Contest: Name the AuthorLord’s Fans



This is Runsamok, wife and beta for the AuthorLord.

I’m creating a contest to name the AuthorLord’s fanbase.

Specifically, what do you want to be called, as an overall group?

How shall the AuthorLord address his faithful readers?


Please post your contest entry in the Viridian Dreams Forum.

You can find a link to the forum on the right side of the blog page.

Suggestions made in the comments on the blog will not count as contest entries.


I’m also taking suggestions for a proper reward for the person who submits the “winning” entry.

There will be a forum poll to vote on suggested rewards.

Please don’t use profanity in your contest entries.

The goal is a respectful name that you’d actually want to use.

Go go go!

Edit: 1/28/2015: There is now a poll for voting for the submitted names. Let the voting begin!

23 thoughts on “Contest: Name the AuthorLord’s Fans”

  1. How about The Patient? 😉

    I don’t mean that in a snarky way, I really am patient. And I have a family and a job and I know the demands on time and creativity. So I’m just pleased that he’s still planning on continuing the book, however long it takes. I’ll still be waiting. 🙂

  2. The superduper ones;) don’t know if the author knows it but the story have the highest numbers of favourites of all fanfics on and thus probl the whole world…

  3. I like “The Faithful Ones” as a name for the fanbase. For those who’ve stuck by through the years. 😛

  4. Well, for a contest like this to really work, it seems like there needs to exist an active fan base. Unfortunately, that seems to have disintegrated due to the absence of semi-reliable updates.

    Still, those who remain may not care a lot about what they are called. That could of course change if new chapters started arriving every few months again. But no pressure, put your personal life foremost!

  5. Thanks for the suggestions for fanbase names. By the way, these need to be posted in the forum under the “Announcements” section in order to earn a reward from the AuthorLord.

    There is an active fan base and they post frequently on the forums. They don’t post much on the blog, however, so please don’t judge the “activity” based on the blog comments. =)

  6. ok…2 good news… we’ll get a Name ..and also (maybe) we’ll get some new chapters soon (let me dream, please :3 )

    and also, “the faithful ones” sounds good :3

  7. I enjoy the “The Faithful One’s” suggestion by Ana.

    Honestly the fans reminds me a little of hunter x hunter’s (aka Hiatus x Hiatus) fan-base.

    In case you didn’t catch the reference from my name (this si also my name on I don’t mean that as an insult. It simply means that we are incredibly patient individual.

    To be honest As long as you eventually continue your amazing stories I really don’t mind waiting.

    Anyways I hope AuthorLord gets some time to continue his writings. GL

  8. im glad to hear NOFP is still on, it had been so long i was afraid my favorite HP story was not going to be continued.

    naturally i even started writing in my head scenes i would want to see. Like…

    how to get dumbles into the game safly, cause with the timeline toast his mind is now needed.

    I said it in a eview and maybe a PM to you on FFnet. i am not sure you got it but…that was probly the best way i have seen moody honored in death…he is my second favorite male charitor in the HP storys riht behind neville.

    well im done ranting for now.


  9. Call us your Death Eaters! We can even get matching tattoos on our forearms. But wait.. I think someone already did that..
    Just finished the last chapter that was posted and wow, I hope I get to read another chapter before I leave for Naval RTC

  10. The Faithful Ones, I recommend. By far, NoFP is my fav fan fic work and I will continue to wait until the next chapter. I know life gets in the way of creativity! lol, but your fans appreciate great work. I will just reread what has been written again…and again!

  11. The aging. I was 9 when I started reading your fanfictions and now I’m 18. I’ve doubled in age, grown 2 feet and gone throguh puberty since you started Team 8 and NOFP. With your current upload speed of a chapter from one fanfic every year (2014 was 0 and 2010 was 2) and no end in sight for either fanfiction I honestly doubt that they will ever get finished. Harry Potter is only on year 3 and Naruto hasn’t even reached shippuden yet. Regardless, you are a fantastic writer and I could never have come as far as you have with them. I will read your work as long as you semi-active and hope to one day be able to read the epilogues.

  12. Daydreamers! That way True Colors fans can be included (although my favorite of your fics is Team 8).

  13. Here we go, first post of the new year. I marathoned NOFP and it was great, and I’d love to see more!

    You still have fans, Authorlord!

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