10 thoughts on “Chapter 23 of Team 8”

    • I have a hard time when I try to think about which story I like more. I originally was looking for HP time travel and found NOFP and after days of catching up on so many chapters of the epic I was amazed by the depth and detail and characterization and impressed by the writing style. So impressed I tried reading Team 8 just because S’Tarkan wrote it, even though I normally don’t read any Naruto fanfic. And then Team 8 was just as amazing with new ideas, realistic ninja lifestyle, and character development for Naruto and Hinata and even Shino, not to mention the awesome action.

      I now eagerly follow both stories, but I do have to struggle right after finishing the latest chapter about how I want more of *that* story now, but the Authorlord alternates so I have to wait for the next fic to be updated first! And then I remember how awesome the other fic is and read through it again in preparation of the new chapter. But the moment when I finish the latest chapter is always a groan of agony for having to wait to see what will happen next. These latest chapters were crazy quick, however, NOFP and then Team 8 within two weeks. Wow and thank you! And NOFP is showing 91% already! Tell me how the aurors react to that ending!

  1. Finally a new chapter…I dare say I’m becoming hopeful due to Matt’s increased activity, anyone know if he has a Patreon account, if so how do I find it?

  2. Those who are asking about whether I have a Patreon account.. well now I do, thanks to so many requests!

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