Medical issues causing delay in fanfiction writing

The AuthorLord has been in and out of the hospital since December 2015 and is currently going through physical rehab to get back on his feet. Due to these medical issues, his writing has not been as prolific as usual. However, the stories are not abandoned, and he will continue to write.

Regarding the original work, the chapters posted to Patreon are from a novel that was complete before the Patreon site was started. The AuthorLord has done some editing and revising of those chapters as he posts them, but his actual writing time is spent on his current fanfiction stories.

His time and energy have been focused on getting well.

26 thoughts on “Medical issues causing delay in fanfiction writing”

  1. So happy the website is up and running again. Just wanted to wish Matt well and praying he recovers quickly from his illness. 🙂

  2. I simply love what you write, your works got me through a really hard time. Wish you all the best and have a speedy recovery!

  3. Matthew, I hope your rehabilitation and recovery are going smoothly and you are feeling well these days. Having seen friends go through considerable pain before physical therapy I realize it’s not an easy road, so know that your fans wish you well!

    I only recently stumbled upon your work (Harry Potter and the Nightmare of Futures Past), whose characters have completely enthralled me over the past three days as I read the entire work to date. The psychological angle, as well as the clever permutations of the timelines, is fascinating to read. I’ll no doubt delve into your other material, but hope to revisit your telling of Harry Potter when you’re well.

  4. I have been reading (and re-reading) NOFP for the past 6 years, originally on either or, I cannot remember which! Such an amazing story – best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery! Thanks for writing.

  5. I hope the AuthorLord gets better soon! This fanfic is almost as good as Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality- which is incredible, as MOR far surpasses the already amazing original books, and inspired the HP and the Natural 20-verse. This fanfic is truly amazing, and if I had a million dollars, I’d donate 1/2 to him to allow more time on the fic. (Of course I’d keep half. I’m an evil little monster, who had these annoying ethics and empathy forcing me to like people being happy. This is why I can’t take over the world. Grr.)

  6. I’ve seen your very nice NOFP fanfiction, and I could say you did a very good job in retelling it. I’m so sorry to hear that you just got hospitalized and I hope you get well soon. Getting excited in getting an update… though good works take time, so we understand, it’s not like it’s your obligation to write for us and yet you oblige so thank you!

    I was wondering what will happen in the years 4-7 in NOFP now that time seems to be correcting, with some permutations in, itself against Harry’s meddling with time.

    Your wording on the retelling is faithful to the canon and at the same time has your nice touch.

  7. I love the style applied to the story. I must habe read nofp etleast 15 times now and I still cant stop reading. Hope the author gets well soon, coz im fully addicted to the story.

  8. I’ll extend my well-wishes too. The AuthorLord got to me around Harry’s third year and I picked up Team 8 this January. I eagerly await the reaction to Naruto and Hinata dating and hope he gets well soon :).

  9. While I sympathize with his health issues and wish him a speedy recovery, “prolific” is not the therm I would use to describe his updating frequency.

  10. I love your Team 8 story and look forward to seeing it continue! I’m going to start reading your original story soon. Best wishes on a speedy recovery! ?

  11. I am truly sorry that you have health problems and wish you recover as soon as possible, but I was so relieved when I confirmed you’re alive. I won’t be original in saying I love NoFP, it’s like reading the original books all over again and I feel the magic, and I feel 6 again only this time I know english 😛 And how to read instead of having it read to me. I’ll wait as much as is needed, I only hope we’ll get to it before I reach my forties :”D
    Get well! 🙂

  12. Really hope the AuthorLord recovers well soon. I read NOFP this past weekend and have been thoroughly captivated by it. Looking forward to reading more when you are able to update again.

  13. Hi Matthew,

    I hope your rehab is going well. There are a lot of internet strangers sending you their best wishes and impatiently waiting for you to continue your amazing work.

    All the best from France,


  14. Your understanding and perspective of the story is the best. HP and nightmares of future past, is as good as the original series and I really enjoyed reading it. Have a speedy recovery. Cheers.

  15. I only recently picked up this series, and tore through it in a few days. It is very very well written, and feels like a true sequel to the original. I disagree with the above poster; I would place it above Methods of Rationality! I have recommended it to several friends, and they give similar praise. Just wanted to wish the author well and congratulate him on his work thus far. Hope for a speedy recovery!

  16. My elementary school teacher read us the first Harry Potter book as our reading time in class and I was immediately hooked. I was lucky enough to grow up with Harry, reading his books as they came out, growing up and learning in my own life just like Harry learned from his mistakes and school life. Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures past has allowed me to relive my very fond memories of Harry Potter all over again. In my opinion this fanfiction is like “alternate universe canon” for me since it stays true to the original characters and yet the piece as a whole is in many ways superior to the original (but that might be because I’m older myself and craving writings a little more harsh and gritty). My hats off to you Matthew Schocke, for this amazing piece of writing.

  17. Read Team 8 all day yesterday at school and throughout the night and I’m so happy that you’re going to continue it! Hope you get well soon Matt, since I don’t want to have such a good fic float around my mind for over a year like others have. 😀

  18. I was wandering through my old FF folders today and I smiled when I saw Nightmares of Future Past. I eventually found this forum and decided to leave my well wishes for the author and his continued ability to share his gift and his talent…

  19. I was reading some Fanficts and came across Nightmares of Future Past. It is a very enjoyable story. I am sorry to hear of your medical issues and wish you speedy recovery.

  20. London Knight .
    As someone who’s been in & out of hospital recently , hope your on the mend now . Can’t wait for NoFP Harry to take down Umbitch – preferably with a rusty Chainsaw … 😉

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