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I currently have three partially-completed chapters for NoFP, Team 8, and Out of the Darkness. I’ve hit a wee roadblock on NoFP trying to build up to a very complicated event that will throw the timeline completely into disarray. I’m also fully aware that if I don’t do it very, very, well, it’s going to kill the story.  The reaction to a major event in Team 8 has given me a lesson in how vitriolic some people will respond to things they don’t agree with. OOTD is supposed to be my stress-reliever story, but I’m groping for better means to tie it all together.

My current position at work is better than it was a year ago at this time… I am treated a lot better, but I also feel an obligation to make the people who gave me an opportunity be successful. I don’t hate my job anymore, but it’s still a drain.

And finally, I’ve been having some physical issues that make sitting at a desk more than what I do at work rather uncomfortable. I’ve only recently been able to try catching up on my email. And if you have a fully functioning endocrine system, sing a little psalm of thanksgiving to the deity of your choice. When it messes up on you, it really sucks.

Is the story going to be finished? Yes. The major events are already outlined, I just have to fill in the gaps. I’ve also noticed a pitfall of really large-scale stories… one can become so anxious to keep everything straight and not forget any details that moving forward becomes problematic after a point. Maybe it’s ego, but I’d rather be slow as frozen molasses than turn out a chapter that gets a lot of “glad to see you’re back, but this wasn’t one of your better chapters, better luck next time” reviews. To be honest, I haven’t felt “on fire” to pound out a scene just right in a while now. Which sucks, to be honest. I think the finest composition I’ve done in the last couple of months was a little two-page coaching document I wrote for work. Bleah!

I apologize if that’s not the update you really wanted to hear. I don’t have any firm dates. I will probably release the next chapter of one of the above stories when I finish typing, read the last sentence, and go “aww yeah, that’s it!” Call it ego, call it not wanting to let people down, call it latent perfectionism… but I don’t want to release something that I can’t at least delude myself into thinking is good.

-Matthewikoniхудожник на икониИкони на светциХудожникОткъде да купя иконаидея за подарък

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  1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having endocrine issues (I’m presuming hormone problems?). I also have limiting health problems so I feel you there. It’s good to hear your work situation is better, though.

    I have been following NOFP since nearly the beginning and I trust your judgment. It’s your piece of art, after all, and it’s understandable that you feel your work should be satisfactory to yourself before showing it to the public.

    I’m looking forward to your next update. Reading about this “complicated event” has me very excited. Take all the time you need and I’ll read the next chapter when it’s posted. Happy writing! 🙂

  2. Don’t worry about it. You have consistently put out a quality of product that demonstrates that it is definitely worth the wait. Jobs and real life suck up a lot of time, and as far as I know, no one is paying you to produce these stories. As a diabetic, I am familiar with how when the endocrine system gets screwed up, everything else in your life gets screwed up as well. I personally would much rather have you take your time and knock my socks off when you finally release your work than have a rush job that demoralizes you and decreases your interest in writing. Concerning the death in Team 8, I thought you handled it well. That isn’t to say that I wasn’t pipping mad, but I understood it and appreciated the courage it took to kill off a major character that had such wide reaching ramifications. One note that I think could improve things vis-a-vis the author reader relationship would be for you to have more periodic updates, just on the general condition of things and to reassure people that you are still among us, particularly on this site. While I check the forum periodically, this is the site that I check for news farm more often. The tendency for there to be months that go by and no update, even to let us know that there is no progress made yet, is nerve wracking. One of my greatest objections to one of your fellow writers on is Ruskbyte’s tendency to just drop off the map for years with absolutely no communication. I realize that you authors have your own lives and are busy living them, but as fans of the product you produce, it would be nice for periodic reassurance, even if it is only to catch us up on how busy you are. I hope things go better for you, and that you get back the groove to be able to pound out a scene like you are on fire, but I realize that you are dealing with delicate scenes in the stories. I look forward to the next update with baited anticipation. Hopefully, that helps counteract the frustration you have to deal with from less supportive fans. Good luck and good writing!

  3. Pft, I call it quality writing.
    Which takes quite a bit more work than the alternative. I can’t speak for anyone but me, but I’d rather keep waiting patiently for your regular excellence than a rush job.
    Glad some things are looking up for ya. ^^
    Hope you’re feeling back at 100% soon!

  4. Very pleased as always to know that you’re still working on NoFP. As I’ve said before, it’s way too good to abandon.

    There’s nothing worse than having to turn up every day to do a job one hates; I’m glad things have improved in that respect, and I hope your health situation improves.

    Thanks for the update! Cheers.

  5. I just keep re-reading NoFP and enjoying it. Looking forward to the next chapter but make sure you look after yourself first. Thanks!

