Forum is down!

Sorry, the SQL server that hosts the Viridian Dreams forum has decided to take a vacation and refuses to work. I’m trying to convince it to come back by waving treacle tarts and dango in the general direction of the vacationing server, but it may take awhile. Rest assured, I’m trying to get it back up and working as soon as possible!

3 thoughts on “Forum is down!”

  1. Well, if you need the help with hosting, even if it’s just the forum, just ask. I have an account at Dreamhost with unlimited transfer and storage, and very little usage right now. I can set up unlimited subdomains and subaccounts, so I can give you an FTP/Shell account to set up the forum (PHP preferred) and a MySQL account for the database. We simply adjust your DNS to point (or another subdomain) to my Dreamhost server and let it run from there, without affecting your other hosting.

  2. Actually, I just looked at the forum site and saw that you use phpBB, which runs just fine on Dreamhost, so let me know if you are interested. You should even be able to restore all the previous posts if you have/can make a backup.

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