20 thoughts on “Forum is Up!”

  1. For some reason, every time I’ve sent an e-mail to get my account reinstated, it gets bounced back and I can’t log into the forums again. What do I do?

  2. well, I’m pretty curious about HP&NOFP too.. it’s already forgotten, or you’ll continue?
    A lot of inspiration,
    your faithful reader.

  3. I know this isn’t the place for it but my forum account ceased to exist after the issue. Just wanted to say yay about the new status bar.

  4. Hi
    I’m a new reader of NOFT and i want to know about the next update
    PD: Sorry but my english is not very good

  5. It’s been so long are you ok? You’ve never gone this long with out an update and although I really want to read your latest chapters I want to make sure you’re doing ok first of all I hope you and your family are well

  6. How much of a donation would it take to get you started working on NOFP again? I’ve been on the edge of my seat for like a year now! 😉 I’d pledge a donation per-chapter…

  7. Look mate. It’s coming up on 2 YEARS since you’ve updated NOFP. Either continue the story by actually writing something, or declare it abandoned. But don’t keep telling people you’re working on it when you’re not.

  8. Hey Matthew, words are failing me at this moment so i’ll put it as best i can. Nightmares of Futures Past is amazing, utterly amazing, maybe even verging on better than JK herself. You are utterly incredible I have to say, your writing is amazing! I came across this website by total accident to be truthfull, but i am glad i have. I have read the 38 chapters you have written in the last three days, obsessive i know but i couldn’t stop. I have to say i was pretty dissapointed when i realised it wasnt finished :(. I have realised you seem to be a very very busy man, but I will literally beg for you to write the rest of chapter 39 as soon as possible, im dying to hear the ending of your amazing story. thanks <3

  9. Nightmares Of Futures Past BLOWS ME AWAY!
    Please Please Please Please, tell me it has not been abandoned :(? I totally understand you have a life beyond keeping the likes of me entertained, but I siriously (!) think you should finish it, for my (and probably alot of others) sanity’s sake! I also think you should perhaps get a hold of a publisher and get this out in the open! You write beautifully and JK would be so proud of this!! I will wait, until the very end, on the end of this story, i wait eagerly to see if Harry succeeds. Your work is absolutely AMAZING! & Thank You for the story so far, it has reminded me why i love Harry Potter <3.

  10. I agree with Ken. I am waiting for anythink about NOPF. The end of chapter 38 is realy cliffhanger. You have a opportunity to write Harry Potter better than J.K.R., so do it please.

    Greetings to great autor from Pilsen

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