  6. I was recently recommended your harry potter stories by a friend and I must admit I am more than pleased. NoFP has become my personal favorite piece of literature. If you ever get stuck on something I will recommend what my teacher told me. Try rereading some of the past chapters you wrote, especially the ones you liked. It helps occasionally 🙂

  7. Any update was the update I wanted to hear. Just glad to know you haven’t forgotten about your stories entirely.

  8. Just hearing that you haven’t given up on these stories makes me happy ^^ You write at a pace that’s good for you.

  9. Don’t worry! I’m sure it’ll all turn out for the best in the end, since you are an excellent writer and you are working hard to make your stories the best. So take all the time you need!

    I also hope that your health problems are completely gone soon, I know how it’s like when your endocrine system isn’t working well, so… my best wishes!

    – Namonaki Rei

  10. I’m just glad that ur okay and ur still writing. Looking forward to s new chapter in any of the three. In the mean Tim I’ll go reread what you have there so far.

  11. I’m so glad to hear you are going to finish NoFP! I think I’m enjoying your story every bit as much as I did JKR’s 🙂

  12. People can get mad all they want, these are your stories. I am eager to see what becomes of Team 8. The suspense and emotion that you place in your words is amazing, it makes me keep coming back and reading it again and again. Keep plugging away at all of your ideas, and I hope people will get over themselves.
    Eagerly awaiting your comeback!

  13. This was the stuff I needed to hear, the great stories at have almost dried up after you stopped posting. I’ll be looking forward to the new Team 8 chapter, see you l8er.


  14. It’s good to hear that RL is somewhat more agreeable (sp?).
    Also I want you to know that I rather wait to read another great chapter, than having you rush it and you’re not happy with the result. So, take all the time you need – even if I can’t really wait to read something new ^_~

  15. First of all, HUGE fan of both Team 8 and Nightmares of Futures Past, glad to hear you’re still in the game!

    I would also like to add my support by saying that you’ve definitely got the right attitude towards this, rushing a story out just because people want it sooner is an exercise in pointlessness. I would easily sacrifice having quicker updates in exchange for being able to read a story of such calibre as what you have written thus far.

    And with that thought in mind I think I might just make my way over to the tip jar and show my appreciation for your continued efforts, looking forward to your next chapter on both stories!

    Keep up the good work!

  16. I’m just glad you’re okay! (Well, okay-ish.)

    It wouldn’t be the first time an author had died, leaving a wonderful but unfinished story as a legacy.

    I’ll cross my fingers for some major inspiration/joy-writing for Team 8!

    Regarding the sitting-down-to-write thing… any chance you can afford a massage chair? And I mean the REAL ones that feel like you’re being worked over top to bottom (including hands) by a team of professional, highly competitve masseurs. 😀 Those things are magic.

  17. I have to say, I have absolutely drawn into the story for Nightmares of futures past, The in-depth story line and fantastically detailed characters have even haunted my dreams a bit. I must say Miss Rowling could do well by allowing you to publish this as an alternate story line for this series. And on that note being at chapter 28, It almost made me cringe when i noticed it only went up to third year, and being a while sense your last update. Glad to hear you haven’t forgone the whole story though, I have read many fan-fictions. But yours being the most notably worth reading, and in no way do i mean any disrespect to any other author, Just complete praise for your work. On that note, and for that of not wishing to sound more like a fanboy, i wish you the best of luck with your writing, And find myself hoping to see the updates soon.

    With utter respect,
    Demon Alone

  18. I’m glad things are going better for you. Hope all continues to go better in the future. I guess for the time being, I will have to make myself content with re-reading NOFP until more comes out.

  19. I’m really excited for any and all of those stories. I’m sure that anything you get written will be appreciated, so don’t stress too much. The fact that you care enough to do your best means a lot already. Just know that my excitement won’t fade no matter how long it takes.

  20. I was so happy to see an update on NoFP, I’m in love with the story. Lots of good luck on writing it, I completely agree with your stance: quality is what makes your NoFP and it’s no use rushing it because, like you say, that would just ruin it. Best of luck with your stories,work, back and finding a good chair!

  21. I think you are one of the best fan fic writers ever! I read quite a bit, so that is high praise. I just read Team 8, and will prob start on your other fics soon. Likely, I will end up reading you original fic too. I will be impatiently waiting your updates. Thanks!!!

  22. i just stumbled on to this ( i should have read your author intro a bit more) and glad to know that your stories are goin to be left haning. I’ve reread Team 8 and NoFP numerous time. pins and needles for the next updates..:D

  23. I just stumbled on to this (I should have read your author bio a bit more) and I am glad to know that Team 8 and NoFP are not goin to be left Hanging. On pins and needles for the next update.

