Uncertain employment is uncertain!

Uncertain employment is uncertain!

Yes, I need to get back in gear. Hopefully when things calm down (and I am no longer working under threat of the client cancelling the contract) I can get back on a normal schedule. At this point, NoFP is due for the next update and I’m reading back through the posted chapters to get everything fresh in my head again.

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  1. May suggest opening a Patreon account? It’s an excellent way for your fans to support your writing and help you make ends meet. =) Check it out.

  2. Hello Matthew,
    I hope everything will be soon alright with your employment.
    I have just completed reading reading your story of NoFP. It’s kind of strange because it’s maybe 5 or 6 years I read Hp fanfictions and I had suddenly mood to pick it up again. I was lucky to discover right away your translated story in my native language. I consider this fanfiction to be one of the best I’ve read and I was so excited about it I searched for the original story (well, one likes reading in his/her mother tongue more than in the second language, it’s really faster) – “Maybe there will be more chapters of it!” But it wasn’t, the translator was so responsible and evenly excited with his “job” like me with the reading.
    I am looking forward to the next chapter of NoFP. I am now too impatient to wait like a good “child” for translation so I will take on my reading skills in English. In meanwhile I’ll take a look at your other stories.
    Ps: It’s quite interesting you posted this article at the same time I have completed the reading.
    …And, truly sorry for my unrefined English.
    Take care and good luck in your private and “writing” life.

  3. > … I’m reading back through the posted chapters to get everything fresh in my head again.

    That’s reasonable enough. I’ve read through NoFP multiple times to do much the same thing myself. 🙂

    Pleased/encourage/hopeful to know that it’s still on your list of things to do! Thanks for the good news.

  4. My Lord man you don’t know what this means to me! I love your works and NoFP is probably one of the best things I’ve ever read. I look forward to update, you literary God you.

  5. I have recently discovered this story, and it is the best time travel HP fanfic I have read…….I really adore it, and can’t wait for more.

  6. Well once again it seems like it’s time for all the puppets to do the (please hurry and update oh godly aouthorlord/Mr.burns ) while our strings are jangled merrily so that we look like we are doing the pee pee dance good luck with the update hope the muse is chained to your desk so she can’t escape till the chapters done

  7. I just wanted to drop by and say how much I’ve enjoyed this fic over the years and the multiple times I’ve reread it. I truly hope to read more, and want to second the first commenters suggestion of a Patreon account. I’ve spent money on books quite inferior to NoFP and would be more than happy to support the author so that progress on the fic may be resumed on a somewhat more regular basis.


  8. O.O really?! Ah! i can’t wait. I think i’ve read this story enough times to copy it verbatum, i love it so much! hope all goes well with you 🙂

  9. I second the notion that Matthew should sign up on Patreon. I can totally see myself throwing some 10 bucks his way every month and I am sure there would be hundreds of others. Also, he can set it up in a way that he is paid for the act of writing, not for the content he produces (which he can’t make a profit of due to copyright snafu).

    A friend of mine is doing a small obscure indie game and is currently raking in about $800 a month on Patreon alone.

    Failing this option, is there another way to throw a few bucks to a struggling artist?

  10. LOL i left a message on a diffrent blog, im such a noob on these kind of sites.

    cant wait for more.

    i have wanted to ask you somthing…was jkr able to pull he 400lbs. rabbit out in regards to your option of snape?

    i have many questions to ask you. but i also want to see if you planed to awnse them in your chapters…thats why the waiting is so had for me, i dont want to ask the queston if you had already planned to awnser it.


  11. I’ve only just come across NoFP, and enjoyed it greatly. I only spotted one or two remaining Americanisms (lack of a ‘to’ on some verbs). I’ll give it a re-read and mention exactly where they are, if that’s wanted.

  12. I wish you good luck in real life and hope you will begin writing soon… at the moment its a bit sad with the 0% progress bar… And the post already being nearly half a year old…
    I bow to you my lord!!

  13. I’ve just finished re-reading the 39 chapters and was as gutted that it ended as I have been every time ..
    I really hope you do continue with this as its already been 6 months since you said you were reading what was posted.
    Waiting hopefully for your next update

  14. Ok, i sing in here so i can tell you this, i love the story, i see you have advanced a little in chapter 41 but i hope you finish soon so i can continue reading it, my wife will kill me if she see me reading again the other chapters. I hope my english is enough for you too understand this

    • Hello Gabriel, I’m writing as quickly as I can on NOFP chapter 41. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the story so much!

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