Rewards / Perks / Bonuses for Patreon

Good evening, my faithful army! It’s time to petition the AuthorLord for rewards, perks, and bonuses.. specifically what would you like to see more of in addition to regular chapter updates of your favorite fanfiction?

Please post your comments, feedback, and petitions to the AuthorLord in the comments below!



8 thoughts on “Rewards / Perks / Bonuses for Patreon”

  1. Maybe another thing you could offer could possibly be a printed version of an entire fanfiction? Only when the entire things done of course, and signed by the Authorlord himself, long may he reign/write?

  2. It has been nearly a week since you finished the new chapter. If I want to read it will I have to use patreon? Or would you have posted an announcement about that and I’m just being impatient?

  3. It’s been 9 days since you finished this chapter. Why isn’t it posted on Fanfiction yet?

  4. I went to read the sneak preview on Patreon and I can’t find it. I even signed on to the page. Do I have to pay to see it or something, what’s the deal here?

  5. Iwant to know that too…. is still there plans to post it on fanfiction, isn’t it? please, upload it to Fanfiction

  6. My apologies, it’s been a horrible weekend, and then I got sick.

    (A personal request, if you have a furry little buddy in your life, give them a hug for me.)

    Seeing the sneak preview was/is a perk for patreon supporters. I’ll post the final version on and FFA tonight.

  7. Oh, no! I’m so sorry about your illness and your broken heart. Losing a furbaby is one of the worst pains that we, who share our lives with a pet, must endure. They give us so much and take so much of our hearts with them when they leave. Bless you and Lindsey. I’m sending healing hugs and my two furry friends send their warm, wet slurps. God bless.

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