  24. Hi Matthew.

    Sorry to hear that people from the T8 story treated a cetain story development like they did. I didn’t like it, but after reading it again (I swear, I’ve read the story more times that I’ve read deathly hallows and that’s a lot!) I’m coming ot terms with everything:D
    my point being, I would never dose you as the writer with anything but respect for your work. Also, ’cause lately it’s become a trend to bash a writer when the fan don’t get their perceived way of things and that causes the author to just stop writing and I live in fear of that happening with you as well. I’d rather wait years and years as I have for an update to either of your magnificent stories than get none at all.
    A little piece of unneeded and unoriginal advice though; stop overthinking too much. You’re risking writing yourself into a corner and freaking yourself out even more. Just go with your gut and instinct, it’s what brought you to this point so far and I still say you’re one of the best fanfiction writers out there and believe me, I have read a lot:D
    Have a great sunday!
    Ditte mai

  25. Well shoot, that’s really too bad that so many people have reacted so poorly to the plot twist in Team 8. As I see it, it follows the standard design of Campbell’s Monomyth perfectly. The Monomyth design is the design of the great epics, and it is usually a requirement in an epic for the mentor to be taken out of the picture somehow. I give you props for having the courage to actually remove such a popular character for the development of the story.

    Good luck with your writing, I can’t wait to see what twists you have in store for us!

    -The Master of Shadows has spoken-

  26. Glad to get an update, though I knew you’d be back when you were ready. I share a few sentiments with the above about team 8. I love the story, have read it over and over, and was not happy with kurenai’s death. Although when I say I wasn’t happy I don’t mean that i’m angry with you for it, I’m unhappy in the tragic way that I’m sure you intended. I’ve never really had emotional reactions to written word, but I have loved your stories and will love them until they are finished. No matter how long that takes.

  27. I have placed Harry Potter and the Nightmare’s of Future past as the epitome of fan fiction at its finest. I respect you as an author for your plot, writing style etc etc etc… I also respect the fact that you do not wish to publish half baked material.

    I am glad to know that you have not abandoned this story 🙂

    I am also glad that things are working out for you… I wish you the best.

  28. Take the cruelty of the T8 reviews as a compliment. You did something sudden and tragic and your fans responded with the Anger and Denial, the first two stages of greif. If you’re good enought to provoke that from some of the uncommonly put together people (for Naruto fans) that follow T8 your good enough to attempt anything.

  29. Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy
    Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy
    to c the move from 6 to 8%.

  30. *looks in*

    Yay, Team 8 continues to slowly march on! As a writer, you’re the first person that has to be happy with what you put out. So if it takes a while, it takes a while. Keep up the enjoyable sharing =)

  31. I must say I’m sorry to hear… err, read, that you were unwell; I’m glad that you are back/still “with it” and just looking for your muse. Furthermore, I will wait patiently for the continuation of Team 8. Yes, I am one who was upset by the loss of an excellent character, but decided that it was your prerogative as author to remove whom you wish. I look forward to more excellent character development and an amazing Naruto-verse!

  32. I am actually so glad that your okay & your job sucks a little less than it used to, i thought something serious had happened to you :O. im sorry to hear about your health issues & of course your own living health comes before my needs of more story. i am exstatic though that NoFP is still on, if you could have seen my face when i realised completion of chapter 39 had went from 6% to 8% you would know how much i love it, actually cant wait physically and mentally for it to be completed :D. you are a complete writing legend. x

  33. SOn of a gun, I stumbled onto your story and loved it. I really hope you do your best and wish you all the best of luck in finishing your story. It would mean lot to me and im sure rest odf your fanbase

  34. I must admit that I’m hanging out for an update to NoFP but I’m happy to take what I can get! 🙂 Don’t ever think that your work is not appreciated; I cannot tell you how much I’ve appreciated such a wonderful story. Best wishes.

  35. Hinata nodded. He would not doubt enjoy watching father make her squirm as he tried to make her talk.

    This is from chapter 20 of Team 8. I believe it’s supposed to say “He would no doubt…”

    Thought you’d like to know.

  36. Overall, I can empathize with the stories; I tend to do the same with my own work, having added plenty of pages to the “never to see the light of day” file where my abandoned/unfinished/unused files go, making my updates, on occasion, like the frozen molasses. Either way it’s great to know that you are still around and I’ll hold out to seeing NoFP move up a bit more word-wise. I was jumping for joy the day I checked on it and saw it raised 500-800-some words; it’s nice to know that you are still there, especially if some progress, despite how small, is made.

    Hope everything works out,

  37. Hi. Just to know that you’re able to continue writing is realy great news. I’m big ff fan and it doesn’t matter if it’s Naruto or HP, your work is best in both worlds and I love to read it 🙂 So just keep going and good luck. I trust you that it will be a masterpiece

  38. Calimora is essentially right about responses to T8. T8 (which I’ll admit to be the only story of yours I actually read) is a masterfully crafted story, and this is the exact reason the response was so significant – because, sudden and disagreeable or not, the event was BELIEVABLE.

  39. Hurray! You’re okay! I was getting worried and hearing that you’re having some physical issue’s just makes me hope that you get to feeling better soon. Just do your thing, get to feeling better and we’ll still be here when you’re ready to share your awesome with us again.

