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You may have noticed that the fanfiction chapters for Team 8 and NOFP are labeled “Complete: Sneak Preview is up on Patreon” for about a week. What does this mean? Normally, when I write a chapter of one of my stories, there is about a week’s time during which my beta readers help me polish it. Then it is posted on for public consumption. That hasn’t changed.

What has changed?

I now have a Patreon page where subscribers generously offer financial support for my original fiction writing. Since many of those subscribers also enjoy my fanfiction stories, one of the perks offered on Patreon for subscribers at $15+ level is a “sneak preview” of the chapter when I’m finished writing it but the beta readers are still helping me polish it.

Does this mean I have to wait longer for fanfiction chapters?

The short answer is no. Normally I spend some time with beta readers polishing the chapter, finding typos, fixing awkward sentences, etc. before publishing the chapter to The chapter will be posted to once the beta readers are finished with their commentary as usual. You will still be able to read any of my fanfiction stories on the site once it is posted there. There is of course no charge for any of my fanfiction stories.

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  1. Is there currently a way to see the NoFP progress indicator? I can only see the Team 8 one. (which is kind of frustrating for me as I have no knowledge of Naruto, so haven’t been following Team 8)


    • I can put up the NOFP progress indicator if you like. But it will stay at Zero while I am working on a Team 8 chapter. That’s why it isn’t normally visible, because there is no progress on NOFP during that time. Generally I work on a chapter of NOFP, then a chapter of Team 8, then a chapter of NOFP, etc.

  2. Clothahump? Seriously? Is Mudge gonna show up, too? Weegee or Talea? You sneaky bugger, you. Jon-Tom going to sing for us?

  3. thank you for the clarification…. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to continue and ejoy those awesome stories …. now just wait for that :3 !!!!

  4. I know that you don’t charge for your fan-fiction. And I see that you aren’t delaying uploads for the sake of Patreon subscribers. However, the chance that some people might pledge money, at least in part in order to get the sneak previews – of stories based on copyrighted material – may still put you in an awkward legal position. The standard fan-fiction disclaimer is “I’m not making money out of this, it’s just a bit of fun.” So what happens if, even in a slightly round-about way, you *are* making money from your fan-fiction? After all, you’re using the fan-fiction as one of the stated enticements to pledge, not just ‘happening’ to give it out to some people you particularly like.
    I don’t know the finer points of the law in that regard, but I wouldn’t want to be the one testing the boundaries. The risk is clearly yours to take, but as a fan of your work I feel some friendly concern.

    • Frankly, the disclaimers on fanfiction chapters that say “I’m not making money out of this, it’s just a bit of fun” or something like it are not actually protecting themselves from legal action. The disclaimer means nothing legally and doesn’t prevent authors from going after fanfiction writers. However, most writers either tolerate it, ignore it, or consider it to be activity that just brings them more fans.

  5. Fair enough… Does Rhiyen’s Deal also factor into the rotation like that, or do you work on it concurrently? (I noticed there was a long gap between the completion of Team 8 Chapter 24 and the start of NoFP Chapter 42)

  6. Hey! I just started your NoFP series over here in Hong Kong and it is incredible! Thoroughly enjoying your writing my friend. As soon as I start making some real money I’d love to be able to support your writing! Just one question… why does the website say that stuff from NoFP was published in 2005 but you are very clearly still doing updates for it? Had me a bit confused and quite worried that this beautifully written story wasn’t going to be completed!! Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

  7. This maybe a little digress from the topic… however,

    I want to translate your novel Harry Potter and NoFP in Korean, to make the reader of Korea read your novel easier. The translation is absolutely none-profit, and I will write your nickname and URL of you novels. Even your blogs too; only if you want to do it. I send a message to you about a month ago… if you mind my translation, plz tell me that you do not want translation.

  8. that feeling when you find this website from a review and are here in less than 10 seconds….i couldn’t see this on your bio even tho you spoke about it

  9. You sir. Are the most bloody amazing fan fiction writers I have ever seen. Take your time but I really enjoyed the Harry Potter fan fiction and would love to see more of it.

  10. Hi,

    I was wondering if your Team 8 story is only 24 chapters, or is it more than that? If it is, please let me know, as I would love to finish this story. thanks!

  11. Congratulations to you for finishing the latest chapter to your addictive fanfic! Congratulations to us, your devoted fans, as our wait for said chapter is almost over!!

  12. Over the last four days I’ve read all of NOFP and just wanted to say how eagerly I’m awaiting the next chapter and how much I appreciate the effort and time you’ve so clearly invested.
    It’s been wonderful so far, you’re a talented writer.
    Thank you!

  13. I’ve read NoFP and Team 8 – and recommended both to some friends.

    I and they are agreed: They’re both amazing! We eagerly await the next chapter, whenever and whatever it is.

    Thank you for your writing!
    It’s good and you should feel good.

  14. Hey, the Nightmare of the Future Past is the best fanfiction i’d ever read before! please update. I’ll be reading again while wait for another chapter hehe. Thanks for the genius story!

  15. I just love Nightmare of the Future Past and I keep having to stop myself from reading it because I don’t want to finish it and wait! please keep on updating and don’t leave us hanging! xoxo

  16. Hey! First of all: thank you 4 the great storys. Second: thank you for giving me hope that I can dream on one day be like you (i am at college, and sometimes my life is hard because playing DeD, reading or writing is not possible). Sorry about the lazy english, btw. Then I had a couple of questions: when will you update ? (probably the question all authors hate, but I ask because I want to donate when u do soo, and I need some time to prepare because Im brazil and our money worth sooo little dolars and my current status as a nerdy rpg philosopher student mades hard too… but: if u want to visit brazil you can stay at my house!), second: are you all right? I had a look at your forum and stuff and seems that you are not really inspired this year or that something is eating up uor time or (I HOPE NOT) you and with (dunno the word) a blank or lacking inspiration? (again, HOPE NOT)…I am worried and hoping 4 the best! Thank you VERY much

  17. I have just rediscovered NoFP! It has been one of my favorite fanfictions for years. I was curious if you are still updating it? I’ve recommended it the majority of friends, all of whom love your work! Hopefully 2016 will bring more updates!

  18. Will the forum be back sometime soon? The link to it currently generates a MySQL ‘General Error’ page, i.e.

    SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]

    Table ‘./runsamok_forum/phpbb_sessions’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired [145]

  19. Its been about a year, will chapter 25 be done soon? Huge fan of your work, and ive read from 1-24 8 seperate times, each time spending a while checking if fanfiction just hasent updated, and this time I actually wanted to commenr. Thanks!

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