that much more complex, and the twins more layered than just slapstick, with differences between Fred and George too.
      I am definitely a character-driven writer myself and that is a great strength in NoFP, with so many characters growing and getting arcs and not just a main one or three. The latest chapter forty had a great moment pointing out one of Harry’s flaws in how he regards Percy, his strength in recognizing that in himself, and a look into Percy as an ally without losing all of his canon respect for authority and job’s ambition.

    • Those who are asking about whether I have a Patreon account.. well now I do, thanks to so many requests!

  6. I just want you to know how grateful I am for this. Thanks Matt, I really appreciate it. I’m a huge fan of your awesome FFN 🙂
    I began reading it a while ago, but I was really sad that you never began writing this chapter. Until now.
    Unfortunately, I had to go back and read from Chapter 30, beginning of the 3rd year to recall and catch up the events. I haven’t reached the 40th chapter yet 😀
    I just want to ask one thing from you: Please, never stop writing this amazing fanfiction. You ARE truly an amazing writer, with lots of creativity.
    I expect to read at least up to the 5th or 6th year. Will you continue writing until you reach it? I hope so. 😉
    Once again, thanks for this great FFN.
    Have a great day.

  7. WTF??? Are you taking steroids for your brain? Jesus, you went from 29% to 77% so fast! Wow! I’m stunned! Keep up the great work!

  8. Fun chapter. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to the next.

    That being expressed, I hope Voldemort figures out what Harry Potter is up to. He could find a spell or strategy (vast experience) only he and Dumbledore might know to get things back on track and more importantly prevent any future ‘time’ jumping.

    Luckily, team good will be more prepared. The end will still be sweet but I want them to truly earn it.

  9. Hello,
    It’s hard to believe your fanfiction began ten years ago. After all, it’s more than half my age. I’ve been reading it for two weeks and I’m already finished… It’s pretty sad and disturbing knowing how much work and time it costs. I had great pleasure in reading it, and hope you will continue the good work.
    There are things which I think are questionnable, such as the lack of real challenge for the protagonist, but it’s still very interesting. Of course the last book of the author wasn’t published yet, so there are some things which are sounding weird, such as Snape’s character and the fact Harry Potter was an horcruxe. Also, the lack of flaws from Harry Potter friends which makes them less human and special. I find that they lack personnality compared to their first year. I don’t believe growing up is about loosing every one of your flaws.

    • This story was started during a time when I was not working and had plenty of free time. Eventually, I started working full time and updates slowed down. Also, health issues for the past two years prevented me from updating as often as I liked. Now that I am again no longer working full time, you should see a new chapter posted on one of my fanfiction stories once a month or so.

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