  40. Now, I actually loved the dramatic event from Team 8. Too often main characters are treated with kid gloves and it actually detracts from a good story. I never saw this one coming, and I can usually finger which characters fall into this category within a few chapters which makes the entire event useless. While it was very painful, and I honestly nearly cried, it made Team 8, both the story and the characters, that much stronger for it. I’m looking forward to how they deal with it in the upcoming chapters, both internally and how others treat them.
    You’ve also done something amazing in that you’ve made me like Sasuke, a character I normally despise. I really want to know how his character will evolve since he seems to have gotten the sense beaten into him he had needed in the original storyline.
    I glad to hear your job isn’t full of quite as much suck and hope your health follows suit. While I’ve never had the problems you seem to be having, I do know what it’s like to have an illness make it too painful to do more than the bare necessities. Hope you feel better soon.

  41. I have had your story bookmarked on every single computer I have gone through since T8 first came out. It is stories like yours that make me fall in love with the cannon all over again, because I re-watch the series and think of all the character potential that could be. Please take your time. All of the hate reviews from your most recent chapters of T8 just show how involved your fans have become with YOUR character. I firmly believe that this novel would be wonderful animated and on par, if not surpassing, the storyline of the original Naruto creators. You have a skill for story telling. I eagerly await your next updates for Team 8 and for Nightmares of Futures Past.

  42. hi. just wanted to say that i love you work and cant wait to see more of NoFP. It is a great story and im glad to see tha you working on it again. I whish you a happy holiday and speedy recovery

  43. hi. just wanted to say that i love you work and cant wait to see more of NoFP. It is a great story and im glad to see tha you working on it again. I wish you a happy holiday and speedy recovery

  44. I definitely sympathise with your plight, and even though I really want to know how the stories go on, I’d rather you take your time and deliver the high-quality writing I fell in love with.
    Also, i really think it may be the format in which you chose to publish giving you trouble. When you write the whole story before publishing it in its entirety, you can go back and edit, cutting plot threads that went nowhere, trim the fat, add a bit of foreshadowing maybe, just make the entire story a cohesive whole. By publishing chapter after chapter you /have/ to get it right the first time, and that adds a lot of pressure. It’s why I can never write for, and why I appreciate people who can 🙂

  45. Matt,

    I just wanted to drop by and tell you how pleased I was to see this site still active and that you are still planning on updating NoFP. I’ve never left a review or comment before, but I have been reading it since it was at about the 20 chapter mark. It is by far one of the most well written and engaging fan fiction that I have ever read, and definitely my personal favorite. I’m sorry to hear about the personal difficulties you’re having, real life always seems to so often throw wrenches into online life. I can’t wait to see more of your writing whenever you’re ready to post it!


  46. Your stories are frankly some of the best writing I’ve read in ever. It’s an honour, really. Although the waiting kills me, I would wait to Judgement Day for your caliber of writing. Do what you gotta do. I’ll still be here. And if it helps, I think you hold yourself to a higher standard than anyone else here.

  47. You are an amazing writer. I’ve been reading Team 8, your story is how reflects how I feel Naruto should have been written. Keep it up. When do you think the next chapter will come out?

  48. I’m so glad that your still writing! It’s been a while since your last update and I was hoping you didn’t leave your work unfinished. Also, I’m glad your job is not as bad as it used to be. Such a huge fan of your work and I can’t wait till the next chapter is up for NOFP. Keep up the good work! 😀

  49. Goddammit. I’ve been an anonymous follower of your stories for several years now. They’re really good (even with the “event” in Team 8 that has people bitching.). I’m not kissing your ass here. That being said, this wait you’re putting us through is murder. So while I like your stories…I wanted to say “sit on it and rotate” for making us wait for so long because of your ego. That is all.

  50. Hi,

    I’m so glad to hear that you are continuing. NoFP has to be one of my favourite fanfictions, and I’ve read it several times. It’s truly intelligent, which is something very rarely seen on FFN.

    I can’t wait to read the next few chapters, and hopefully they’ll be as marvellous as the rest of the story.

    Thanks so much for continuing, but take your time. I’ll be waiting for the next chapters.


  51. One thing to keep in mind regarding the anger you received over your T8 update. A lot of that is due to the medium you use to deliver your stories. In most novel series when something like this happens there is generally a decent amount of story to distract us as we come to terms with what happened, and hopefully by the end of the book we can see why the author was moving the story in that direction. In fanfic where we only get a few chapters at a time we are much more likely to rage about something because we can’t see how that event is going to shape the characters. All of that being said if you kill any of the DA in NOFP I will cut you. /Bon Qui Qui ^^

  52. Since you are working hard and writing in your spare time for nothing in return I just see every update as a suprizing gift with no expectations of when next chapter come. It is enough to know it will come some day and i will be happy when i read it becaus of its quality.

