13 thoughts on “Patreon site for Viridian Dreams Launched”

  1. Hi, I saw that you were beginning the next chapter of NOFP and it made me so excited that I had to pledge something. Looking forward to more from the Gryffindor Six 🙂

  2. There you go!

    Be sure to mention this at the end of any new chapter you post. I get the feeling that most ff.net readers do not know of this site. At least many reviewers keep asking whether you are still writing, when there is a progress bar and more information here.

  3. NoFP is one of the best fanfics I’ve read ( despite not being finished ) So glad to see an update coming. I’ve read some very good fanfics and have often felt a little guilty for enjoying them for free knowing the effort that must be behind such writing. Opened a Patreon account today just to give a few dollars to you for the past enjoyment I’ve had .. and hopefully to make it easier for you to create more 🙂

  4. You guys are something else, pledging money for Matt to write fan fic, granted even I do enjoy his Team 8 but if you want any further evidence of how selfish he is just look at the “milestones” nothing there about what he’ll do for us except some pithy thing about a book if we replace his salary.

    Really there are things like charities out there desperate for money of any amount. Yet you guys are currently giving your money to someone pretty unworthy.

    • Are you talking about my Patreon site? If so, we may need to revisit the explanations on the site. I am not asking for money to write fanfic. The “per chapter” figure is for the Original Fiction. Currently, my awesome backers are supporting “The Deal”, which is set in my own little modern fantasy Midwest. (This may not be clear because what I posted is only visible to patrons.)

      We polled people on the forums, asking what rewards people would like to see for milestones or personal perks. For example: the first one involves me recording a short story reading. If you would like to see other kinds of milestones or rewards, please post your suggestions.

      On a side note: I welcome comments and criticism, positive or negative. I hope this was just a misunderstanding regarding what the site was aimed at, and I appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me to clarify.

  5. Hi Matthew!
    Well, I did think the patreon site was for your fanfics.
    I love your fanfictions, mostly HPNoFP and Team 8, but the others as well. HPNoFP channels a lot of love, friendship and happiness, Team 8 as well, and I am grateful you wrote them and are still continuing them.
    I assume you could be attacked by copyright laws if you got money for the fanfictions specifically, but I still want to support those, more than your original fic. Sorry if it offends you.
    I guess I will just remove the patreon pledge and donate an anmount occasionally via paypal. Sorry if it won’t be much though, i don’t live in a rich country.
    Anyways, thank you a lot for writing, and for sharing your writings with us! 🙂
    I wish you all the bests!

    • If you want to be a patron of my writing, please use Patreon to send me money. It doesn’t offend me to have people send me money because of the fanfiction writing. In fact, there was a tip jar for a long time on the blog here. The post on the blog was clarifying that Patreon supporters are “paying” for chapters of my original fiction writing because I don’t want to get in legal trouble.

  6. Just so you know for some reason the comment I wrote for my donation did not appear at all, only the amount and my name is listed on the wall.
    It’s alright, but I guess there is some kind of bug.

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