  53. It was just by chance that I decided to look here to see if anything had changed. I was so elated to see that it had! I’m extremely glad things are going better for you, and really happy that you are sticking to quality, not quantity. As already stated, I’d rather not get an update for years and it be just as good as other chapters (especially the case with NoFP!) instead of something churned out quick to appease picky readers. So keep writing until you’re satisfied with what you wrote, and keep up the great work! : ) This might just be the child in me, but I enjoy the tiny, almost hidden smiley-face at the bottom of this page 😀

    ~The Frenchie

  54. Hey Matthew, I just wanted to let you know that I sincerly appreciate your writing. It is the best I’ve come across on FFN and I can’t thank you enough for it. I look forward to every chapter of Team 8 whenever it comes out. Please don’t stress yourself out about writing. Do it when you are able and inspired. Quality work takes time and effort and I recognize that. I’m glad to hear that your job is going better and I hope that you feel better physically as well. As far as the backlash on team 8 goes, I’m really sorry to hear that. Your story is honestly a gem and I think the way you handled that particular event was both unique and believable. (Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t happy about it, but I trust that you have a plan.) I only hope that you don’t let the haters stop you from doing what you do best. Good luck on real life and as always, I await your updates when you get the time.

    P.S. Thank you for putting this note up to let us know what’s going on. It’s always a relief to know you’re alive and kicking.

  55. I really like this story and I have for a long time. ^^ It is occasionally sad when I run into the fact that it is a WIP and has been for a long time, but honestly… it gives me the chance to forget about it and then run accross it at random and go — “OMG!! I used to love this story. I can’t belive I forgot about it!” lol, and then I re-read it and sit on the edge of my seat for a few weeks waiting for an update.

    I think this time I might actually favorite it, though. I’m definitely looking forward to finding out what happens next.

  56. Matt, do your best, take your time, we’ve waited over 2 years, another year or two isn’t going to kill anyone. We want you to know we got your back, keep up the excellent work in everything you do. We understand that, “if life was cake it would be gone by now.” So enjoy your slice and we will patiently wait for ours. Thank you very much for the update its nice to know whats happening with the story.

    And I agree with Frenchie, nice smiley.


  57. Jesus…that was quick. Yesterday I looked at the meter and it was less than 2000 words…now it’s at almost 4000! Fantastic!

    BTW, you made another mistake on Team 8, chapter 16 in the omake:

    Heck I not sure I’d even want to face him now, it’s down right unsettling how easily he generates shadow clones.” Genma’s voice dropped after his first sentence so only Iruka and the bartender actually heard him continue talking.

    “Heck, I’m not sure…” that should say.

  58. Matt, I’ve been a huge fan of both Team 8 and NoFP for years. I’ll admit to being impatient for new chapters as I’m totally addicted to reading quality stories, books, etc. HOWEVER, I would never urge you to compromise your quality. I don’t think you have written a chapter in either of these stories that I haven’t liked. For those that come down on your writing, well; “You can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of them all of the time.” I hope you don’t ever stop either of these early. As far as Team 8 goes specifically, I am super excited to see where you take it. Thanks so much for providing such great entertainment.

  59. Hello Mathew, glad to hear you are enjoying your job more then you were and I am glad to hear that NOFP is not abandoned as of yet. I have just finished reading what you have posted for the twentieth time or so (I’m not exaggerating on that either). I hope your health problems get better, I know how those go since my Grandmother just went through six weeks of intensive Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer as well as being a Diabetic. So here’s for hoping your life starts going up some more!

  60. I have been a fan of your writing for years and it’s a real shame that your life has gotten in the way of your writing. You seem to really enjoy it, and goodness know we, your readers, enjoy the fruits of your labor. NoFP and T8 are really excellent work and I when i saw your fairly recent update for T8 I was very excited! As always you did not dissapoint! It’s really quite unfortunate that some of your fans reacted the way they did to your little surprise in T8, but i agree with many of the other comments here that you should take it as a complement. Readers get invested in your characters because of how realistic you make them. NoFP is still my favorite of your work and I look forward to your next post with baited breath!

    With anticipation,

  61. Haha, it’s not what I would call ego, it’s what in my opinion seperates writers from wannebees, lol. But indeed, elaborate stories are much more difficult to tie up appropriately than shorter ones. I guess fanfiction is more difficult in that aspect than regular fiction. If you’re stuck here, you don’t have the liberty to do a bad job just to keep moving forward and come back later to fix it when future chapters have made it clear what should and shouldn’t be said in previous chapters… Good luck!

  62. Thank you so much for not abandoning NoFP. I think that this is one of the best stories I have ever read, and I am quite an avid reader. It’s hard for me to answer when people ask me what my favorite book is because i have to explain Harry Potter fan fiction. I hope that you continue this story and I am sure that many people are eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

  63. Just wanted to say good luck finding inspiration for your stories. NoFP became my favorite HPo story when I first read it years ago, and it is still one of the best fanfics around. Honestly, I like the story more than most published works. Don’t feel bad wanting to get it right before you put it out there.

    Your update schedule is YOURS, if anyone pitches a fit let them know they can always write their own. I would also like to thank you for writing Team 8. I honestly hadn’t read a thing of Naruto until I got bored rereading NoFP again and decided to check out your other story. T8 hooked me on Naruto like crack. I’ve delved into many fanfic stories and started watching the anime.

    Building your own interpretation in a universe built by someone else is a daunting task, but keep at it. You’ve done an excellent job on both major stories so far. OoTD is good as well, but my personal opinion holds your other stories far above it. As I said, keep your own schedule and your loyal readers will be patient and sacrifice their jobs/personal lives/children when it does finally come out to savor new chapters as they deserve.

    Thanks for the inspiration and wonderful stories in both Naruto and Harry Potter!

  64. Do hurry with NoFP…i love reading but all this waiting for the next chapter is driving me crazy. When will the next chapter be up? could you give me a rough estimate? a year? a month? Tomorrow? any sort of time frame at all would be lovely as iv gone nuts enough to have ended up reading your story over four times and seem to have gone over the deep end as i have recently found myself checking for an update at leaste twice a day since i finished reading your work the first time around…over a month ago. Iv read several other stories but i really want to see the ending of yours. PLEASE DONT QUIT ON THIS STORY! or…if you do decide to just end it….dont just blow them all up. I dont know why but the last four stories i read that just abruptly ended all ended with everyone just dying of something or other. Thank you very much. looking forward to reading more. J.

  65. i really look forward to finishing this story. it has been such a tease to get to the point where you have stopped writing. so i will ask you this…please please please finish Harry potter and the nightmare of futures past. the story is excellent. the writing is very good and i really enjoy. thanks and i hope to see an update. 😀

  66. I have never loved a fanfic as much as I love Harry Potter and the Nightmares of Futures Past. Please, please update it as soon as you can- I’m dying to continue reading. Stories like yours are what keep me coming back to

  67. Matt, let me first say that you are an inspiration to me as a massive geek. I only recently stumbled upon your work, namely Team 8, because of a link on tvtropes. (which consumes FAR too much of my time BTW) My interest was piqued and I read the entire story in one sitting. It was amazing for the following reasons:

    1. It changed the way that I think about the series completely.
    After reading Team 8, several key pieces of the Naruto Universe clicked into place, pieces that I wanted to hit myself for not realizing myself. Perhaps the most important was the idea that Naruto’s potential was only prevented from being realized because of the way everyone treated him. Every character refers to him as an idiot, or untalented next to “geniuses” like Neji or Sasuke, but can you call his ridiculously rapid ability to learn and improve anything OTHER than genius? The kid is a pure prodigy, which brings me to my next point.

    2. Character Development
    I’m not going to mince words here, Kishimoto’s ability to demonstrate believable character development is non-existant, in fact, he’s downright awful at it. He seems to believe that people either never change, or they pull a complete 180 in their attitudes. You on the other hand, have created characters that DO have the ability to realize when a person is not worth the effort, that DO have realistic responses to their environment. In short, the major difference between your versions and Kishimoto’s versions is that you’ve created characters, with realistic personalities and feelings while he created caricatures that are shallow and dependent on their individual gimmick to have any appeal.

    3. It stimulates the imagination
    The two features that I mentioned above make the story shine, but the biggest reason that I love this particular work is that it really makes you imagine: What if Naruto really DID get partnered with a sensei and a team who showed him support (or at the very least didn’t hate his guts) from the very beginning? What would have happened if someone did actually bother to take him aside and address the fact that literally every other character was better at taijutsu, and most ninjutsu than him? (Let’s be honest, the fact that it took DOZENS if not hundreds of clones to subdue his own classmates is pathetic)

    4. You made me care about the characters
    It really warms the heart to see a competent, and relavent role model not only openly give a shit about Naruto at all, but turn into a total Mama Bear for him. I’m not the emotional type, and it’s been years since I last cried, but when Kurenai died, it gave me a horrible sinking feeling in my stomach, and tears came to my eyes. I had to read it again to actually believe it had happened. You had me getting pissed at Hinata’s father for being a total prick, and it made me happy to see her happy, you even turned SHINO, easily the most forgettable and boring of Naruto’s classmates, into a likable and relatable character. Kudos, my friend, Kudos.

    I hope you continue with this series, because I have fallen in love with it and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for Team 8. If this is the kind of quality that I can expect from you, you can expect that I will read everything that you put out. Thank you.

    Some constructive criticism: the whole pseudo-rapist Kyuubi thing where he checks out Hinata was a little much…it probably would have been more realistic if he just tried to kill her, or barring that, use Naruto’s knowledge of her insecurities to emotionally torment her. I can fully understand and support pretty much any other character personality changes, but I feel like a sentient mass of malevolence wouldn’t care that she was female, just that she was alive.

  68. Hey there Matt,

    It has been a while since I checked here, so imagine my confusion as I tried to remember whether the bar for NoFP had been at 39% (?) the last time I checked or not. Then I spotted your update message, boy was I glad you were back in the picture 😀
    But anyway, to be honest I had slightly lost hope you were coming back at all (very bad of me, I know). The main reason for this was the fact that I didn’t start reading your story untill you had the 38 chapters that are up now and thus I had never had to wait for an update before yet.
    However as said before I am glad you’re at least trying to get the story finished, so many good stories end up forgotten and/or abandoned… I sincerely hope you are doing well and that your health won’t prevent you from doing things you like, whether tht is writing or something else.

  69. Take your time, I hope things are working better now (four months later).

    Ignore the people who are all like “You’ve done better!” when you post, because that’s probably nostalgia. I try to go through and read works whenever I think they’re hitting the point where they’re no longer flawed in my memory, and while no author wants to hear “Eh, it’s as good as the rest of your work” I can honestly say that “the rest of your work” is high quality.

    I’m not a fan of NoFP, being more interested in Team 8, but hey. Hopefully my words will help motivate you a good bit to bump that progress bar by two or three words, eh? ;D

  70. NIghtmare’s of Future Past is a fantastic story, but I am saddened to see such a long time since an update or progress has been made.
    If there is anything I can do to help with making the completion of this story a reality, please let me know.
    Do you accept donations? I would gladly buy this story if it were a novel, JKR could not do better with a spin-off to her wonderful canon series.

    All the best for your future, and the future of this epic AU.

  71. I know this is super late, but I thought I should put the thought out there regardless. I’m looking forward to seeing whatever chapter it is that you next put out and I’d also like to say that I don’t think people’s reactions to T8 should affect how you work on your other pieces. The event was believable and made sense… And the fact of the matter is that it’s your version of the world that we’re buying into and not the original. You built her up to be amazing, and so when she went, we felt it. It’s a compliment to your writing ability.

    I hope your health and work get better. I can’t even imagine how you’ve got to be feeling about all that (though hopefully it’s changed now since it’s been a few months).

    Cheer up! 🙂

  72. Sorry to hear you’ve received so many negative responses. I was just excited to read that you are still working on the story!

  73. Still waiting loyally! Strange to think I started reading this when I was fifteen, and I’m almost 22 now. Time sure flies! It’s good to hear you’re being treated better in your new job situation. Really, that and your personal well being is all that matters. Stay happy 😉

  74. I just found this story and read it in one sitting because I liked it that much – one of the best I’ve ever read. I’d love to find how it continues, but by all means, take your time.

  75. Take your time, man, your writing is fantastic. Don’t screw up a story just for the sake of getting a chapter out.

    Looking forward to the next chapter of NoFP!

    BTW, seriously, of all the HP fanfiction authors I’ve read, you are definitely up at the top. Keep it up!

  76. It’s good to know that chapter 39 of NOFP is partially completed. I only recently got into reading fanfiction, & I have to say that you are one of the best authors I have ever read. & I read almost as much as Hermione. Literally. On a different note, please please please post the edited versions of the early chapters when you get the chance. My OCD is really bugs me when it comes to grammer, spelling, & punctuation errors. I’ve been restraining the urge to edit the fanfics I read.
    That being said, I’m really looking forward to how the cliffhanger you left us on will work out. My imagination is going nuts with the possibilities.
    If you find that stress is a problem, I might recommend reading a fanfic series my brother got me on, if you haven’t read it already: Harveste, Harveste Addams & the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harveste Addams & the Chamber of Secrets, Harveste Addams & the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harveste Addams & the Goblet of Fire, Harveste Addams & the Order of the Phoenix, Harveste Addams & the Half Blood Prince (not completed), by kyaru-chan on FFN. Harry Potter/Addams Family crossover, & good Lord is it silly. It begins when Harry’s 5 years old, so canon means naught. If dark humor is something you don’t mind, I strongly suggest reading the series. You will be laughing constantly. This AU is a fair distance from anything resembling sanity, & kyaru-chan admits that from the start. With the Addams Family involved, what would one expect otherwise?
    Good grief, I really went off on a tangent, didn’t I? Oh well, ADHD does that.


  77. hey, i know you have health issues and i dont mean to be a pain in the balls but i wanted to know what is going on with nightmares of futures past. this is the best fanfiction i have ever read i am currently rereading the entire thing. i am waiting anxiously for the next chapter and was wondering if you would be able to give an idea of when you might continue to write. i hope all is well and i hope you continue to write this story because it really is an awesome story and it is written so well that i just want to read more lol.

  78. Hey, don’t worry. 🙂 Honestly, I actually liked the way you did Chapter 20 and 21. It actually portrayed the situation very well in regards to what happens. The scenario that goes for this is the maturation of Naruto, as well as the growing up of the entire Team 8 and the foundation of what goes on for Hinata and Shino as well. Honestly, I don’t know how to say this because I’m just stunned at the beauty and quality of your work overall and your recent chapters as well. But, I wish to say:

    Keep up the wonderful flow and onset of ideas. 😀 It’s beautiful and outstanding, and I encourage thee to stand tall and keep writing as much as you wish. You are an idol to me. 😉

    Jessica Tsao

  79. Hello! I just found your Team 8 fic on and got hooked! At first I thought it was one more abandoned fanfic, but I see that you keep writing even if it is at a slow pace.
    =) Just hope you don’t quit with team 8. I simply love it! It’s incredible how deep you got into their characters!!
    And don’t pay any attention to those that not appreciate your change in the story, it’s obviously and AU so you got all the license to change what happens in canon, even Kurenai’s dead (sniff)!
    So please keep going! I’ll be waiting for another chapter, and I’m sure there are many other who are waiting as well!

  80. Hello matthew i just finished what you have written so far On nightmares of futures Past i must say its one of the best stories ive read and ive read 1000s of hp fanfics my only issue is that it isnt dont and hasnt been updated in two years i was wonderin if you would email me at to let me know if you plan on finishing it i know you said you were going to but that was eight months ago and i wanted to know if i should keep an eye out because ive really got caught up in the story i read all 38 chapters in 29hrs with a little sleep in the middle

    Ps pleases let me kno

  81. I’m on my 4th readthrough of NOFP and I still can’t wait for more of it. Hope you’re still going to be working on this at some point.

  82. Finally got around to checking your previously aforementioned forums… turns out, I’ve been spoiled to the majority of recent fiction in the Naruto section of by the truly excellent work writers like yourself have contributed. This makes my third time reading Team 8 from start to finish, and I find myself forgetting just how enthralling your take on canon could be. I hope to see an eventual update, but even if I don’t, I know that I’ve seen other writers who can claim Team 8 as a direct inspiration for their quality of work. So thank you for what you’ve given our community, and whatever happens, I hope things are going well for you.

    Sincerely, J

    P.S. Feel free to drop an e-mail if you like. It’s always nice to meet new people.

  83. Hi,I´m from Slovakia and I realy like NoFP, first time I read it I couldn´t take my eyes away from it.It´s really
    amazing a you are talented.I understand regarding with those reaction about the chapters, but don´t care about them.There are people ,who are stupid.
    You have a great talent,don´t waste it, not everyone has it.
    I´m foward to next chapter.:)

  84. well fans i am sure miss your updates to your fics on i sure do but we understand and hope for updates

    • I understand and updates to the stories will be on the way. Feel free to join the forum and chat about your speculations on what will happen in the next chapter.

  85. Since you mention you have issues sitting at a desk longer than you have to at work, have you thought of asking for a standing desk? I’ve been seriously considering one where I work, and I’ll probably get one once we move back from being displaced by flooding damage.

    I seem to be among many who think NoFP is the best story I’ve read. I can’t wait for the new chapter, but at the same time, I don’t want to read one that you’re not happy with yourself.

    Congrats on the new job, hope life looks up for you, and thank you for the wonderful story so far.

    • Thanks for the suggestion about the standing desk. Actually, I can sit longer than I can stand, but it’s definitely an interesting idea.

  86. I happened to stumble upon your story of Team 8 and instantly fell in love. I also left a messaged on fanfiction but I just wanted to let you know that your story has inspired me to continue mine that has be left untouched for almost a year (although I haven’t even mention it yet on fanfiction whatsoever). I’m so happy that you made the story your own while still keeping the original timeline within the story. I’m utterly amazed since I normally don’t read unfinished works since it leaves me on edge when the writer leaves the story on pause for months, but with your story I’m willing to wait. Your imagination is one of a kind and I’m becoming a fan! Keep up the amazing work!

  87. hey there,
    i just want to let you know that I’m loving your writing. That’s it. You’re great!

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    I apologize if my enthusiasm off-sets anything. However, when the most recent update to any of an author’s stories dates back to over 6 months ago, I’m a little.. concerned “>_> I sincerely hope there’s nothing worrisome happening in your personal, private life that might hamper the further creation of your tales. I quite enjoyed NoFP ^_^

    • Thanks for the comments! None of the stories are abandoned but I am definitely updating very slowly. Don’t be concerned and please join the forums where you can meet and chat with others who are also just as enthusiastic!

  90. Glad to hear you’re doom better. And very glad to hear that you care about quality over quantity. I don pay a salary to you, am just a fan who loves your work. Take care. I’ll just reread what you do have written. Thanks.

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